Friday, October 8, 2010


I was going to update with pics this time, but I didn't didn't have the time to devote to playing on the desktop this week.

We've had a busy week with Daddy gone to Winnipeg for a retreat, but we got through it. Little boys overtired and sugared from a visit with Amma (what good are grandparents if they can't spoil their grandkids?) and a little girl whose favorite spot is on Daddy's chest made for a bit of an interesting week.

There are bits of sticks on my counter. These are dinosaur bones, not really sticks at all. We've made telescopes, drawn pictures, and read lots of books.

Took out 1/4 of a turkey yesterday for Thanksgiving. Members of the congregation gave us a turkey cut into quarters so it would fit in a freezer. This is a HUGE bird! I'm also going to try my hand at pumpkin pie this year. Should be fun!

Grandpa and Grandma from Manitoba are going to be visiting this weekend. The kids are so excited! Every morning this week, the Boy has said he hears Grandpa's feet. Alternating which Grandpa's feet he hears, but "I hear Grandpa's feet" is so cute!

Friday, October 1, 2010


Yesterday evening, I sat down at the bottom of the stairs with the Girl in my arms. Just 'cause I wanted to. The Boy followed me and sat down beside me, put his hand on the Girl's back and said "You're my best friend." He just sat there, patting her back, repeating those words.

Then he stopped. Put his other hand on my back and told me that I was his best friend, too. then he stopped, but this morning, when I helped him with the button on his pants, he said again "you're my best friend."

Boy2 has, I think, (touch wood) for the time being decided that being a big boy is good. For a little while there, he was saying that HE was a baby and needed his num all the time. But when we remind him that babies don't get to eat goldfish crackers, or run around, or drink juice. Then he feels better about being older. (Hah! who'd have thought 2 1/2 was old?)

The Girl is alot more alert now. She was actually awake for most of three hours yesterday afternoon! The boys absolutely love her. It's quite funny at times. When the Boy is really upset, he'll be telling her what is wrong. Boy2 gives a running commentary on things he sees. And, of course, she's the Boy's best friend!