Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Pulling through

Grey and foggy, buds just starting to show up on the trees and shrubs. I think this means that the winter might be over. Fingers crossed!

We've survived a day and a bit with Hubby gone.  He's taken a week of leave and flown off to sunny Alberta to spend time with his mom and stand as best man for his best friend. So he's having fun and we are too. Got Girlie off to ballet last night without any issue, bedtime was as is expected the first night with Daddy gone.  And so far so good today. Regular fighting and yelling, but that's all normal ;)

Mother's Day was very relaxing for me.  Silly children can't keep surprises well so they gave me their gifts early. The migraine I woke up with didn't help, but it did help me not feel guilty about being shooed back to bed where I spent most of the day!  Yesterday I was so tired that I fell asleep after school with the girls going crazy in the living room and the boys on the bed beside me playing on the phones. But today is great so far.  Don't feel exhausted, no headache. Looking forward to a busy afternoon of cleaning up that basement (again) and enforcing homework.

I'm also looking forward to a slower day tomorrow. With the gym three mornings a week, I feel like it's been way to easy to not take the time to get baking or cleaning done. But tomorrow I'll drop the older ones off and Monkey and I will grab groceries, tidy a bit, start some baking. Do more laundry. Regular things. And it'll feel good to accomplish that.

Smarty got to bring a soil sample to school from our yard for an experiment. He was so excited to dig up some dirt! Then he forgot his jar in the van... Good Momma to the rescue!

And I've figured out a way to wake the girls up from their naps without them yelling at me! All I have to do is put some music on! They can't sleep with it playing (not even quiet instrumental music! Drives me crazy sometimes) but about 5 minutes before I need them up I just put some music on, not terribly loud, but not super quiet, and they are up! Girlie before Monkey, and Monkey still needs cuddles and her milk before she's fully functioning, but there is much much less fuss. And I like that!

We have a four day weekend coming up! PD day Friday and Victoria Day on Monday. So the kids are all excited about the home days all in a row, Monday we'll be up early to pick Daddy up from the airport and we'll have all day together to catch up.  So excited!

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Gorgeous weather!!!

It is absolutely gorgeous out!!!!!  Hats, hoodies, sunscreen, sandals. That's what we're in right now.  Hubby had to scrape ice off his windshield on Monday but that's it! Glorious, wonderful weather.

This shift in weather has also brought the first bike wipe out of the season. Smarty took a corner too fast and had to hobble his way home with his head hung low. The pants saved his knees but they didn't survive the fall.  Guess they need to be replaced!

Sergeant won a red frisbee at school.  He was so excited!  I don't blame him. Played with it after school with friends and with Hubby when he got home from work. I think I'll be bringing it to the school again today when I go pick them up.., too nice to hurry home where they will only want to plug themselves in!

Girlie had her preschool's Mother's Day Social this morning. Books were read, songs were sung, Pictures brought home, and a gift unwrapped. A little basket with an adorable poem about hugs and kisses between mom and child. Silly dusty room made me cry :/

She's been a real Momma's girl recently. Wanting My hand a bit more, when she had a nightmare she wanted me instead of Hubby. I'm honestly not sure how to handle it.  Since Monkey is still very Mommy-centric it's sometimes a problem  But Monkey is starting to go to Daddy a bit more too... hmmmm.

Yesterday we all left the house after supper and ran a couple errands.  Picked up Hubby's suit from the tailor's, ran in to Kent for some hardware, then on to Old Navy in search of a maxi dress for me.  I've been wanting go get some but never seem to get that far. So thanks to my wonderful Hubby who said "Let's go!" I now have two,  And I might not wear anything else until the snow flies in December! Holy Crap, they're comfy!! Such a great feeling!!

I'm completely torn right now with how to spend my afternoon/evening.  I want to stay out here, on the front porch with my coffee. But I also want to do the baking that I have to do... Very tough decisions! But I have a feeling the baking will win. With all windows open and the music of childrem playing nicely outside together... Okay. That might be a bit of fantasy, but I can hope! And they do "mostly" play well together :) Lucky momma!