Sunday, May 4, 2014

parent teacher interviews and crafts

I have pictures to post!  But I won't be putting them on right now.  I'll see about doing those later today. 

We are one week in from Hubby's second absence this spring.  He made it home from workups in one piece, came home a whole day early and surprised us all.  We had three full, amazing days with him then dropped him off at the airport for Borden.  One week down, four to go! 

Where the girls in particular took April hard, they seem to be settling back to their normal personalities now.  In more recent days and weeks it's Sergeant who is acting out more and finding it harder to adjust.  But we have our calendars up, putting a sticker on each day that passes until Daddy is home.  That seems to be helping.  And the good news is that apparently these are the last set of courses he'll need from Borden for a while.

I had parent teacher interviews with the boys' teachers this week and they are doing great.  Well adjusted, wonderful to have in the school, great friends, responsible.  Everything a mom wants to hear about her children :) And they are right where they should be academically, if not a bit ahead. 

My time out from reading has held!  The house work still isn't getting as done as I'd like, but it isn't as bogging down as when I ignore the state of affairs in the house. 

When the kids play outside so much (happily a lot in the last couple of weeks) they've started asking if they can play café.  That means I fill a pitcher with water and bring it and some cups out onto the deck as well as cookies or fruit or muffins and they have snack.  They started out serving each other but now it's more of a self serve set up.  Seems like it was Sergeant's idea to begin with so he called it Sergeant's Café.  This was all well and good until Smarty wanted to have a turn having it named after him.  I broke in before it got ugly and suggested Mac Café, since it was Momma who was baking and cooking.  They all thought that was a great idea.  So now I have an idea floating around in my head about making a sigh with that name and framing it either for the kitchen or dining room.

I'm loving the brief time with sunshine, learning to take advantage of it because we know the rainy foggy days are coming too.  Seems like those still outnumber the sunshiny days, but it's nice getting that break.  I have had the windows open more this last week.  Loving the fresh air!

After stocking up on new markers, coloured paper, and stickers a couple weeks ago I'm being driven crazy!  I love that the kids help themselves to the craft supplies, that's why we have them.  But having little pieces of paper all over (because you have to cut out your pictures, right?) and markers and crayons not put away when they are done, and then them complaining that they weren't finished yet when I put it away when they've left the table like that for more than a half hour...  Sigh.  I'm not really complaining though ;)  Girlie has gotten really, really good with scissors, their imaginations are incredible!  Then they sometimes make puppets, then do little puppet shows, yesterday they built a fort in the living room with chairs and blankets (without any instruction from me!).  It's very cool.

But I should probably sigh off now.  This post has taken forever to write because of child and life interruptions, but I'll make the attempt to do another one in the next few days