Saturday, April 2, 2016

March Maddness

Life has been busy (when is it not?) and the seasons have moved forward. As we sit here under rain, fog, and more rain, I'm grateful that the weather isn't what it was this time last year, which had us buried under 6 feet of snow! I am really looking forward to things (maybe?) drying our for a little bit. Just long enough to walk int bare feet without getting them too muddy...

It's been warm, though! Hoodies this week, and some yard work. Laundry, cooking, cleaning, baking. Easter weekend was full of lots of church and friends. The kids and I made our yearly fondant eggs, decorated, and distributed bunches around the neighbourhood.  We attended Triduum services at one of the Lutheran churches across the harbour. One Thursday, one Friday, then their sunrise service followed by breakfast then off to base chapel for the service Hubby was doing. I loved sitting there through all those services, with the children following along, Hubby and I whispering to the littler ones about what was happening, what part of the narration was being told. They were fantastic through all of the sitting and sanding and sitting and standing. I felt fed. It was a really good time.

Easter Sunday brought chocolate, books, and ham dinner.  Yum.  We had a family over who has four young children as well, as well as a good padre friend from Hubby's team. Good laughs, lots of rice to sweep up, but no one spilled their cups (adults included!) and there were no huge meltdowns, so it was a successful day. We said "so long" to that family this week as they are starting their journey to a new posting, but I'm sure we'll connect again. 

I was lucky enough to have had some really good visits this week.  Monkey and I went and visited Judgey Momma (I believe I've mentioned her before, but you can find her here) and it was a great visit.  Monkey had fun eating cake, petting the "lion" (cat just got a hair cut and he has a mane and a tuft on the tip of his tail) as well as the hamster. The next day Monkey and I went put to Spryfield for coffee and lunch with another friend and her two little ones.  They busied themselves with blocks, stickers, play dough, and twirling while the mommas chatted.

 Fantastic timing on those coffee dates, because Sergeant woke up Thursday morning with a swollen eye and the white was pink.  Yup.  Conjunctivitis struck that child again.Not bad this time, polysporin drops, it was basically cleared by the time we got in to see the Dr at the walk in clinic. But he had a home day, Monkey was glad to have the brother company, and they played educational games on the computer while this momma did some sewing that has been staring at me for forever.  And then we napped,  Even Sergeant fell asleep (AWESOME!) and with myself wedged between them on our bed, I dozed for a little bit as well. 

Yesterday was a home day for the kids so we all ran errands together. Fresh fruits and veggies, dollar store for goodie bag stuff (Sergeant turned 8 a couple weeks ago and he's having his party this afternoon). I was able to finish a quilt top, we all went out to spend time with friends to celebrate another birthday and to simply be. Likely too late a night for the kids, but we'll deal with that later. It was a really wonderful way to visit and connect with friends that we really don't see all that often.

Hubby has been medically cleared to sail now. As long as he is still able to meet the surveillance appointments, so he gets to leave us this month for a couple weeks. It was supposed to be in the last half of this month, but they bumped it up to next Monday. Yikes! He will be doing his schtick, doing his thing, and then he'll come home to us again. The way things are set now it's only supposed to be 10 days, so we can totally do that.  We could do longer if needed, but I'm glad this one is a short one. He's crazy excited to be able to do this kind of work again.  It's been a long time, and we are so, so glad that his health has been cooperative to allow this again.

We have an official big girl!! Monkey is no longer wearing pull ups at bedtime! And she's only had a couple accidents, so I'm calling it a win.  Insane to think that, for the first time in 9.5 years I'm not changing bums! No diapers, no pull ups, only wiping her butt when there's poop now.  WOW! Next up will be her soother sometime this summer/fall.  Waiting until shes about the same age as the others when they gave up theirs. 

Girlie is ready and writing like crazy. She asks for how things are spelled and she writes it down on random pieces of paper, she will sit and read a book silently to herself, and read ahead of me when I'm doing stories with the kids. So exciting to have another reader in the house! 

Smarty is doing really really well with his music. The last recital was from memory, so they weren't allowed to bring their music with them. Totally nailed it! Next one, they've invited any parents who play an instrument to join in for one song, so I now have to practice music on my clarinet.  The kids are loving it!

That's about all for now.  I think I've likely ignored the children long enough for now. ;)