Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Service flights!

We survived the holidays! And we made it back out west for a few days after Christmas :) It was a wonderful adventure, going to the airport, checking in for the service flights, going up, going down, going up, going down, ice storm delays, swimming in hotel pools, and visiting family that it's been way too long since we've seen.

Every single day we were there was declared the best day ever by Monkey, for nearly two weeks after we got back we had the daily question of when we would go back. It was an absolute success.  The children did so incredibly well for the flights.  Smarty and Daddy got to ride in the cock pit for the whole flight between Ottawa and Trenton on the way heading back east. Awesome for them, lots of tears for the exhausted other ones.  But they survived as I knew they would.

On our way!

Delay means extra hotel time. And pizza :)

The terminal at Trenton had a play area for the kids. It was awesome!

Impromptu play time with some cousins

Everyone likes tea 

As much of the immediate family as could be there on my side

Ring around the rosie!

Newest cousin we hadn't met yet

Confetti and balloons at midnight for new years 
Confetti angels

Sledding New Years Day with the kids' cousins

Good visit! On to the next Grandma's house!

Fun at Amma's

Cuddling Amma's cat

Playing with cars that Daddy and Uncle used to play with as a child

Thank you, Tim Horton's, for helping us on the early morning on our last travel day headed home