Friday, April 19, 2013

Big News

There will be pictures in a couple of days.  Right now, I have some big family news to share.  Hubby has been recruited into the Canadian Forces as a chaplain.  He has accepted a commission into the Navy, reporting to Halifax for the beginning of August.  This means that, yes we will be leaving our home here in Spruce Grove and moving 2/3 across the country to the Atlantic coast.

It won't likely be an easy time.  Our prayers go to the people of St Matthew's as they seek new leadership.  There are some good friends we will be leaving, people like family.  We will be leaving actual family as well, moving somewhere neither of us has been before.  Seeing a part of the country we've always wanted to go to but figured it would be eventually.

The kids are pretty excited.  They get to ride an airplane, meet new people, see the ocean.  They now have told us that they want a chance to live all over Canada.  This is good, since Hubby and I have always talked about exposing the kids to as much of the country as possible.  It is more important to us that we give them a broad experience of life.  I can't imagine having our children grow up with only one area to gauge the world.

Things can't really move forward, though, until some things fall into place.  The National Church Council has to formally endorse Hubby for Special Ministry, he needs to be sworn in, then we can settle things like moving details, where we'll be living.  As it stands, our last Sunday here will be July 21st.  Hubby's first day on Base will be August 5th.  We will celebrate the Boy's birthday before we leave since it isn't until the end of August and he would like to have his school friends from here come.

Busy, busy times.

Friday, April 5, 2013

Brief updates

It really has been much too long since I've updated this blog, and it's only been a month.  There are other ones that I look at that are much, much older but they don't seem to feel the need to update regularly....

Oh, well.  It has been a very busy month.  I know I promised pictures of our Star Wars museum trip and I will get around to it.  Just like there are a bunch of photos on my new phone that I want to put up here as well, but that will wait until I figure out how to do that.  Swimming lessons are done and just about to start up again.  They technically started this week but we were on a brief holiday to see some relatives that we didn't get to that one.  Easter has come and gone.  The kids got spoiled. 

Girl2 is crawling around, babbling, cooing, and trying to stand up.  She's wanting to move around the furniture but can't quite get the coordination down yet.  I had to move my two plants up and out of reach tonight so she couldn't get a handful of dirt for her mouth.  I can't forget to put up the baby gates when I put her down on the floor, since she's figured out how to go up a step or two.  But then she stops and turns around and falls to the ground.  It doesn't help when there are brothers further up the stairs, calling her and telling her that she can do it.  I'm all for siblings encouraging each other, but there may be a need for a limit to that at this point.

The Girl is toilet trained and loving it.  She'll let me brush her hair and put "pretties" in it more than before.  If I remind her that it is to keep food out of her hair it seems to make it more bearable.  She was telling me this morning that when she gets bigger she'll go to school and learn lots of things.  Like how to be Spiderman.  Really?  My daughter thinks the school will teach her how to walk on the ceiling?

Boy2 has turned 5 and lost his brave.  The nightmares have returned and so have temper tantrums.  He's quicker to show anger, but still quick with the hugs and kisses.  It likely doesn't help that he isn't sleeping as much.  Whether that is because of the time change where the sun is still up at bedtime, I don't know.  But he is also very affectionate.  With work, I think we can work it out.

The Boy is on to reading chapter books, and that is super exciting for me to see.  He will tell me about what he's reading too!  And he's told me that he would like to be an author and illustrator when he grows up.  I can remember wanting to do the same thing, so it makes me smile.  I am very glad he has a love of the written word! 

More news to follow, I'm going to bed soon.