Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween pics

Our house was infested by a couple of dinosaurs and a very cute Ladybug tonight :)  Unfortunately, the Ladybug (who stayed home to help Momma hand out candy) fell asleep and didn't make it to see the brothers get home with their haul.

They sure had fun, though.  And when they got home, Boy2 was sitting at the table, eating candy, and asking if since Halloween was over was it Christmas time now.  A boy who certainly takes after Mommy!

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Monday, October 24, 2011

a few updates... again

Tonight the boys were playing quite cute with their stuffed animals.  As I was getting the Girl's jammies on and brushing her teeth, they got their jammies on and put their stuffed animals to sleep.  I was told to "shhh" and be quiet.  When the Girl was sitting in her crib crying, the Boy had to pick up his triceratops and shush it back to sleep.  Baby sister woke it up.  It was pretty cute!  Then, after lullabies, he told me he was the daddy and he was sleeping with his babies.  I have a few sweethearts in my home!

The Girl has an incredible understanding.  It seems like she understands and comprehends everything.  And she can communicate it so well.  Maybe it's because the Boy didn't really talk until he was three and a half, or maybe because she's the third child, or it could be one of the many differences between boys and girls.  Whatever the reason, she follows instructions.  She talks and is (more or less) understood.  It's amazing.  Can't compare between the children, but she's starting earlier than her brothers did.

The Boy's memory never ceases to amaze me.  He can see, hear, or read something once and remember it days, weeks, ever months later.  We drive into Edmonton on 16A and we pass a number of hotels.  Every single time we pass Best Western, the Boy sits up and says "Look Mom!  It's the largest hotel family!"  It took me a few times driving in and watching some commercials with him to realize that it was from a commercial that he'd seen.  Just like walking along and all of a sudden he'll tell me that we need to get Arm and Hammer Oxy-gel cleaner.  Wow.  Proof that advertising works!  Especially on children.

Boy2 has become a regular grump.  Very demanding.  More than once I've had to pull him up short.  Sometimes he thinks he's being funny, sometimes he's just trying to bully me into giving in to whatever it is he wants.  The other night he woke up crying and screaming for me.  It took a minute to decipher what he was saying.  He said he was sad.  There had been an accident and someone was at the hospital.  I didn't get the name of who it was, but it really upset him.  By morning he didn't remember it, but his night was really broken.  That could have something to do with the attitude.  We'll see as he gets a bit more sleep each night.

Tomorrow he sees a dermatologist.  He has a bump on one of his fingers that he's had since he was one, but no one seems to know what it is.  So we got a referral to a dermatologist and he sees him tomorrow night.  That's right.  Night.  The made the appointment for quarter to eight in the evening for a three year old to see a doctor.  Oh, well.  The spouse of a classmate of Hubby's died last week and his funeral is tomorrow night in Saskatoon, so I have a friend coming to watch the littlest and the biggest and I'm taking the middle into Edmonton.  Unless Hubby doesn't go.  Then He'll watch the kids and I'll still go.  He has a sinus headache and a clogged tear duct and he can't rub his eyes because of the laser eye surgery.  I guess we'll be playing that one by ear.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

tired kids and exciting news

Well, after last night, I hope things get better tonight.  Last night the Boy had a bloody nose (means we're going to have to buy him new clothes in a month or so), Boy2 wanted snuggles every time I went upstairs,which was alot since the Girl fell asleep pretty good but kept waking up every few minutes.  And not just waking up, but screaming.  I think she was even mostly asleep for it.  I cuddled her in the rocking chair, gave her tylenol (she's cutting some more teeth), rubbed mentholatum on her chest (she was quite congested), and snuggled on our bed for a bit.  Nothing worked at keeping her asleep.  Then Daddy came home.  He cuddled her for a bit on our bed then put her in her crib.  She was out until 3:30.  I guess she just needed Daddy lovin'.

But the boys have been so tired lately.  Maybe they're catching up from the weekend.  Sunday night we let stay up later to watch AFV.  Oh, well.  The Boy has been very sad to miss nap time (even though he doesn't sleep), and they get at each others' throats when they spend more than five minutes with each other (grumble, grumble, grumble).  So today I had the Boy making Boy2 cry and Boy2 making the Boy cry.  And in the middle of all of this is the Girl, sitting beside whomever is on the current time-out, trying to make them feel better :)

I've started planning our meals.  Hubby and I noticed our food spending getting a little higher than we'd like, so I sat down, took stock of the freezer and pantry, and made a meal calendar.  So far it's working out (it's been less than a week, but I'm finding less stress over thinking of what to do for supper).  The boys aren't really liking it because it means they sometimes (okay, most times) have to eat things they either "don't like" or have never had to try before.  They are slowly learning that they don't have to like it to eat it.  Plus I've inserted meals like tonight (chicken nuggets) for their enjoyment too.

In other news (for those few who read this who haven't already been told) we are expecting Macintyre baby number four.  We don't have a due date yet, since not even the Doctor knows when we'd be due, so we have an ultrasound scheduled for the 18th to figure that out.  But I won't see the doc again until beginning of November, so I might not find out until then.  In the meantime, I'm feeling pretty good.  Occasional nausea (which seems a bit worse this week) but I've started keeping soda crackers beside the bed (after Hubby told me to a few times) and if I keep food in me, it's pretty good.

The kids are super excited about it.  Well, the boys are.  The Girl doesn't really know, but she's pretty jealous of her brothers at times, so I think if there are going to be any problems, they'll come from her.  The boys run up to me, lift my shirt and try to give the baby hugs and kisses.  The other morning the Boy even was "playing" with the baby.  Trying to tickle and pat.  "Baby likes this!"

We got a new game for the Wii.  "Rabbids Go Home" (or "Bunnies Go Home" as the boys call it).  It's kinda cute and fun.  The kids (and we) bust a gut laughing at times in it.  The idea is that there is a "rabbid" in the wii remote, and it shows you it.  You can colour and decorate your bunny, but when you shake the remote, it gets thrown around.  Really funny!

But I'm going to sign off soon.  I made up a pumpkin cheesecake for Thanksgiving, and pumpkin cookies yesterday.  SO tasty.  I even brought some to share at Bible Study this morning and they went over quite well.  The kids really like them (especially since they have a glaze:)

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Some Pics

This was just too adorable!  I think Boy2 took this picture and she just looks so happy and smiley!
Since the Boy has started going to school, the Girl has started carrying back packs around, demanding to wear them.  Then she just walks around importantly.
We got some "new-to-us" furniture.  The sofa and love seat really are the most comfortable in the world!  I never thought anything would replace "Mrs. Potiphar" (the couch at Amma's house) but I think we've found it :)
The Boy took the photos of the furniture.  He's definitely getting better at taking them.  But then his brother tries to steal the camera and I'm stuck erasing photo after photo.  Thankfully it's all digital now and we're not wasting film.

And today I got myself a pedicure.  Decided it was time and, since the wonderful fiance of Rev Cowboy came out, we went together and left the men with the kids.  They had a blast at the Royal Alberta Museum, and we were able to catch up and chat over getting our toes done :)

helping girl!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

meandering thoughts

I do have some pictures to post, but they are on my netbook which Hubby took with him to S'toon, so I'm on his laptop right now.  Pics will be posted when he returns.

Well, I finally made it to the Dollarstore to pick up some fall/Hallowe'en decor.  Boy2 was super excited and wanted to buy out the whole store, but we managed to keep it to a minimum :)  A couple skeletons, some scare crows, window stickers, spiderwebs, and garlands and the house is ready for the end of the month.  Now I just need to dig under the stairs for the Christmas CD's and I'll be ready to start my Christmas projects!

Last night the boys traded stuffed animals.  Boy2 had been sleeping with a tazmanian devil, and the boys was sleeping with his grey tabby cat.  SO they switched and told each other that they needed to help the animals sleep good.  So when I was up at 2 am with the Girl and I heard the Boy talking faintly, I went to see what was wrong.  He was saying that he needed to protect Taz.  That it was his job, and my job, and Daddy's job, and the Girl's job, and Boy2's job.  Then he gave me a kiss and rolled back over to sleep.  I wonder how much actual sleep that child got last night.

It seems like each time Daddy goes away, the kids deal with it a little bit better.  Or maybe it's just their understanding is increasing, so when we say Daddy will be home in __ sleeps, they know how long that will be.  But they have adjusted pretty well.  Usually it takes two days to adjust, then two days to readjust when he gets home.  Maybe it won't this time.

Just before Boy2 turned one, I noticed a small bump on his left ring finger.  We had one doctor tell us it was a wart and to put duct tape on it to irritate it out.  Right.  A baby is going to allow some tape to stay on his finger for an indefinite period of time.  I mentioned it when he had his check up right before his birthday, but the doctor didn't look at it.  So when I had him in with me when the Girl had her year check up, we showed her.  She didn't know what it was, so she put in a referral to a dermatologist in Edmonton.  So today we got a phone call saying that he has an appointment on October 25th.  I'll be glad to get it looked after.  It doesn't seem to bug him, but that's probably because he's had it for nearly three years.

Thanksgiving is coming up and we're excited to be spending it here with just us.  Hubby hasn't had a full day off for about three weeks, so it'll be nice to have some intimate family time.  Plus he has a wedding and three baptisms this weekend, so it's not like it'll be that quiet :)  Definitely looking forward to Sunday afternoon and Monday.  I'm also going to try my hand at cheesecake, I've decided.  We had dinner Saturday at the church administrator's house and they served cherry cheesecake for dessert (which happens to be an absolute favourite of both Hubby's and mine) and I realized that I've never made one!  So I'm going to try a pumpkin cheesecake.  Hopefully it'll be edible...