Thursday, September 29, 2011

Heavy Dinner Conversation!

I was thrown for a loop today....  Walking the Boy home from Kindergarten this afternoon, he started telling me about a superhero they learned about today.  He had a metal leg, and was alive when his teacher was a baby, but then he died.  But he was a real live superhero.  But he couldn't remember the name so he just kept on talking like it would jog his memory.  Then when he was having his snack he suddenly perked up and said "I remember his name!  Terry Fox!"

At supper, I asked him to tell Daddy who they talked about in school today, so he said "We saw the story about Terry Fox on the smart board!  He had a metal leg, and then they took it off him and so he died.  But he was alive when my teacher was a baby in Spruce Grove."  Stopped him to straighten facts that he didn't die because the leg was taken off, but that the original leg was sick and was replaced with the metal prosthetic so he could still walk/run.  Which, of course, led to a discussion on how the leg got sick, how the prosthetic may or may not have been attached, what cancer is, how white blood cells do (or don't) work in these cases.  The child just would not let it go!  "But I have good white blood.  I don't have cancer."  "No, sweetie, you don't have cancer.  Your white blood cells are very, VERY healthy!"  His mind is such a sponge!  Everything just goes is and is processed so rapidly.  We didn't get into family members who've had cancer and either won or lost the battle.  We won't until a much later time, but it really never ceases to amaze me the way his mind works!

Tuesday evening the Girl fell down the stairs.  Boy2 was going up to go potty and get jammies, and I'd already removed her from the stairs once.  I turned into the kitchen to talk to Hubby, and we heard a THUD!  There she was at the bottom of the stairs crying.  So I ran her into the hospital in Stony Plain even though she didn't display signs of concussion (just wanted to be SURE), and she spent most of the three hours we were there charming everyone.  Playing, giggling, talking, walking, being coy....  But now she has quite the shiner.  Took a couple of pictures, but you can't really see it.  The colour will likely come out more in a day or so, so I'll try again and post some.

The boys both spent most of yesterday either fighting, colouring, or fighting over the colouring.  They got out the markers after Daddy left for work and before we went to the church for Bible Study.  I went up to put the Girl down for a nap and I came down to a silent living room and they were laying on their tummies on the floor, each with his own colouring book and a marker.  They HAD to bring them to the church, and after nap time they got them out again.  The Boy mostly.  Boy2 wanted to cause a fight or two, but I got him to watch me make cookies instead.  It's all about redirecting their attention :)

But it's been a full week so far.  Monday Hubby went in for a LASIK consultation and he booked the procedure (SO excited for that!), Tuesday was Kindergarten and then the two little ones and I went to pick up a winter jacket for the Boy.  Got to the till and realized that my wallet was not in my purse, but on the kitchen table.  Left the stuff at the front, ran home, got the wallet, went back to the store, made the purchases, and returned home in time for lunch.  Instead of racing (MarioKart) like I'd promised Boy2, we did nap time instead.  The only thing that calmed the poor boy down was telling him he could sleep on my bed with the Girl and I.  So he did and we did.  Well, I didn't sleep.  My morning had been shot, so I had to play catch up.

Then yesterday we had to return and exchange the coat for another one.  They didn't have his size, only a size smaller or a much bigger one, so I went with the bigger one.  WAY too big!  So we went back with him to try them one and we found one.  And Daddy had promised the boys that they would go for a walk after supper Wednesday just the three of them with no Mommy and no Girl, so they did.  And while they did that, I bathed the Girl and put her to bed.  It was good.  And I got out the humidifier for the boys' room and set it up.  It was empty this morning which tells me it's more than a little bit dry up there.  Oh, well.  It's fall.

We woke up to frost and 2C, so I'm very grateful we got the Boy's coat when we did.  And I dug the gloves out for his little fingers for the walk to school and recess.  It only got up to 16C or so today as well, so I'm thinking summer is well and truly over.

Tomorrow is Conference Convention for Hubby, but that's only in Edmonton so I don't have to worry too much about that.  But Monday he leaves me for Saskatoon for a few days for the First Call program.  Then he gets back to do a wedding on the 8th and two baptisms on the 9th.  And a funeral this Saturday.  Busy, busy Hubby!

Friday, September 23, 2011

fall cleaning and sewing

Has anyone ever tried to re-hem suit pants that have a cuff?  Me neither, but Hubby's suit pants are too long, so I'm making the attempt.  At first I thought I'd just be able to roll it up, but the seams would show.  Then I thought I could roll it under.  Then there'd be no cuff.  So I did the smart thing.  I stitch ripped the hem apart to see how it's done.  Easy peasy.  Then I straightened the creases and made some new ones.  The result?  They are currently pressed and pinned and awaiting Hubby to try them on to see if the length is right before I sew them.  Awesome or what?  :)

The Boy went to put on his Diego jammies for bed tonight (we got  them nearly a year and a half ago and he's done ALOT of growing since then). I looked at him and asked if he could wear different ones to bed tonight and I'd see what I could do for them (since when I pointed out they were too small he said "But I really love them!").  When he asked if I was going to see if I could  add fabric to them, I said maybe I'd cut them into shorts.  He was super excited for that!  So now they are cut and hemmed and sitting on the stairs, waiting for me to bring them up to his drawer.

Today is the 103rd birthday of a woman in the congregation and her daughter out on an open house birthday party for her.  We attended this afternoon.  When I told the Boy how old she was, his eyes got really wide and he asked "Is she going to die soon?"  To which I replied "Hopefully not!  Some people die younger and some people older, and some people really older.  It depends on how healthy you are (we've been discussing health and blood cells alot lately) and your body."  "Oh."  Food for thought, I guess.

The Girl has been making a habit of grabbing her sweater and bringing it to either myself or Daddy to be put on her.  She just likes waling around with her jacket.  She also brings me miscellaneous socks and shoes to put on her feet.  I keep trying to tell her that her brothers' feet are bigger than hers, but she is adamant and very vocal. She is also very particular about snacks.  Yesterday Hubby picked up some cake donuts and gave her a piece.  She saw them on the counter this morning and promptly let us know that THAT was what she wanted for breakfast.  She did it again at snack time.  And when Hubby came home for a brief lunch, again.  He gave her a small piece and when she lost interest in it wanted more from Daddy.  He gave her an even smaller piece.  She picked up the first piece (which was still bigger) and finished it.

Boy2 is in love with MarioKart.  As soon as he wakes up in the morning, before lunch, after naps, after supper, before bed, he's always asking if we can play.  This evening I said no and as soon as the word was out of my mouth, he said "But NO is mean!"  Unfortunately you can't really expect reflex-ivity in a three year old.  I'm trying to teach and encourage it, but he's a little slow at this concept.  Let's face it: many adults still haven't mastered it!

Another project I have but haven't started yet is a blue chausible for Hubby for Advent.  Plus I want to get started on a couple of Christmas projects, since that season has a tendency to sneak up on me :)  I haven't gotten  my holiday music out yet, but Hubby has the music and services planned up through Advent, so I'm thinking it won't really be that long before I dig my CD's out :)

But the kids had another pretty good day. Since cleaning the toy room downstairs, getting new furniture down there, getting rid of one of our futons (happily Uncle Peanut Butter and Auntie Jelly were able to use it), and cleaning the living room, they have been much better at bringing their toys back downstairs when I ask them too.  In going through their toy boxes I culled a few broken toys, ones with more pieces missing than found, and toys that they simply just don't play with anymore.  Some went to that big toy box in the sky and other are going to make other children very happy.  I kept alot still, and (as is the case with digging through toy boxes) they re-discovered alot and have found their "new favourites".  Pretty awesome!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

cold season is here!

I do have to say....  I'n diggin' the "new" furniture for the basement!  We posted an ad on kijiji for the old brown set that has been with us since internship and someone answered the add within minutes.  It was gone by supper time :)

The boys have started doing something a little puzzling and kinda cute in an odd way.  I've been told to "make my darned sucking bed," "turn on the darn sucking fan," and to "close the darned sucking bus door."  You can probably fill in what they were trying to say....

The puzzling part is where they got the language.  Neither one of us uses foul language around the kids, we censor their TV, so I really don't know.

Been really busy.  Lots of apples made into pies and crisps.  All put in the freezer to enjoy later.  Plus we've enjoyed a pie or two since we got the apples.  Very tasty, very yummy.  I've come across some very yummy recipes.  Tomorrow I'm hoping to get some muffins done tomorrow.

The kids have all had the sniffles and coughs.  The Boy's cough is really interrupting his sleep, and he wakes up sounding so hoarse.  I kept him from school today because I really don't think the other parents would like these germs shared with their angels...

Boy2 has a nose that's running like crazy, so does the Girl....  She had one really good night's sleep, and then last night she was up alot again.... Ended up in bed with me and she wasn't very restful even then.  She's cut a few molars and a couple of eye teeth.  All in all doing alot of growing up.

Made up some potato pancakes for supper.  Much like the chicken bake yesterday, there was alot of "I don't like that.  I want macaroni."  But they did eat, so they got their apple pie.  We also did some family Wii and lots of story time.  It's been a good day.

So now the kids are asleep, Hubby and I are sitting on our new couch, and we're very full from some very yummy food :)

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Saturday, September 17, 2011

the Girl helping with dishes

exciting night

Last night we had a bit of a scare.  Boy2 woke up with a nightmare around 9-ish (not too out of the ordinary, the last few nights he's been having them).  Then, a little bit later, we heard an odd sound.  The poor boy had a terrible cough!  I had never heard it before, but Hubby said that Boy2 had woke up from a nightmare with the same cough when I was in the hospital back in May.

Hubby asked if I thought he should go to the hospital, and after weighing both sides I said yes.  When dealing with the kids I'd rather err on the side of caution and get him checked out anyways.  So they left just before 10 last night and were home just before 2 this morning.  Apparently just after they walked in to the ER, an Edmonton City Police officer came in.  My boys both just LOVE the police (as most little boys do) so I guess the "cool" factor was very high.

The doctor said that it was likely croup brought on by stress in the nightmare.  So we'll keep an eye on him.  The first thing Boy2 told me when I was tucking him back in was that the doctor put the white on his finger.  I asked Hubby, and he said that it was the little white clip that is put on your finger to read the oxygen levels.

When the Girl and Boy woke up this morning, Boy2 woke up as well.  I got him to get into bed with Daddy for a little bit, but that was short lived since he doesn't like missing any action.  But when he was still upstairs, I sat the Boy down and explained why we were letting Daddy and Boy2 sleep.  Less than five minutes later, Boy2 came down the stairs.  The Boy went straight to his brother and was asking questions, trying to find out if he was better, did he get a needle, where did he get that cool fire truck sticker.

He also wanted me to take off the little bracelet the admitting nurse put around that tiny wrist.

I do have a couple of videos I'm trying to post here, but every time I try to upload to youtube it takes so long, or the connection isn't quite complete.  They will be coming, though.  I'll keep trying :)

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Busy Minds

We were sitting at the table, just before supper tonight, and the Boy and I had this conversation:

"Mom, tonight Boy2 and I are having a special meeting."

"Where is it?  What's it for?"

"Our meeting is here, and we're going to talk about how Jesus came back alive after he died."


"Yep.  And then we're going to sing a song."

"What are you going to sing?"

"The one that goes 'Holy, holy, holy.  Lord God Almighty.  (mumble mumble) sing to Thee!"

"Oh, Sweetie, that's beautiful!  Can Daddy and I come to your meeting?"

"Yep.  Me and Boy2 and Girl, and Mommy and Daddy."

Then Boy2 chimes in and says "I have a song about Spiderman!"

It was such a wonderful conversation to have with my little big Boy!

This morning we dropped the Boy off at school, then dropped Daddy off at clergy breakfast, then went to the doctor's for the Girl's 12 month checkup.  She weighs a whopping 26lbs, 4 oz, and is 29.5 inches tall.  As soon as the doctor looked at her she said "Wow!  She's thriving!"  Since I had Boy2 with me, I asked him if he wanted to sit in the chair while I stood with the Girl.  Nope.  He wanted to stand and watch too.

Then, since we had a few minutes to kill, we went to the little bakery downstairs in the mall where the clinic is.  I got a coffee and the two little ones shared a juice and a big cookie.  Boy2 sat across from me and started making small talk.  "Mommy?  I love you."  Over and over.

Then we were off to the health unit for the Girl's immunizations.  While there, Boy2 was watching and talking to the health nurse, asking what she was doing, what each vaccine was, how it would help his sister.  He was being such a grown up!

When we were waiting the 10-15 minutes after the shots, Daddy texted and asked if we wanted to pick him up.  Over this next month he has next to no days off, so he wanted to be home for a bit today.  Went to the church to pick him up, headed out to the second hand store to find a couple off clothing items for him (he's finding it difficult to wear the clothes he has.  He's lost 30 or so pounds, so alot of it doesn't fit him anymore), then to the "big mall" for a bit of lunch and pick up some shoes and some more clothing for both of us (I got a new purse too!).  Got home in time to clean up breakfast (since we were a little short on time this morning and got home much later than I anticipated.  Not complaining though.  I like having my morning shifted to include Hubby:)) change clothes and pick up the Boy from school.

Then we got out the little pool (there aren't going to be that many hot days left) and splashed around for a little bit.  Then came the pre-dinner conversation.  Now the kids are all asleep.  Hubby has finished the work he wanted to get done tonight, and we're going to go downstairs.  I'm going to do some pilates, he'll be doing his floor exercises (push ups, sit ups, and jumping jacks) then we'll probably watch a bit of TV or play Wii.  Wonderful end to a pretty neat day:)

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

catching up

It's been a little while since I've written something in here, so I thought I'd sit and do that now with the kids in bed and Hubby out for a walk.  It's been a wonderful week or so.  The Boy had his first day of Kindergarten, the Girl had her first Birthday, tomorrow she gets weighed and measured and poked for her twelve month check up.

Yesterday we were made aware that there;s a pretty mean case of baby measles going around town (can you say fun?).  All I can say is I'm glad her immunizations are tomorrow.

There are so many little things I see and hear in the course of the day and think "I gotta remember to post that" and by the time I sit at the computer, I can't remember even half of it :(  But I'll try....

We were given some apples from a member of the church, so yesterday the boys and I made apple pies to put in the freezer.  Well, I suppose I could say all the kids helped.  The Boy ate the apple peels, Boy2 put most of the apples into the water, and the Girl ate a few pieces of apple.  With peanut butter.  She absolutely LOVES peanut butter.  She will rarely eat crackers without it now.

The Boy had a speech assessment done yesterday just to keep his file up to date.  His case file will now be handed over to the school and the team there will work with him a little bit. The therapist noted that he was very communicative and she was very impressed with his "L" sound. She also said that it was very obvious that we work on corrective speech at home.  He's moved from severe to mild/moderate, and there may be very little need for much work with him past this point, so I'm excited.  Really, considering he's only been talking for (nearly) two years, he's made leaps and bounds progress.  I am so proud of him!

Boy2 is potty trained (FINALLY!!!!).  There are still occasional messes (to be expected) but he's mostly dry (even overnight sometimes!).  He's such a big boy!  And such a helper.  If he and the Boy are fighting over a toy or a book and I'm not really in a spot where I can sit down and redirect with another toy or book, I'll ask him to help me in the kitchen.  He loves it.  He "washes" dishes, puts cut veggies into containers, wipes counters, and talks with me about what we're prepping and what it'll taste like.  We talk about things he's read/seen in a book, how things grow.... I hope it's a foretaste of conversations to come as he gets older.

The Girl is right spoiled, but so adorable.  She's going up and down stairs, on and off the futons, "talking" to us, the whole works.  She just loves to sit and look at a book, and today something caught her attention and I swear she said "what's that?" because of her expression and inflection.  So cute!!  She got a birthday package in the mail from Gramma and Grampa that had a big stuffed cat in it.  I mean, it's not HUGE, but it's almost the same size as she is.  She has taken quite a shine to it and drags it around, gives it big hugs, sleeps with it.  We've tried to get her to attach herself to a stuffed animal (especially so she won't be quite so attached to her num like Boy2) but none have stuck yet, so maybe this one will work out.

This evening we got ( new to us) chest of drawers.  So this afternoon I moved the dresser out of the boys' room into the Girl's room, the one from the Girl's room into the boys' room.  Daddy's dresser was moved into the boys' room, and the new one is now being used by Daddy.  Plus by the end of the month we'll have some new (to us) living room furniture.  I 'm actually getting excited for these changes.  The stuff that we have now is third or fourth hand and very well used (after the kids have gotten through with them....) our poor furniture....

First try with Nutella