Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Back to school

It's fun trying to make the time to write.  I don't really get a chance when the kids are up and I don't think to when they go down for the night, but somewhere in the middle it'll get done.

Got the boys registered for school today.  Forms filled out and birth certificates photo copied.  The Boy turned 7 yesterday (where does the time go?!) and we had fun.  Since Hubby leaves on Friday for 2 months, we combined the Boy and the Girl's birthdays.  And because we threw a party for the Boy before the move we kept things pretty low key.  Did some school shopping, played at a park, had some kids from up the street over, mac and cheese for supper for the kids (what child doesn't want that for their birthday dinner?) then an ice cream cake.  Back to the park, this time with Daddy, before baths and bed.

The Girl will be 3 next Wednesday (again, where does the time fly to?).  Crazy.  And she is feeling left out with this back to school shopping.  So she got new runners and a backpack.  Getting things together to register her for preschool through Shearwater.  It'll sure be different this year.  Both boys in school Monday through Friday (no part day or two day program option for Boy2) and the Girl in Tuesday and Thursday mornings for a couple of hours.  And school for the boys is from 8:30 -1:50.  Odd times.  But just because it isn't what I'm used to.  I'm sure it'll feel normal after a month or two.

Right now I'm procrastinating.  I started doing up my meal plan for September, but got distracted and now I don't really feel like finishing it.  I will though.  And relatively soon.

We made out second trip to the library today.  The kids are really enjoying the experience.  The boys are able to self check out themselves (I watch to make sure they are doing it correctly), and they are thrilled to pick out their own books.  It's a bigger library than the one we left, and the children's section has lego and toy dinosaurs, as well as the computers.

It's really neat, sitting in the house with the windows open.  There is almost constant birdsong.  I can remember when we moved to Calgary after living in the apartment, listening to the rain on the roof because it was no longer a familiar sound.  Now we have rain and singing!  And I hope we never get used to it.

I'm putting some pictures of Hubby into frames and putting them around the house.  As well as updating some of the photo collages we have around the house.  Picked up some fabric for curtains for the living room as well.  It'll be a busy couple of months!

Monday, August 19, 2013

Race Day

Yesterday, Hubby ran in the Navy 10k run.  It was his first race here in Halifax, and out of the 400 or so runners, he placed 89th!  Way to go Daddy!
Getting ready for the race!
The sun was shining wonderfully warm, there were snacks and juice for everyone.  And not just the timbits and cookies either.  There was yogurt, grapes, bananas, apples, oranges, granola bars, chocolate milk, apple and orange juice boxes, coffee and tea.  There was a kids race that was already finished by the time we got there.  It was lots of fun!

Lining up and getting ready!

Just before we told them not to climb

Two feet on the ground was the rule

The Boy was upset that we wouldn't let him climb the monuments
It was an experience, although not an altogether new one, that we found ourselves having different rules than the parents around us.  There were kids climbing all over the cannons and anchor that are on display.

But it was still fun.  There was a husband and wife who ran the 5k and they finished still holding hands. There was a mom, dad, and a double stroller that did the 10k.  It was a big family affair and I am looking forward to next year's.  Maybe I'll do the 5k!  In the last six months or so I've taken up running.  Not that far, only 3 days a week, but it's something to keep me a bit more active aside from chasing kids.  And I feel better for doing it.  When I went out on my birthday more than 2 months ago, I decided that I would like to do a race with Hubby next year.  I think this might be the one we'll do.  He'll do the 10 again, since 5k is a nice warm up for him, and I'll stick with the shorter distance.

Chickadee in our birdfeeder

Woodpecker in one of the trees

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Pictures from last weekend

Getting ready to go on the Harbour Hopper

Waiting at the ferry terminal

The Harbour Hopper going back on land

HMCS Sackville

Basking in the sunshine

HMCS Shawinigan

Harbour Hopper.  "Ribbit, ribbit"

Watching Theodore Too

Watching the water on the ferry

Walking towards the ferry terminal

Sunny day

She has a carrot!

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

the first week

Well, the move is complete.  Our little/big family is now settled into a beautiful home in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia.  Where a foghorn can be heard and Seahawk helicopters fly overhead occasionally.  We have a much bigger space than the one we left in Spruce Grove, AB.  There are four bedrooms, hard floors, 2 3/4 bathrooms.  And an absolutely massive back yard!  We've been keeping the windows open alot and I just LOVE hearing the birds singing.  They go at it all the time.  Yesterday I sat on the deck in the sun, coffee cup in hand, the boys and the Girl playing catch on the grass, Girl2 being busy at my feet, and just sat and listened.  Soaked in some sunshine.

There is so much natural light, lots of windows.  It's a pretty quiet street too, as far as traffic goes.  There are a bunch of kids, though, both across the street and up a bit.  And pretty close in age with ours, so that is very nice.  It helps that these children get along with almost anyone!

We have had a couple of road bumps in the transition so far.  Everyone has shorter tempers, whining and poor diet from when we lived in a hotel for the week before our furniture arrived.  But the flight was uneventful, all on time and no incidents from the kids.

It's very neat seeing the fog coming off of the harbour.  We can't see it from the house, but driving up to and across the bridges, seeing white and then the tops of the bridge, the water disappeared until you get closer.  The shear size of the ships!  The kids and I drove to the Shearwater MFRC (Military Family Resource Centre) and saw an empty container ship making it's way into the harbour.  Very awesome!

The time difference has been a bit of an adjustment.  We are getting used to new sleeping patterns in our bigger space.  Today is the first day that Girl2 hasn't cried whenever I put her down!  I think the crying was because she isn't used to the bigger floor space.

It doesn't get as cold at night, so it doesn't take long to warm up during the day.  Last night as I was tidying up after the kids were down for the night, I noticed that it was getting darker earlier.  A lower latitude will do that.

But the kids are missing their friends already too.  They have written some letters that I have to send off.  And we will likely write more.  Trying to figure out Skype scheduling too, so we can chat with relatives and friends.  All in all, it's been a great first week.  I'm pretty excited to get to know some of these people through the MFRC and colleagues of Hubby's.  There are a bunch of resources in place for support for me while Hubby is away in St Jean for BMOQ (Basic Military Officer Qualifications) and then in Borden for the Chaplain training school.  He is enjoying his first few days, learning the lingo, getting kitted out, planning a baptism already.  As always, jumping in with both feet :)