Wednesday, January 26, 2011


As I sit down, it is 6:30 pm on a Wednesday evening. Kids have supped, bathed, and all are currently asleep. Hubby is at the (I think) hospital doing a service. I am alone in the first bit of quiet I've had since we woke up twelve hours ago.

The day has been good. All of the days have been good (well, there have been not-so-good aspects, but you can't get away from those) and at night I feel pretty good (but tired) as I lay my head down.

The Boy has had two speech sessions, and he is really enjoying it. I'm enjoying them too, since I feel affirmed by the teaching tactics I've developed by working through his book. His concentration seems to be better with her than me, but that is, I think, to be expected.

Boy2 has been outright exhausted. He ran and slipped this afternoon, falling and hitting his cheek and the corner of his eye on the cupboards. He wants everything his brother has, and when his brother puts it down and picks up something new, do you think he'd want the toy just put down? NO! He wants what was just picked up!

He is a great helper, though. Whenever I go to change laundry, it doesn't matter what he'd been doing, he has to come and help. This afternoon when the Boy and I were at his speech, the Girl started crying at my friend who was looking after her. Boy2 picked up his guitar, played with her, helped her to play with him, and she fell asleep! Such a considerate older brother!

My little girl has essentially stopped using a soother altogether (Arrgh!) and wants to only be nursed to sleep. Doesn't help that I'm a bit wary of those two very sharp, pointy teeth that are very much there. However, since moving her into her own room, she's sleeping better. I think the sounds of Mommy and Daddy snoring kept waking her up. She actually slept ten hours uninterupted the night before last!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Oh, boy!

Hubby emailed me an article this morning, figuring it would be great fodder for a rant or an apoplectic attack. He was right. There aren't alot of things that induce me to rage, or even the bewildered WTF state, but parenting is something I feel very strongly about.

For those with a morbid sense of curiousity, the link is here.

There are far too many parents out there who feel that they are right and that gives them the authority to tell other parents that they are wrong. Every parent thinks they are right. They wouldn't be raising their children in a particular way if they thought it wasn't the best way for them to raise their children. Who in their right mind takes upon themselves a task and purposely does it wrong?

Does the brand and style of stroller really matter in the raising of a child? Are my children going to have to go through therapy because they didn't get to ride in a Bugaboo stroller? Am I being environmentally irresponsible because I have more than two children? Do I feel threatened because I am a stay at home parent and not everyone agrees with what I do?

Actually, sometimes I do feel judged, not for being a stay at home mom, but for being the wrong kind of stay at home mom. I didn't have the big career, high earning potential kind of life before children. I'm not sacrificing my career, my life, for my children. (Well, in a way I do sacrifice my life for my children since they are first and foremost in my thoughts)

Certain things aside (like the whole nanny/daycare, ivy league preschools and beauty pagents) I strongly feel that parents should give advice when specifically asked and use words like "this worked for me" or "I've found that". There are no difinitives when raising children. There are way too many factors to take into consideration.

Personality, temperament, sleep and eating patterns, how the child deals with stress or change. The way we discipline the Boy is different than how Boy2 is disciplined, and I'm sure the Girl will prove different still.

The whole money issue boggles my mind as well. We make a certain amount of money. My parents made less than we do and they raised six children on it. There is no correlation between the money made and happiness in a child's life. If anything, I think too much money creates more feelings of entitlement and fewer feelings of respect and gratitude. Yes, every parent wants to give their children the world, but hearing "no" is good for the character.

I'm not saying it's bad to have money, just that constantly giving and not holding kids accountable spoils.

More later. I need to parent my children.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

I love my dinosaurs!

I really do feel immense happiness when the boys are playing cooperatively, exchanging toys without fighting, and colouring quietly. That being said, even if the whole day is one battle after another; with tears, time outs, and tattle tales, when at supper the kids are laughing, calling everyone around the table their best friend, the day has been good.

Last night, before drifting off for a date with the Sandman, Hubby asked how my day was. My mind flitted accross various scenes from the day, good, not pleasant, frustrating, and hilarious. Then I thought about Boy2 at supper. He told us that we were his best friends. ( Awwwww! So sweet!)

The impromptu snuggles, hugs and kisses, and "I love you, Mom"'s. They make all of the frustrations and head-shaking just not matter.

We picked up a book a year or so ago. It's called "How do Dinosaurs say I Love You?" When I read that book to the kids, I smile. The author obviously had a couple of "dinosaurs" of her own.

Friday, January 21, 2011


There have been quite a few things floating around in the space between my ears lately. One of which is: why the heck does the computer freeze every time I plug the camera into it?

That frustration aside, life has been good. There have been stresses, ups and down, happy times, and "what the heck are they doing now???" kinds of days.

Today I'm trying an experiment. I've noticed my voice rising far too often, and the attention of the kids deteriorating because (in spite?) of everything we say. So, I'm trying to, every time I want to get mad and raise my voice, to whisper. The Boy asked me if I was whispering because it was quiet time. When I explained that I was whispering because I didn't want to yell, he started whispering too!

So we had a bit of time that we were all whispering. Then we went out to the RCMP to drop off something, and that was SO COOL! We went to the store and they were soo well behaved (except for the Boy spraying Febreeze into his face). Now they are watching a bit of TV as a treat. But very little frustration today, for which I am grateful. (I realize it isn't even luch time yet)

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The children are nestled

After a morning full of "Momma, the clock says it's morning time" and " Mom, I want waffles. Hello??!! Momma, I need waffles. I want waffles. Do you hear my voice, I want waffles" and then little or no naps for the kids, I'm glad they are asleep and that I will also be shortly.

The boy didn't nap (well, initially) because Daddy was taking down the kitchen table to make room for another one. A member of the church is moving and downsizing and they wanted us to have their table. Wonderful! We are incredibly blessed in our relationships with the people we've met on our journey.

There was a meeting this evening that I didn't want to taked the kids to, so we had a sitter for the boys (who were asleeo by 6:30) and we took the Girl (also known as the Banshee when she gets going). The sitter heard not a peep from the boys and is now on her way home. Goodnight to all!

Monday, January 17, 2011


Well, it's official. My little girl is well into the "I'm going top stuff everything I can see in my mouth" stage. I had both her and my water bottle on my lap, she started nomming the lid. I was texting Hubby with her on my lap, she was doing her best to get that phone into her mouth. She grabs the fingers of whomever is holding her and moves them into her mouth. And that is one sharp tooth!

She's pretty pleased with it too. She watches intently while her brothers are eating. She comnplains when I'm not fast enough with the spoon, or if I'm too slow hooking her back up after switching sides nursing.

Both boys are getting grumy and tired. It makes me wonder how soundly they're sleeping. But you know someone is tired when they wake up and are yelling and crying five minutes later. But naps are always in order.

Boy2 has been practising his singing alot lately. He gets out his new snow shovel (Daddy bought shovels for him and his brother) and pretends it is a guitar. Then he rocks out to a song in his head, singing to the Girl. So adorable!

The Boy is truckin' along, doing his things. We got a phone call today to set up his speech seesions, so it'll be nice to get that all set up and working. Some people from church have said that they already see an improvement in their understanding of him, so our work on his little booklet could be doing something.

Looking forward to the rest of this busy week. Between company, normal baking, extra baking, and planning for the next couple of weeks, it's gonna be busy.

Friday, January 14, 2011

little confession

I'd like to be able to say that I am addiction free.Aside from my crooner addiction, the addiction I have to my Hubby (don't worry, I'll spare you the details) and the standard addiction to food (especially sugared food), I feel like I'm doing pretty good. Then something happens. Usually it starts with something simple, like a commercial, or poster advertising, then my mind takes off, and I'm online and writing things down.

You'll never guess what it is.... Hubby has out up with and occasionally indulged in my hopeless addiction to home lotteries. We've bought tickets in Lethbridge, Saskatoon, and Calgary. They've been for STARS, St. Paul's Hospital, Knights of Columbus, and the Foothills Hospital. I'm hopelessly addicted.

Now I rationalize by saying that I'm doing it for a good cause. And it is. But (and especially during some rough spots in the last few years) the thought of winning a house, fully furnished, even if not planning on living there, was the ultimate fantasy for me. We'd go, walk through, buy tickets, then keep them on the fridge until about a week after the draw date.

My happines has never hinged on winning (although that first winter in Saskatoon I was REALLY disappointed, but that had more to do with the fact I didn't want to be in Saskatoon). I'm immensely happy in our little home with all of the kids close by. I like our home more now than any other home we've been in.

But I think we'll be supporrting a cause again this winter!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

boys with beards?

Thought I should probably post some funny stories to kinda balance the content I've been writing. Last night we went out and didn't get back until later. Boys were very tired, Boy2 didn't even twitch getting him out of the truck and into bed. The Boy woke up this morning saying that he wasn't going to preschool today because he ahd a rough night. Okay, it's not like this is twelfth grade and he needs to be there for info on the provincial exams.

So, instead he's home, and making a mess of the living room. Yesterday I printed off some colouring sheets (Thomas the Tank Engine is AWESOME! by little boy standards), so right now there are markers and papers EVERYWHERE! Went I was upstairs to change and dress the Girl, the boys were very quiet. (Always a suspicious happenstance) When I came back downstairs, I found that the Boy had grown a lime green beard, and Boy2 had grown a dark brown one. Okay, maybe not the colours nature would have chosen for them...

My goofy kidsare CRAZY!!!! Yesterday morning, the Boy was literally holding on to my pants because he didn't want to leave the house. Boy2 was yelling at us last night because he didn't want to go home. The differences between the two of them!

The Girl is enjoying solids. With that tooth she cut on the weekend, she seems to be enjoying them even more!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011


We're currently under a deep freeze, and the kids are enjoying having to wear the hats and mitts that they got for Christmas. The unfortunate thing about this weather is that we had to get the block heater in Hubby's truck replaced since it wasn't working at all. We were lucky it was starting during that cold snap before the holidays.

And that reminded me of last winter. We were in Saskatoon last year, and there was a three week long cold snap in December that usually didn't come until January. We were plugging the van in, and it was starting, but it was rough. One Saturday, we took it in to the dealership for some reason (I can't quite remember what now) and four hours later we went home with a new block heater. There was less than 10% power in the old one and the van should not have been working. We were very lucky.

The van is happy now, though. And we picked up the truck right before lunch. The Boy got to ride home with Daddy, and Boy2 spent the whole time yelling and whining that he wanted to go in the truck too! Maybe next time, Kiddo.

Monday, January 10, 2011

ups and downs

My boys are very tired. My girl is very tired. Mommy and Daddy are very tired. I think we're all trying to catch up on the sleep we didn't get through our little post-Christmas excursion.

Friday afternoon Hubby and I got motivated and finally moved the actual furniture around instead of just talking about it. This goes downstair to the basement, that goes way up to the top floor, these come out of the basement to the main floor. That's how it goes.

Hubby had a youth meeting that night, so I thought, "Hey, the boys are just about at an age that a popcorn and movie evening, staying up past bedtime, would be fun. Let's do it!" So I made popcorn (the Boy particularly enjoys popcorn)and we went to the basement to watch "Momma Dinosaur" (to the uninitiated that would be "Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs") Note: it's been nearly a year since they watched it last, but they've seen it at least a dozen times and would watch it a hundred more times if I'd let them!

Oh, boy! There is a definite reason why it is a treat and not an everyday thing! Between the regular catching up from travel and Friday night the boys are so overtired, their behaviour is (sporadically) horrible! Epsecially when a certain preschooler is tired, but is adamant he will NOT close his eyes and have a nap! (How DARE a Mommy suggest such a thing?)

They do pretty good overall still, but because my own sleep reserves are a bit low it seems much worse than it is.

Boy2 spent Thursday morning singing and dancing to some youtube videos fpor the Girl. The Boy and Boy2 sit in the livingroom "playing" snakes and ladders. The Girl is kept entertained by her brothers with song, dance, and all-around silliness. For the most part toys are shared, hugs are given, and snuggles granted. But when they also feed off of each other's energy to the point where neither is listening even the littlest bit, well... every parent feels those frustrations.

Today all of the kids napped. The girl was weighed and measured (her weight is off the charts! SHe's more than doubled her birth weight!) and we went to the leisure centre for a swim. Two exhausted boys are currently asleep, and so is the Girl who has cut her first tooth this past weekend.

So many exciting things. It is so neat seeing the growth. I know I've said it before, but I really do have the best job in the world. For all the complaining that I just did, at the end of the day, when Boy2 just won't let go of Daddy, when Mommy gets lip kisses ( a very rare thing indeed from Boy2), and the "I love you's" out of the blue from both boys, and the incessant giggling from the Girl- I absolutely, unequivocably LOVE being a Mom!

Friday, January 7, 2011

fun week!

here is a picture of the Boy dressed as David. I'm really proud of that costume!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Super Mom!

Just call me super-mom! When we got back from travelling we were planning on reorganizing and cleaning and rearranging our humble living space. That evening we started by taking down the decorations of the season. There are alwaysmixed feelings when we do that.

Yesterday we cleaned uo the detritus of Christmas boxes and wrapping, bought a new desk for the computer, and moved it upstairs. When Hubby brought the Boy home, he brought a piece of paper telling what was planned for this month. Wait! Did that say they had to dress as a biblical character on January 6????

So, today I went through the fabric box. I must say, the Boy now has an amazing costume! If I could have covinced him to put it on, I'd be posting a picture now. (I'll try again tomorrow.) Pkus, IO cut out a harp out of an old box, so he'll be going as the shepherd David, playing music to soothe the troubled soul of Saul. Am I amazing, or what?

Today we also made a forklift, did a few puzzles, vaccumed ( the boys got little bits of styrofoam EVERYWHERE!), and napped (except for Mom who was trying to make a costume). The kids are all asleep ( well the Girl has been asleep three times tonight. She keeps waking up, but *fingers crossed* she's now down for the night), Don Pasquale is on TV and playing in the background, and Hubby is chatting it up with a good friend on the phone. Landry is all caught up for the moment, dishes are clean. I'm a happy Momma!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

It's a new year!

Happy New Year!

It's been a very busy (but good) week. Hubby had three services Christmas Eve ( kids and I attended the first two 'cuz I was singing), then one Christmas Day. The Boy was adamant that we put out milk and cookies for the man in red (we'd never done that before. Where did he get it?)

Stockings were opened before breakfast and one gift (thanks Grandma and Grandpa for the loader and grader. It saved the morning church service). Then we did the gifts under the tree before we had lunch. This family is so spoiled!

Nice and lazy afternoon putting tracks and puzzles together. Eating way too many sweets and not enough healthy food. Not really enough sleep either.

Left Sunday for a visit and we'll be back in our humble abode on Monday. The Boy will have preschool Tuesday, and it'll be back to the grind. Well, not for me. I am on indefinite maternity leave. Nothing for me to do but stay home and play with the kids. And do some organizing. We're planning on reorganizing the house to make it work better for us. TV downstairs, toys downstairs, computer upstairs, re-visit our seating issues. Should be fun!

Oh! And Hubby and I will be taking Zumba once a week for the first part of the year. It'll be interesting.