Saturday, December 17, 2016

Full few weeks!

Well, we've been to the Ukraine and to Tanzania. We've had Hubby come home from his course in Ontario, and a plunge into deep winter. Hubby's last full day on course the temperature was 12 C, and two days after he got home we were having -20 C and below! A few "Extreme cold warnings" from Environment Canada, but still not much more snow on the ground. There have been work Christmas parties, class seasonal celebrations, and perog making.  Yum

I forgot to take pictures of our food from the Ukraine, but we had borscht and perogies that I fried in bacon grease. OMG So yummy! I have made borscht before this one was way better. and it made a ton! definitely will either half it next time or freeze a bunch. Dessert was apple and poppy seed pie, as suggested by some of the European visitors on the course with Hubby.

Monkey had her preschool Christmas concert and activity day. They sang a couple adorable songs, decorated cookies, made magic reindeer food, and played pin the red nose on Rudolph.
She sang so loudly and did all the actions in a very big way! Completely just like her personality :) On the way to this, we heard the Chipmunks Christmas song on the radio, her for the very first time. The comments I heard from her throughout the song were hilarious! "Mom, why do they sound like that?" "Are they the mice from Cinderella??" "I only like human songs. I don't like those voices"

The next afternoon was Girlie's concert and Sergeant was able to duck out of class so he could watch it too! Girlie was so excited,she carefully planned out her outfit and made sure she brought her sparkly shoes to wear as well for it. 

They did hand movements with coloured plastic plates to the Nutcracker, sang "I saw Three Ships Come Sailing in", and a few more. It was two grade one classes and then half way through two Kindergarten classes joined in. 

Sergeant was part of a play about Santa wanting to join the NHL and slowing toy production to practice. Our Sergeant had a few lines as the NHL hockey player that was idolized by Santa and comes to play a game with him. They all did a great job.
Smarty didn't have a concert or production this year, but his school did put on a "Snowed in" activity night the same night as Sergeant's play, so we headed over there for a bit  after it was done. So they all decorated a cookie and ate it, drank some hot chocolate, shot some hoops in the gym (and were surprised that mommy got a few in too!). 

Yesterday we went to Tanzania for dinner. During the day Monkey helped me make a Tanzanian spice cake, and we had a "fragrant pilau" with fish for the meal. So much cinnamon and cloves were used!I thought it smelled and tasted delicious, the whole thing. And even though no one asked for seconds, they all cleaned their plates of the rice. Naturally, the dessert will be a repeat. This crew loves spice cake!

Grated chocolate in the cake, whipped egg whites folded into the batter. When I was separating the eggs, one of them had a double yolk, so of course I called Monkey from her crafting to see.  She was appropriately amazed ;)

Hubby cooked up some bacon and onions and I did two batches of sweet dough this week so we could have our yearly fix of perogs that the boys have been bugging us for since the middle of October! Right now Hubby is doing up another slab so we can make more. I promise to share more of these next ones. Lol.

And of course, as I tend to do when I have some left over sweet dough, I made a pan of cinnamon buns! Baking is one of my happy places and I sure spent time there this week!

Sorry for the longer post, but it's been a full few weeks!

Friday, November 25, 2016

Two for ONE!

Two for one post!!

Okay, so we have gone to two different countries since the last post. Last week we explored Latvia, going through parts of my own family's history. And tonight Smarty decided we should go to Greece.

We made Sklandrausis and schnitzel for last week. A rye dough crust filled with mashed potatoes and mashed carrots (with sour cream). They were delicious! And dessert was manna. A cream of wheat custard type pudding.

I got a text from our good friends right before we were starting cooking asking if we wanted a play date and to combine suppers. So we shared delicious food, combining our Latvian cuisine with their enchiladas :)

The next night I was going out for a conversation night and I brought red wine hot chocolate. I had never made it before, but WOW! I am so glad I tried it!

And tonight we did Greece. Smarty chose spanakopita and finikia, so I worked with phyllo pastry for the first time. Fresh spinach and feta.  Yummy!

I really wanted to take pictures while putting it together, but I had to work fast. 

The children enjoyed eating the filling and being able to peel the layers away. Sergeant enjoyed eating the pastry.  A lot. 

These are the finikia. An orange, cinnamon cookie dipped in a cinnamon syrup. Girlie says she enjoyed them perhaps a little too much. Lol

That's all for travelling for now. Last weekend we dug out our Christmas boxes and decorated the house. We set up the tree and started playing our Christmas music, which has been in the CD player ever since, occasionally changing the CDs but keeping with the theme :)

Have a great weekend, everyone! 

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Baby Bear

So, Hubby is off and away again. This time on course in Ontario. We all were able to drive him to the airport and see him off on Monday, for which I'm grateful. The kids enjoy getting those last hugs before seeing him go off into the building.

Monday morning was nice and slow. Didn't have to drop anyone off at school, no rushing around anywhere. We were able to drink our coffee together, sort through what might be missing from his bags , and have some low key time.

Monkey was worried that her daddy would be lonely. She has these two bears. One is smaller than the other, but their colouring is very similar, so she calls them mommy bear and baby bear. She walked very sombrely up to Hubby as he was zippering up his back pack that last time with baby bear in her hands.

"Daddy, baby bear is worried you might need company. You can take him with you if you want." (Imagine those big blue eyes...)

"But won't you miss baby bear, Buddy? Maybe baby bear wants to stay with you."

"Dad, it's okay. You take him with you. So you won't be lonely."

So Hubby tucks the bear into his bag, asks if that was okay with Monkey, and then we all went off.

For our countdown this time away we have four little jars, filled with Hershey's hugs, with a label on each written "A hug from Dad for ___" and that first night they were so excited to get their hugs from Dad.

The next morning the first thing Monkey asked was "Mommy, I wonder how baby bear is doing?" So I texted that to Hubby along with a picture of Monkey and mommy bear. They first words Girlie said were "When can we set up the Christmas tree?" but that got other thoughts of mine going. Where will we put it, how will we move things to make space for it, things like that.

But, back to the bears, Hubby brought the little guy with him to the course. He took a picture and sent it so she could see him keeping her company. And today the little guy was all over the place! Nearly eaten by another hungry padre! All cuddled up with another. There are some chaplains from a European country there with our Canadian ones for the course and some of them took pictures of the wee bear and sent them back to their homes far far away! It looks and sounds as though baby bear is having quite the adventures!

Saturday, November 12, 2016

Remembrance Day

Lest we forget

Yesterday was difficult for me. Remembrance Day usually is. I have always felt immense pride and gratitude for the service of our military, and Remembrance Day is an amazing way to stop and reflect on the sacrifices that have been made and are daily made.

Wednesday evening, Hubby got out his black kit and rag. We sat in the kitchen, him on the stool with a shoe in one hand and a soft rag in the other, I sat on a kitchen chair, and we talked as the reflection in the black began to shine. The motions of the rag rubbing and polishing and the smell of the polish itself is so familiar. Talking about the household, the kids, the outcome of the election we witnessed to the south of us, plans for the week and the school services the next day.

I can remember in snippets and images seeing my father do the same when he was in the service. Seeing the blackened soft rag amongst his shoes in the closet when my sisters and I would go through and try mom's shoes on (didn't last too many years for me as my feet are nearly twice her size now). I recall wanting to wear his hat too, and smile every time our crazy crew gets Daddy's hat from him to carry into the house and they wear it and grin.

Last week when we went to visit family I learned some really neat and interesting things as my parents and I went through tons of old pictures. I knew some of the history about when my grandfathers served in the second world war. I knew that my mom's dad was Canadian and fought with the Allies. I knew that my dad's father was in Latvia and fought over there. How it was originally explained to me, eons ago, was that they fought for whichever side served their country's interest. So I knew that the Russians and the Germans both occupied that country and that some likely fought on both sides. My grandfather fought under German command. And did what he needed to do. My father said that his dad never spoke of what happened, didn't keep pictures of that time, and let it lay buried deep. You do what you have to do.

In a world where there is the talk of black and white, and "bad guys vs good guys" it's incredibly important to remember the grey. After getting back from the service yesterday I spoke with the kids about what they saw and heard, what they know, and what is important to remember. They have their father, who proudly wears a uniform. Many good friends who wear a uniform, and not only military. We've seen a lot of the red serge of the RCMP this week, including some very close friends. I reminded them that one of their grandfathers used to be a serving member. That all four of their great grandfathers were in the service during WW2, three for the Allies, one for the Reich. Then I had to answer questions from the four year old about why one of her great grandfathers was one of the "bad guys".

Lots and lots of feels. Watching some amazing advertisements that highlight the service and unlimited liability that comes with it. There's a Guinness commercial that brings out the all the emotions (here it is). Hubby showed it to my dad when we were there and they shared a moment.

As we started during our Halifax posting, Hubby and I went out with another service couple (RCMP) last night. Lots of fun, some serious conversation, some light hearted, very needed. Our server was an American, was in the Marines for four years and came up to Canada for school and her husband. Really neat to hear her experience and the mutual respect among uniformed members across borders.

On the edge of our table we had a drink for those who have fallen. In loving memory of the sacrifices made and are daily made, of every day putting that uniform on and feeling the weight of the past generations, the weight both supporting and guiding. We will remember them

Sunday, November 6, 2016

another little trip

This week last week was a really good one. We had Halloween (and I totally didn't take any pictures!! So sorry for anyone who was looking for some), Smarty had his last French cooking class (chocolate mousse. YUMMY), Monkey had her first preschool field trip (to the public library), and we took the kids out of school the last two days of the week to go visit family down in the southern part of the province. My maternal grandmother has been having some health issues and we wanted to go visit. 

As we were planning out the time we'd be away, I realised that we could either postpone our trip to Peru for next week, or we could take my parents to South America with us. I am glad we went ahead and did our kitchen travels! Since Hubby has been to Peru, he helped Monkey make the choice for the meal and he prepared it. I made the dessert. We had Lomo Saltado, a beef stir fry served with rice and french fries.  Dessert was Turron de chocolate (it was a toss up between that and Tres Leches). Big hit, both of them.

Work and school again tomorrow, though. And Hubby leaves again for a few weeks starting next Monday. This week we prepare for Remembrance Day. Sergeant is so excited. He came home from school one day and was talking about how his class was in charge of doing the Remembrance Day assembly at school and he hoped he would be chosen to MC because he volunteered for it. Then he brought home, a couple days later, a copy of the Act of Remembrance that he will be saying part of during the program. He's been practising, Daddy is going to be there and speak for a few minutes to the students, and possibly later in Smarty's class as well. 

As part of a tradition we started in Halifax, the evening of the 11th is a date night. We have a sitter booked, we'll be going out with another service couple (he's RCMP). And, of course, we will attend a service during the day. Hubby is leading one in the city and we will be there.

Saturday, October 29, 2016

Tunisia and India

We have been to North Africa. And that was a very fun culinary experience for me! Sergeant was looking at Tunisia in school, so that was where he wanted to go next. We looked at recipes, i found something I thought the children would enjoy, and he found a dessert he wanted to taste. So I made pasta and chicken bharat for supper last Friday. I really, really enjoyed combining the spices and following the recipe, smells of cinnamon and turmeric filled the house. I really enjoyed it, the kids didn't really care for it. It wasn't a vehement disgust, just... meh.

However, the dessert was WOW! I did them on Sunday, because of timing and plans, and they were a big hit. A pastry called "Yo-yos". They are a yeast doughnut with orange juice and zest dipped into a lemon honey for a glaze.  I'll definitely make them smaller next time, but there will be a next time! 

They were so so good! Definitely an unexpected flavour with all the citrus, as a friend or two pointed out when I shared the goods. And super duper sticky.

Last night we went to India for our weekly trip. Girly's choice. So the idea was to have chicken korma (which everyone loved!!) and tapioca pudding. Was going to make kheer, but I'll likely make that today or tomorrow instead. Mmmmmm.  Rice pudding....

And next week (might end up being the week after)Monkey wants to go to Peru. Hubby has made a few suggestions that he recalls having when he went there way back when, so that might mean that he and Monkey do that one.  We'll see how that goes.

Halloween costuming is well under way, Hubby has returned home from the field safely, crafting is continuing. I have added crochet to my list of things I've learned and developed in the last year, and I'm debating the idea of getting at table at the middle school's fundraising event and selling some things. Not sure if I'll have sufficient stock by the time it's on, but we'll see.

So things are moving along and everyone is staying busy. It is fantastic having Hubby back for a few weeks, and Monkey and I enjoyed a nice day yesterday with him being off work. Very surprised that there is no more white frozen stuff on the ground. That first weekend Hubby was away we had snow and ice and everything, but it's all gone now. Yay! We might not have to have snow suits under costumes on Monday!

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Off and Away!

He's off and away, just pulled out of the driveway with coffee in hand. Last night we had conversation at the dinner table checking in with the kids, seeing how they were doing, reminding them that Hubby was going to be leaving in the morning and wouldn't be home for a couple weeks. Monkey was given her family "homework" yesterday afternoon and wanted to do that with Dad, so they had that special time together.

I have emergency numbers in case I need to get a hold of people, I have a fantastic little community of people I can access to ensure I don't isolate myself. Life continues as normal, just a bit more lonely. It's only a couple of weeks.

We had parent teacher meetings for all the school aged children last week and Hubby was able to make all of those. It is always enlightening to hear about the way they interact outside of the home when we aren't present. No concerns for any of them academically, little social concern if any. We are blessed to have these amazing sponges of knowledge in our lives!

Sergeant has been taking "Who Would Win?" books out from the library and, even though he has read just about every single one, I had to read the two he brought home to the crew before bed last night. Polar bear vs Grizzly bear: Who would win? It was hilarious to read! Urusus maritimus (translation being: bear water) and Urusus arctos horibilis (translation being: bear bear really scary), which led to a language discussion on scientific naming. The word Antarctic: no bear. The word Arctic: Bear! There were so many giggles!

Today will be a hugs and cuddles kind of day for everyone. More slowing down and hugging, trying to be more patient as children sort through their feelings. I'm not going to cook supper (tons of leftovers in the fridge from the last couple evenings) so Smarty and I will do a bit of baking, rake up the yard before the forecast snow arrives tomorrow, and simply be. I have my list of what I would like to accomplish while Hubby is away. It's actually the same list I have had to do for the last few weeks, but I have given myself a hard deadline now, so that'll get done.

Girly got a new beanie boo. Little colourful stuffed animal that have invaded our house over the last few years. She raced through her "popcorn words" (sight words for class) so she got to pick a prize. Because she picked this little fuzz ball, the others dug theirs all out and we have been overrun again.
There are, apparently, a mommy, a daddy, assorted brothers and sisters, cousins, and babies. Sigh.  At least they are softer on the feet than cars or Lego.

Part of Smarty's academic goals was to look into different parts of the world and try other foods, so when I was doing up the week's meal plan the kids decided that we should "visit" Australia. So, since I am not going to order crocodile for us to prepare and eat, I have decided that we will have "snags and tomato sauce". That's all I'm telling the kids. But they will enjoy it. Hard to go wrong with ketchup and sausages. I'm having Smarty look up and research Australian cuisine and he'll tell his siblings what he finds tomorrow night when we take our little "trip". I'm excited for this exploration.

Wednesday, October 5, 2016


There have been times in the last month that have been more difficult. All the balls up in the air, trying to remember which ones to catch when, looking at other balls thinking "I need to pick that one up" then forgetting about it until right before the deadline is, making appointments, keeping appointments, rescheduling appointments, thinking about the future and shifting towards it.

I went on a school field trip with Smarty a couple weeks ago to a program called "City Slicker". The classes go to a local farm, learn about the growing of food both meat and vegetation, and then we went to the pavilion in Stony Plain where they talked more about safety and grains and animals. The children all had fun and I was so glad I was able to go with them. 

Miss Girlie has lost so many teeth recently I think the tooth fairy may need to take out a loan to pay for all the fruit she's getting! And tonight she had her first filling for a small cavity. Brave girl giggled most of the way through the procedure and the dentist said she's never had the pleasure of working on such a relaxed child in that chair. :) 

Sergeant is adjusting very well. At the end of each week the teacher gets them to write a little blurb to their caregivers about their weeks and signs off using the nickname I've given him here on the blog! He loves the affection of the name and is such a caring, smart child. After school yesterday he ran up to me all excited telling me about a new child just moving into their class, So friendly!

Monkey has had a rough couple weeks, even more rough few days more recently. A few weeks into her routine of preschool and chief errand runner with me has resulted in a few extra hugs and some bedtime regression. Added to that is the fact we decided that the time for her to have her num was done. So as of Sunday she hasn't had a soother. Leading up to the first night was rough, but the actual bedtime was fine. Monday was okay at naptime and fine at bedtime. Naptime Tuesday was the screaming fit from hell that lasted nearly an hour. Again, bedtime was okay. Today she fell asleep in the van and yelled for a little bit when I moved her, and bedtime was good. I hope the naptime yelling stops soon... I suppose if I don't put her down for a nap she can't throw a fit, but then it's not as pleasant an afternoon...

Pumpkin cinnamon buns with salted caramel frosting. I will copy the recipe and post it, but I made two double batches a couple weeks ago. The first round I accidentally forgot egg and sugar in the dough so I obviously HAD to make them again paying closer attention to the ingredients. WOW, is all I'll say. I've made them before, but I don't remember them being quite this amazing!! 

Also, I knit now. I decided to learn while we were crossing the country this summer (can't recall if I mentioned this before). But, I completed a scarf by the time we left Winnipeg, and I started a surprise for Hubby almost a month after we got here when I came across cadpat yarn. That is to say, yarn int the colour scheme of the cammo our Canadian troops wear. I worked on it during bedtimes he was away and at odd times of the day, and completed it his morning and gifted it to him when Monkey and I went out to the MFRC at the base this morning. I am so incredibly pleased with it and he has received many comments on it already. I wanted it done before he left for a few weeks and am thrilled that I met that goal :) Woot Woot!

Friday, September 9, 2016

A week and a half in

A week and a half into the school year. A week and a half into the school year and we have already lost and found a laptop. A week and a half into the school year and we have already lost a tooth.  A week and a half into the school year and we haven't been late for the bus even once. A week and a half into the school year and we haven't been late getting to the school for drop off or pick up.

We have been able to get to sleep early enough that emotions aren't too difficult to handle the next day. We have had snacks, lunches, and water bottles packed each and every day. We have had wardrobe changes and fights over weather appropriate garb. There have been heels dug in over suppers made and (shock horror) absolutely having to finish what is put in front of you.  There have been discussions over the best flavours in the world and why every opinion not agreed upon by the speaker is just plain wrong.

There have been after dinner walks to the park, after school bike rides, and sharing meals that were made abundantly. There have been busy filled weekends with good friends and family members not seen in too long. A road trip to see dinosaurs and climb steppes. Time travelling into the past of Edmonton. Impromptu suppers, snacks, and general play dates.

There have been a couple really rough nights for a couple of children and trying to find ways to adjust to make fewer of those. There have been awesome long talks after bedtime between the parents about all sorts of things. There has been a blossoming of household work that is being completed with slightly less complaint by children. There has been an uptick of physical activity by all members of the family.

A week and a half into the school year and some friends have been made by all children, and talk about missing old friends. There has been a saying goodbye to a five year old as she transitioned to the age of six. There was some soothing of fears over that shift in age as she was in tears the night before because she didn't want to get bigger. Which in turn brought me back to my thirteen year old self crying over the exact same thing. Growing up is hard sometimes...

There have been rainy days and sunny days. There have been days where I have changed clothes three times because it starts off cold, warms up nicely, then cools right off again. There has been laundry done, put off, and done. There has been a culling of clothing in the children's wardrobes and an increasing need to go through the winter gear.

And in the next two weeks of school there will be preschool FINALLY starting, the first of the field trips, back to school BBQs, and picture days. There will be more notices about classroom blogs, hot lunches, and reminders about book orders. There will be the shift to warmer gear needing to be worn to school and an increased need for meal planning.  There will be doctors appointments gone to, eye and dentist appointments made, and (hopefully) routine firmly established.

There will be the start of Halloween costume prep, a narrowing down of what each person wants to be, and shopping for supplies for this year's projects. There will be knitting and sewing, baking and cooking, and planning an evening out for myself for socialization while Hubby goes away for a few weeks in October. There will be a meet and greet for the chaplain team and spouses here, and a date night thrown in too for good measure.

September is only started and it's filling up fast!

Monday, August 8, 2016

Last two travel days

We've arrived and settled in! Well... More or less. We still have a shed full of boxes of books and a bookshelf to put together for said boxes of books, but the space is livable and we are certainly living in it :)

We left Minnedosa and made it to Saskatoon on day nine. Listening to country music and enjoying the sunshine and colours of the fields.  I took so any pictures of canola! So much yellow! and so cheery and bright. The drive that day was full of song. Singing "It could buy me a boat" and "There were five in the bed and the little one said 'roll over! Roll over!'"

That evening we went for a walk along the river, and swimming in the wonderful pool with a water slide three stories high! So Much Fun. And we connected with friends we hadn't seen in way too long. I looked after the daughter when I had my dayhome that last year in Saskatoon when the boys were just toddlers. It was really a wonderful visit.

Day ten we left early, had breakfast on the road, stopping at Tim Hortons and heading out right away. Monkey fell asleep pretty early on and woke up just as we were heading into the Battlefords to stop for a pee break. She woke up, saw a granary, and asked in an incredibly sleepy voice if there was whiskey in there? We told her no, there's grain stored in there. Then she asked if grain made babies. Ummmm. No. Grain is used for bread and cookies and muffins. Then she said "But whiskey makes babies." Ummm... Then Hubby looked at me and said "That's it, I'm quitting drinking!" We think she got it from "Rain is a good thing" but we have no real way of knowing that for sure.

The singalong continued with "All Kinds of kinds"and Girlie asked who Thomasina was.and everybody sang along to Paul Brandt with Alberta Bound in full volume. When we were stopped for construction the kids were all about how awesome the truck are and Mighty Machines rule!!

The day after we arrived in Spruce Grove Sergeant was telling Girlie to look something up in the contents of a book. and then tried to describe to her what contents was, which lead to one child saying it was the land (continents), Hubby quipping in saying that it was bladder control (continence). and Girlie saying that it was anything that wasn't a vowel (consonants). I nearly was incontinent from all the laughing!

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Up to Day 8!

Thunder Bay to Winnipeg, Winnipeg to Minnedosa, day in Minnedosa

Tuesday morning saw us off and away from Thunder Bay. We were able to meet up with another cousin of mine for coffee/breakfast before we pulled away. On the look out for moose and deer (we told the kids they weren't allowed to turn on their devices until they spotted one), we set off and away in search of the prairies. Unbelievably Sergeant actually did spot an ungulate relatively early on, so they were able to plug in for a bit.

Monkey has decided that the van now has a name.  And "her" name is now "Minty". Black Grand Caravan named Minty... Why not?  So she was talking to Daddy about whether or not Minty needed a fill up, if Daddy should maybe clean Minty's windows...

In the wilds of northern Ontario, where there was absolutely no cell service at all, Smarty decided to check his device for what the weather would be like in Winnipeg. He was confused that it showed Friday's date and forecast. So we reminded him again about internet connections.

We stopped in Dryden to meet up at a park for snack with a friend and her little guy to get some ants out of pants and soak up some sunshine.

Monkey made a new nickname for Sergeant. She calls him what sounds like "Kiwi" (likely supposed to be Keirie) so when Hubby said "Hey, Kiwi" Sergeant looked up and said "No thanks, Dad. I don't want any." Hubby and I laughed and laughed!

One thing that was made abundantly clear every time we went into a rest room with automatic toilets was that Girlie absolutely dislikes them. They flush like three or four times before she has time to finish up and put her pants back on.

Once we moved from Ontario into Manitoba Hubby breathed deeper. Monkey repeated again and again "All I see is grass and grass and grass!" and Girlie was in awe of the fields that look like sunshine! Canola might be her new favourite flower!

We spent the night in Winnipeg, stopping for a visit with some friends from seminary days. Great visiting and chatting, then we were off to the hotel to eat pizza and play in the most amazing hotel pool we'd been to yet! Totally worked out the travel ickies, cleared some cobwebs, and then we had a couple more friends stop by the hotel and visit.

Wednesday morning we left Winnipeg and moved along to Minnedosa, stopping briefly in Gladstone to take a picture with Happy Rock. About ten minutes away from Poppa and Grandma's house Monkey demanded her num. I was not about to give her a soother right before we were stopping, so she yelled and yelled. Then told us very concisely that she "was such a sad Macintyre".

Once we were settled in with Poppa and Grandma, Hubby and I walked down to a bakery to bring some snack back, came home, walked with the kids and Poppa around and to the park, and then Hubby and I went out to pick up fishing licences, and the radio cut out to give a tornado warning. When we got back to the house the kids were talking about the tornado warning and looking out the window.

Something else that happened yesterday is Monkey and I got new fishing rods from Poppa! Both hers and my first ones. And Poppa made all four children some flies for fishing. Such a special gift! And everyone was so excited to get out fishing.

Today, day 8, we spent fishing on the lake, splashing in the little wading pool in the back yard, and vegging. Hubby and I have reset up our luggage, caught up on laundry, and restocked our snacks for the bottomless pit that is Monkey. Tomorrow we are off to Saskatoon!

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Days 4 and 5

We have made it to Thunder Bay! Our day four was a rest day, visiting with family and enjoying not being in the van driving all day long. Hubby and I visited the cemetery so I could see my grandpa and great grandfather's grave sites, he and I went for a run, and the he took the kids to the park nearby.  An aunt and uncle popped over with some kids, grandkids, and dogs. Another aunt and uncle came up from Sudbury and we had some great conversation.

Day five saw us from Elliot Lake to Thunder Bay with a lunch stop at the giant goose in Wawa with my aunt and two of her grandchildren. Smarty spent his device battery on videoing some of the drive along Lake Superior. We put our toes into the water in one of the bays, and we visited the Terry Fox Memorial and view of the Sleeping Giant. More to post on the trip from Thunder Bay to Winnipeg and today's trip from Winnipeg to Minnedosa but I'll get those later today.