Wednesday, February 20, 2013


And..... it turned out we all had strep throat!  The Girl started her antibiotics before we got the results back, since the Dr was pretty confident that she needed them.  So when I got the phone call back a couple of days later, I decided that we all should get tested just in case.  Good thing I did!  Girl2's ear looked pink, so they prescribed amoxicillin for her, then we hear back a few days later saying that the boys and I had a prescription to be filled as well!  Happily tomorrow is the day the boys and I finish our medicine and we can get back to normal.

But it's been fun.  I don't know what has caused it, but these kids have developed some serious cuteness and attitude!  I think it's because everyone is feeling better.  The Girl was "helping" me go through the baby's clothes, packing away the stuff that is too small and getting out the next size.  She had to try on EVERYTHING!  Bear in mind, these are things she wore as a baby and are now too small for her sister.  "But Momma, I like stripes!"  Oh, she is such a girlie!  But she is more or less toilet trained (very different than my experience with the boys!) and she is absolutely adorable!

When the Boy was home from school for teachers' convention, we did an awesome craft.  We made flowers out of egg cartons.  I cut out a flat and divided them between the three "biggers" as Hubby calls them, and let them go to town.
Even the baby wanted to get in on the action, but had to settle for sitting at eye height to watch.  She is such a smiley child!

But everyone had fun!  It is amazing to me how wonderful my children are.  I know I'm biased, but still.  The Boy is reading like crazy and doing wonderfully in school, Boy2 is learning to recognize letters and practicing forming them.  They both are doing well with swimming lessons, and the Girl really wants a turn at doing them too.  Girl2 rolls around on the floor and has started crawling a very little bit.  She goes a few inches, a foot if we're lucky, then she gets back on her belly and just rolls to where she wants to be.  And she finally has teeth!  There are two that were cut in the last week, both on the bottom in the middle, so I hope the others aren't far behind. She had a rough time cutting those ones!

We are into the season of Lent, so last week was Shrove Tuesday and Ash Wednesday.  We brought home so much extra bacon last Tuesday night I think I'll be off bacon for a while (blasphemy, I know!).  Not even sure if I want to make perogs at Easter.  But, unfortunately, the Lenten mid-week services are at 7:30 this year so we won't be attending many of them.  Just that much more past bedtime.

Monday, February 4, 2013

Picture updates

Well, the Girl is sick again. :(  On Saturday she woke up from her nap a bit grumpy, we went to Ice on Whyte with my brother, his wife, and their kids and that's when she got more grumpy and started complaining about an ouchie ear.  Took her to the doctor this morning and came home with ear drops and antibiotics.
looks sleepy, hey?
But she seems to be doing better after even the first dose.  Not sure why her health has been so poor these last six months, but hopefully this will be the last for a while.

Boy2's preschool class made an ice castle a couple weeks ago.  Instead of using containers, they asked that we freeze water balloons with food colouring in them.

Here they are assembling it
The girls came too!

The Girl found a ball to occupy her
Then they played Red Rover
Mixing up his brownies

Watching them bake

The finished product

Going to Ice on Whyte

Snow Yoda

Ice slide at Ice on Whyte