Tuesday, August 19, 2014

All Settled

We are all moved in!!  And more or less unpacked.  All essentials were unpacked and put away in the first few days, and everything else is puttering along.  I'm finally getting frustrated enough about the boxes laying around with only a little bit of stuff in them that I'm going to try to get the rest of it all cleared away this week.  Hubby had that first week we were here off and I seem to always find better things to do when he's home than to clean and organize, so when he was back at work last week I thought I'd get it all done.  Yeah, didn't happen.  I did, however, bake and do laundry and cook relatively healthy meals, so I still call that a success.

The kids are still adjusting to the move.  Even though it wasn't a far one, it's still taken a toll.  We had kids over all the time, everyday, and there doesn't seem to be as many on this street.  There is a terrific park down the road, and the streets are more flat on this side, so it's easier to ride bikes to and from and we've even let the boys ride down all by themselves a time or two.  Always reviewing the rules and encouraging them to stick together.  I'm getting some play dates with kids from school, so that's helping a bit too.

Yesterday Hubby and I ran in the NAVY 10 km race over at Stadacona.  Well, he ran the 10km, I ran the 5km.  He finished 96th for the 10, I finished 109 for the 5.  I'm very happy and proud of both of us!  Considering the year of health that Hubby went through, and the lack of overall motivation to run myself, we both did very well.

One more week until Smarty has another birthday, Hubby had his the day after we moved.  Daddy got a nerf gun.  We had a flurry of darts flying around the house, aimed at people and things, now the guns aren't working and I'm still finding darts all over the place.  Never dull here!  We're going to have just family here on Smarty's big day and have a friend party later in September when his friends from school will be around. And he's requested home made tortellini for dinner, so we're going to have to start that relatively soon.  We'll likely make them and freeze them in a couple of batches to break up the work involved to creating enough for everyone to eat.

I found a new bread recipe that seems to work better in the humidity here.  It's very tasty, but very different from the one I had been using.  And more labour intense.  But it doesn't crumble when you look at it, and it slices nicely.  All the criteria I needed.  I made up a peach pie that turned out yummy, even though the crust burned at the edges and the bottom was a bit soggy.  Just means I need to make a few more pies to perfect it, right?

We've been very lucky with the weather this summer so far.  Especially these first three weeks in August.  More sunny days than rainy ones, less fog (although that could simply be from being on this other side of the hill).  The last couple of days have been cooler, more wet, hints of the autumn that is on it's way.  I wouldn't say it's here yet, but getting closer.

I love hearing the birds in the back.  We have more trees here, more variety of birds, Smarty says he's found a den of what he thinks are raccoon in the back yard.  There are lots of people with dogs on the street so the kids are getting to know some of them.  Always friendly with those.

We have a few beach days left of the summer.  This Sunday is one for the MFRC at Shearwater and it looks like the weather is supposed to cooperate for it.  Then next Friday is one for one of Hubby's new units so we get to hang out for that too.  I'm really looking forward to both, they are at MacDonald Beach and it's really a great location for kids.  Nice lake, little park, they always have games and prizes, BBQ.  Lots of fun.