Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Life today has been grand. Started off thinking I'd treat the kids to a full morning of television, but shortly after my post this morning, I had to turn it off. The Boy really gets cranky and emotional when there's too much TV.

SO, the idiot box got turned off, and there was widespread panic and chaos. Then, Wonder Mom came to the rescue. Paint was mixed, shapes cut out, brushes appeared, and there was a solid half hour or more of red and green paint all over the kitchen.

When they were done, Wonder Mom again flew to save the day (and the kitchen table). While clean up occurred, trains and books were brought out, apples cut, with the promise of a trip to the library after nap time (I was hoping to catch a little shuteye too, but no luck).

Daddy came home (he was going to be home for lunch but lost track of time, so he pushed through and is now home for the evening), bringing gifts from the office. When he put them under the tree, the Boy heard "To infinity, and beyond!" The look on his face was priceless! Hubby and I just looked at each other and laughed. Four more sleeps, buddy boy!

So now, once I'm done nursing the Girl, here, we're going to pile into the van for a little trip to the library. The Boy told me at lunch that we couldn't go without Dad, so I guess it's a good thing he came home when he did!

this morning

The best sounds in the world are happy baby sounds. This morning I was greeted by an incredibly happy baby. She was all smiles and giggles, playing with her brothers, ate some cereal, and now she's talking up a storm at the TV from her exer-saucer.

The Boy, on the other hand, woke up happy, but now he's pouting because the program that is on (a usual favorite) has a plot that is upsetting him. The plot? Someone is running late, so they are missing what they had planned and looked forward to. This is the little boy who really doesn't like conflict of any kind. (unless he's conflicting with his brother. All's fair in play and rubbing things in his face)

Boy2 is enthralled. I think we'll be doing capes and super heroes later. I also want to get out and over to the library today. Plus I need to make some phone calls and set up visiting next week. I can't really believe the Christmas is really less than a week away!

Happy winter solstice!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

random thoughts

There have been a few thoughts swirling around in my head this evening. First: the Commercial for Jack in the Box really bugs me. (The one where his wife buys groceries to save money instead of eating out but he says it's better to eat out)

Second: I wish my boys would have gone to sleep better tonight. (They both napped because they've had super busy days, but it took them an hour and a half to go to sleep)

Third: Hubby brought to my attention the theory that I can't seem to nap when all the kids sleep because I'm chugging back a bit too much coffee in the morning. (Ask him about rule #1)

I wish more people would attempt to eat at home. In the long run it does save money and it's far better for you. I make our waffles now and freeze them for mornings when I don't have time to heat up the waffle iron. I enjoy making buns, and pizza, and soup, and sauces. I even made my own meatballs for the first time a few weeks ago! They were very tasty, and I even used my own bread crumbs from bread I had made.

It really is wonderful that the boys are as good friends as they are. I went up to check on them when I put the Girl down, and I found Boy2 in the Boy's bed. There was a lot of giggling going on. I can remember having uncontrollable laughing fits with my sisters when we shared rooms. It is wonderful to see the bond between siblings, but I wish they'd sleep so they won't be as tired tomorrow.

I probably do drink a little too much coffee (sacrilege, I know). A couple of years ago I gave it up for Lent, and I'm thinking of doing it again this year, although I should probably ease myself into it this year. I don't look forward to the withdrawal migraines. (Rule #1 is that Hubby's always right, by the way) Cut down now and supplement lots of water and teas. I hope it won't affect the Girl the way it affected Boy2 last time. He went through withdrawal too since he was still nursing then.

Pics of the Boy's concert

Here are a few updated pictures of the kids. The Boy got to wear his suit for his preschool concert, and doesn't he look handsome! The first picture is of Daddy prepping the ornaments for the boys to put on the tree.

Boy2 was excited to go out and see people. He's started to put up a righteous fuss whenever it's time to go home from anywhere. Where the Boy starts saying that he wants to go home when he's tired, Boy2 will break down yelling that he doesn't want to go home. Sunday we had left the house at nine and didn't get back until almost eight because of visiting, we went to a Christmas party (with Santa! Best party EVER!), and then we were at friends for supper. Boy2 didn't settle down from yelling that he didn't want to go home until we'd been home a half hour!

I tried the Girl with solids yesterday afternoon. Wow! She's such a dream baby! No problems with it at all! Got out the exer-saucer on Friday, and it was the best thing in the world! Took a video of it. Check out Hubby's blog for it. He posted it the other day.

Friday, December 10, 2010

concerts and applesauce

Last night was the Boy's first Christmas concert. It was so cute! Our little boys who was so excited and bouncing off the walls all afternoon and evening was suddenly so shy and didn't want to do anything except sit with Momma.

We arrived super early to get parking and seats. The boys were so excited, the Boy was showing off his suit, they were flirting with a few little girls (and a couple of grown ones too!). Then Hubby took him to the classroom to wait for their turn. The boy wouldn't let him go! There was both the morning class and the afternoon class, so it was noisy and very crowded. Plus it was bedtime and not in the normal routine, ad we know our little boy doesn't like change all that much.

But he went up there. As soon as he walked by us on the way up to the stage, he ran and wanted to stay with us. He has really good teachers and one took his hand and held it the whole time.

Listening to the bands, though, brought back huge memories! The beginner band reminded me of my first concert (appropriately called "Squeak Night"). Looking at me, Hubby asked "So, do you want to be a band teacher?" All I could do was smile.

Before we left the house, we opened up a jar of applesauce. Very tasty. Kinda tasted like apple pie but without the pastry. The Boy smelled it and said he didn't like it. Boy2 said he liked it, so Hubby put some on a spoon. Taste, taste,....then his face went all funny and he wiped his tongue on hid hand. Oh! The look on his face! Hubby and I could not stop laughing!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

A friend has this posted on Facebook this morning, and I thought it was neat. How many can you get?

1. Move hitherward the entire assembly of those who are loyal in their belief.

2. Listen, the celestial messengers produce harmonious sounds.

3. An emotion excited by the acquisition or expectation of good given to the terrestrial sphere.

4. Embellish the interior passageways.

5. Exalted heavenly beings to whom hearked.

6. Twelve o’clock on a clement night witnessed its arrival.

7. The Christmas preceding all others.

8. Small municipality in Judea southeast of Jerusalem.

9. Diminutive masculine master of skin-covered percussionist.

10. Omnipotent Supreme Being who elicits respite to ecstatic distinguished males.

11. Obese personification fabricated of compressed mounds of minute crystals.

12. Expectation of arrival to populated area by mythical, masculine perennial gift-giver.

13. Natal celebration devoid of color.

14. In awe of the nocturnal time span characterized by religiosity.

15. Geographic state of fantasy during the season of Mother Nature’s dormancy.

16. The first person nominative plural of a triumvirate of far eastern heads of state.

17. Tintinnabulation of vacillating pendulums in inverted metallic resonant cups.

18. In a distant location the existence of an improvised unit of newborn children’s slumber furniture.

19. Proceed forth upon a specific geological alpine formation.

20. Jovial yuletide desired for the second person singular or plural by us.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Poor Boy2! He's been feeling a bit out of sorts lately, but this evening he has a fever. Plus he's not been eating all that much. He said his diaper was too tight before it was fastened, then he said his tummy was too tight. Lots of snuggles with Mom and Dad, he was in bed asleep by just after six tonight. Hope the Tylenol works!

The Boy has a Christmas concert coming up on Thursday night. I am so excited! This is the first year in what will likely be a LONG string of years with concerts. He has been "jingle bell"-ing and "gloria"-ing for the last week. The only hitch is that he woke up a bit croaky this morning and this evening. He may not have much of a voice tomorrow, but hopefully honey will help (it's his favorite part of having a sore throat!)

My little Girl has been telling so many stories today! Bubbles and kicking, laughing and burbling. It really is amazing watching babies grow. This is my third baby I've watched as they've slept and grown. It never fails to amaze and wonder. I look at the small nose, chubby cheeks, and tiny fingers and I think, "I made this?" No doubt about it, Hubby and I make adorable babies!

The kitchen has been a very busy place. We did the shortbread and sugar cookies last week, and yesterday we did gingerbread. Hubby has been bugging me about my lazy icing (just making coloured butter icing and spreading it on the cookies). I thought it was pretty good! (When I was growing up we just sprinkled them. No icing) But this time I made the special icing (green, because that's what the Boy wanted) and Hubby picked up some candy. Wow, did the Boy ever have fun! They have to be the most "interesting" looking gingerbread, though. Reeses pieces and gummy bears on gingerbread with green royal icing. Next time, I choose the candy!

Monday, December 6, 2010

Christmas Music

We picked up a new CD the other day when we were at WEM (or the big mall with the pirate ship). It is the one Christmas album that was played and played ad infinitum. My mother played it so much that she literally wore through the cassette and then had to buy it in CD.

Every Christmas when I dig out the music, these songs play in my head and repeat. Every year I say that I should pick up this album, and I never do. So when we were meandering through the mall and I saw it. I didn't think twice, I just picked it up.

You may be guessing what the album is. I'll give you a hint: "Mary's boy child, Jesus Christ, was born on Christmas Day. And man will live forevermore because of Christmas Day!" Did you get it? It's the Boney M Christmas CD. Wow, do the memories ever hit me like a ton of bricks when the songs start playing!

There are a few musical staples in our holiday collection. Roger Whittaker, Bing Crosby, Nat King Cole, I think we even have Spike Jones singing "Rudolf"! Rosemary Clooney, Ella Fitzgerald, the list goes on. Last night, when the boys were singing and drumming along, I was so happy! Only 18 more sleeps!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Swinging to the Christmas Rock

One thing I absolutely love about being a stay at home parent is that I see and take part more first hand on the development and growth of the kids. I see the words and understanding come. I see the (sometimes illogical) child logic come together.

Today I really needed a nap. The Boy really needed a nap. Everyone needed a nap. Who got a nap? Boy2 and the Girl. I tried to get the Boy to sleep by saying I was going to sleep on his bunk bed. He called my bluff and said he was going to sleep on my bed. I thought, "Okay, it's been a while, but we can all sleep on the big bed."

Boy2 fell asleep really fast (he always does). The Girl ate, talked and laughed a bit, then fell asleep pretty quickly too. I thought, "Well, the Boy has been very tired all morning. This shouldn't take long." Boy, was I wrong!

An hour and a half later, he's still awake, playing with my hair, playing with his toes, his fingers, everything but being still. He knows and I know that if he gets warm and sits still for two minutes, he'll fall asleep. So he doesn't sit still, doesn't close his eyes, and doesn't keep his blanket on. Oh, well.

I do enjoy watching them play, though. We put together the train set this afternoon, they got out the plastic bowls and wooden spoons and were drumming away to "The Christmas Rock" ( a moose on a Santa train singing the song), and then the Boy decided he was going to make chocolate cake and he needed butter and salt. (I managed to talk him into waiting till tomorrow and we'd make one then.)

They do love their sister, though. She's sitting on the floor right now, propped up with pillows and they just aren't leaving them alone. Boy2 is playing the guitar (a wooden spoon) and bouncing up and down. The boy is jumping from the coffee table to the sofa (again). It really doesn't matter how many times you repeat yourself.

But, despite the frustrations I have surrounding nap time, the days are wonderful.

Friday, December 3, 2010


It's been another busy week in the Macintyre home. Tuesday we made shortbread cookies, Wednesday was sugar cookies for preschool and soup for the soup and bun supper at the church before vespers, and yesterday I decided to whip up a batch of buns to go with supper. Busy kitchen and lots of dishes. Then, yesterday I promised the Boy that we'd do waffles for breakfast this morning, so now I have the waffle iron to wash. Tasty, though.

Part of the plan for today is to spend lots of money. We're going to attempt to do most of our Christmas shopping today. We were hoping to get going early, but the malls don't open until ten. The boys are prepped, telling them the plan for the day, so I hope the day will go smoothly. Looking forward to having lunch in the city with a Great Aunt and Uncle.

I can't seem to get the kids to leave the Christmas tree alone. I find four or five ornaments on the same branch, hooks on the floor, ornaments on the floor, the window stickers all over the house! I know it's normal, but every time I come back into the living room, the mess is back!

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

She got WHAT in her belly button???

Last night we made pizza. A smaller one with just cheese for the boys, and ours had hamburger and onion cooked with Italian seasoning. And, since we had it, we used white old cheddar instead of mozzarella. VERY tasty!

Anyway, while the Boy was munching his supper, he was browsing through a complimentary magazine we got in the mail. One of the ads for diapers had a picture or a water tower wearing a diaper. He glanced a it, turned the page, then giggled, turned the page back, and laughed some more. "Momma, I never seen a water tower wear a diaper!" "No, that's pretty silly, isn't it?" "We need to take off the diaper, then it be NAKED!" Too funny!

Boy2 is turning into quite a character. I can tell when there is way too much TV and not enough sleep or healthy snacks. He doesn't do it to anyone else, but he'll bite the Boy, or at least grab his shirt or pants to bite. Don't know what to do. It doesn't seem to happen when he's well rested, but with the Boy not sleeping much at all during the day, he tends to wake up his younger brother before nap time is done.

The Girl really surprised us the other day. When you have little boys, diaper explosions are fairly common. Since certain parts of their anatomy block things from going up the front, they travel up the back. Oh, the number of outfits ruined! Anyways, with girls, that tends to not happen, since there's more space in the diaper. On Friday afternoon, though, she was in her swing, happy as a clam. When I went to pick her up, she was a little smelly. Okay, that's not unusual. What was unusual was the fact that there was goop, EVERYWHERE! Up her back, up her front, down her legs, it was a massive mess!

Needless to say, she had another bath that afternoon. In the big bathtub, because the baby tub was downstairs. She had fun. Mom and Dad found it easy to laugh about. We usually do. If you can't laugh when you're surrounded by baby poop, you are taking yourself way too seriously! Parenthood is fun. You have to enjoy your kids. Even the not-so-fun aspects of it.what

Saturday, November 27, 2010


Happy Saturday, people!

This is the first weekend of Advent, so the Macintyre family is preparing by creating in the kitchen. If you refer back to one of my first posts, I wrote about making perogs. That is what we are doing today. I love them, Hubby LOVES them, the kids used to like them, con't right now but I hope they will again in the future. It's really hard not to like bacon and sweet bread.

We also are going to try to clean and de-clutter a bit. It's amazing how quickly it creeps up if you don't do it everyday! I came across one of those email forwards that said something about cleaning and how dirt doesn't go anywhere but your kids grow too quickly. Those are words I live by. As a result, the house gets VERY messy. Oh, well!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

I want one too!

I've had a pretty busy month. I made a red chausible for Hubby for Reformation Sunday (for the uninitiated, a chausible is what pastors wear over their white alb when they preside over communion), some curtains for the boys' room, curtains for over the kitchen sink, and a purple chausible for Advent (some congregations use blue for Advent and some use purple).

I did up the purple one yesterday afternoon. (A good friend comes over to play with the kids so I can sew more with fewer interruptions. I enjoy the visiting too!) When it was done and Hubby was trying it on to make sure the hem was right, the Boy came up and said that he wanted one too. A green one. And, of course monkey see monkey do, Boy2 said he wanted one as well.

So, when Hubby went back to the church for Confirmation, the kids and I went downstairs and looked through the fabric box. Then I told them I'd try to get then sewn after bedtime.

First thing the Boy asked when he got up this morning was if I had made it and could he wear it? When he saw it, he wanted to wear it. We said sure, but not to preschool. Both he and his brother wore them until breakfast. I'm going to have to get a picture of all three men wearing their chausibles. Just to remind the boys that they wanted to be just like Daddy.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Oh, Christmas Tree!

The Boy was positively vibrating yesterday! After church, they brought up the Christmas stuff so decorating could happen this week, and so the boys were both running around and playing around the trees. It was all I could do to get them home for lunch!

After lunch, all I heard was "It's Christmas time? We go downstairs and set up the tree?" We did finally get the kids to sleep, but as soon as he got up again it started all over. So I went down and brought up the artificial tree. We've had it for a few years, it's only 4.5 feet tall. After it was up and lights on, Hubby looked and said "That's pretty small, is that all the pieces?" So he went out and picked up a 6.5 feet pre-lit tree.

Now, we have a tall tree in one corner of the living room and a smaller tree in another corner. Only one tree has ornaments on it, and it's looking a bit sparse, but it'll be fine for now. I'm sure we'll be collecting ornaments as the years go on.

Hubby has a bit of a cold. He's been sleeping more (or trying to) and he picked up Dayquil to get through church yesterday. About half an hour after bedtime last night, Boy2 woke up crying. He has it too! His poor nose! He ended up sleeping on the futon with his Dad for most of the night after having some medicine. Gave him some this morning too, and he fell asleep on the chair for a half hour this morning. Tired, sick little boy!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

we're in the van!

The Girl slept! I know that's not really news with this little angel, but last night she nursed and fell asleep around 7:30 and did not wake up again until 5:30 this morning! Count them, that's ten hours straight of uninterrupted ZZZZzzzzz's! Added benefit was that the boys were sleeping and Hubby and I both crashed around 8 too, so we all, EVERYBODY, had a really good sleep.

Yesterday we were helping my brother and his wife clean their old place and try to set up their new one (well, my brother was working so we were technically helping his wife). My parents and one of my other brothers came up to help too. As we were driving in the city, the Boy asked if we were going to the city. I said yes, we were in the city. He said no, we weren't. I said yes, we were. He said no, we weren't. We were in the van. That really made me chuckle!

Boy2 HAD to bring his froggy to church this morning. He needed a coat for him. I managed to convince him that we could use a tea towel as a blanket instead. Too cute! Plus he fell asleep in church (which NEVER happens!)

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Don't kids say funny things?

Yesterday the Boy told his dad that there was a baby stegosaurus in his tummy. A few minutes later, he said that the baby was born and it was a baby boy stegosaurus. Last night, before supper, he waved a pencil crayon over my head and told me he was using magic to put a girl baby stegosaurus into my tummy. That's not quite how it works, Sweetheart!

He also put together a 24 piece puzzle together all by himself! He is so clever, it's kind of frustrating when we can't understand his words. He was trying to tell us about echolocation (something he learned watching "The Cat in the Hat Knows Alot About That") and it took us a while to understand.

Boy2 is growing so fast. He asks for help when he needs it. He also seems to have listening issues. (but what 2 year old doesn't?)

The Girl is actually sleeping at night, sometimes going 5-8 hours before eating. She giggles, holds her head, and loves watching her brothers! We need to buy her a new swing, though. The motor burned out of the one we got when the Boy was a baby.

I've been a little busy. I made curtains for the boys' room, a red chausible for Hubby, cut out fabric for a purple one, and will be making curtains for over the kitchen sink. I need to plan out our living room for Christmas, because I can't see how we can decorate the way it is right now. Busy, busy, busy.

Friday, November 12, 2010

parenting rant

I know I just posted this morning, but I just turned off the TV because I just couldn't handle it. What was I watching? Supernanny. I have my training in childcare, I'm aware of the nature and development of children. I am disgusted that there are parents who, even for a minute, allow their children to walk all over them. Yes, there are difficult children and compliant children. Yes, the easy path is called that for a reason. IT IS NOT WORTH IT!!!!!!

I have been told that my children are wonderful. They are, I'm the first to admit it biased though I am.However, I don't dismiss it and say that they are always listening, always obedient, and never defiant. They wouldn't be children if they were those things.

From the very beginning it has to be established that you are the parent and they are the child. I'm not saying that you can't be your child's friend, only that you are first and foremost a parent. That means disciplining. That means following through. That also means applauding when something is done well, when the listening actually happens.

Granted, my parenting techniques haven't stood the test of time yet. Hard to see how the kids will ultimately turn out when they are so young yet. But I feel that I have great kids because my best efforts are being put into them. There are many battles. The emotional and mental ones tire you out the most. They are testing the boundaries because it is the only way they see where the lines are drawn. If an authority figure is always giving in, there are no boundaries and the pushing will continue.

Every now and then the boys will push an issue, whether it's biting, hitting, cleaning, or food related. They are checking to see if the rules have changed. Sometimes they do, most times they don't. There are certain non-negotiables (No, your teeth are for food, not your brother's arm) but there are also things that don't matter as much all the time (yeah, okay, you can have the sucker this time).

There also has to be a logical punishment for infractions. Safety is always a time out for us. You bite, hit, or run away in a store, you get a time out. If they don't pick up the toys, they don't get to play with them later. (I usually start picking up and say that they won't be able to play with them, but I would. They rush to help) It's hard to stick with the punishment once it's said but, generally if you follow through once or twice it's all that's needed.

I just couldn't believe my eyes tonight, though. I sometimes have watched to get ideas, but I didn't even get that far into the program tonight. Those parents were at their wits end! They'd tried everything, but I have the sneaking suspicion that they didn't try early enough in the children's lives.

Oy vey!


it's been a bit interesting this week. Between one thing and another, it has been both long and fast. Kids get crazy and start aggravating each other the moment I'm sitting to nurse, demands for candy or other treats, demands for the TV to be put on, lack of sleep for everyone (except the Girl)... well, you get the picture.

luckily, after we got home from our brief trip down further south, we all were in bed by eight (yes, parents included). Kids are always crazy, though. At least mine are.

I hope today will be better. I'm going to try to get things organized for the weekend. (cleaning, groceries, etc) Hope no dinosaurs will leave teeth marks, that no ambulances give black eyes, and naps would be fantastic, too!

Monday, November 8, 2010

catch up

here are a couple of pictures for you. They're a couple of months old, but I need Hubby's laptop for the newer ones. The Boy is the dark haired one, Boy2 is the pale one. Hubby's bald, and, of course, the Girl is the littlest one. Haven't updated the blog for a while. Been very busy and tired, but I'll try harder.
The Boy has started telling tall tales and is becoming a concern since the tall tales involve Daddy doing harm to him or his brother (even though Hubby's never raised a hand to them). We're going to talk with the preschool teacher about it and see if he's been doing it at school too. I have NO idea where this came from, but I really hope it stops. I don't know what to do. I've talked to him about telling the truth and not saying things that are false, but I think he thinks it's funny. He knows that he's making things up, but he doesn't prefix his statements with that.
Hopefully readjusting his diet (cutting out most sugars again) will help with this. It doesn't help that, at the moment, he looks like he was at the wrong end of a fist. He ran into a chair and gave himself a goose egg and a bit of a black eye yesterday, and this morning Boy2 hit him in the face with an ambulance (no, the irony is not lost on me) and now he has a cut just below the same eye.
The girk is growing like a weed. She's now just over thirteen pounds, holding her head up, smiling, cooing, giggling, all of the fun stuff that comes wih babies. She's incredibly good naturedand loves to sleep ( quite a change from her brothers). And her brothers just adore her.
That's all I have time for right now. Hopefully I'll get a chance to write more later.

Friday, October 8, 2010


I was going to update with pics this time, but I didn't didn't have the time to devote to playing on the desktop this week.

We've had a busy week with Daddy gone to Winnipeg for a retreat, but we got through it. Little boys overtired and sugared from a visit with Amma (what good are grandparents if they can't spoil their grandkids?) and a little girl whose favorite spot is on Daddy's chest made for a bit of an interesting week.

There are bits of sticks on my counter. These are dinosaur bones, not really sticks at all. We've made telescopes, drawn pictures, and read lots of books.

Took out 1/4 of a turkey yesterday for Thanksgiving. Members of the congregation gave us a turkey cut into quarters so it would fit in a freezer. This is a HUGE bird! I'm also going to try my hand at pumpkin pie this year. Should be fun!

Grandpa and Grandma from Manitoba are going to be visiting this weekend. The kids are so excited! Every morning this week, the Boy has said he hears Grandpa's feet. Alternating which Grandpa's feet he hears, but "I hear Grandpa's feet" is so cute!

Friday, October 1, 2010


Yesterday evening, I sat down at the bottom of the stairs with the Girl in my arms. Just 'cause I wanted to. The Boy followed me and sat down beside me, put his hand on the Girl's back and said "You're my best friend." He just sat there, patting her back, repeating those words.

Then he stopped. Put his other hand on my back and told me that I was his best friend, too. then he stopped, but this morning, when I helped him with the button on his pants, he said again "you're my best friend."

Boy2 has, I think, (touch wood) for the time being decided that being a big boy is good. For a little while there, he was saying that HE was a baby and needed his num all the time. But when we remind him that babies don't get to eat goldfish crackers, or run around, or drink juice. Then he feels better about being older. (Hah! who'd have thought 2 1/2 was old?)

The Girl is alot more alert now. She was actually awake for most of three hours yesterday afternoon! The boys absolutely love her. It's quite funny at times. When the Boy is really upset, he'll be telling her what is wrong. Boy2 gives a running commentary on things he sees. And, of course, she's the Boy's best friend!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010


This is going to have to be fast if I'm going to get supper in on time (chicken enchiladas. YUMMM!) We went on a short trip this weekend to Grand Prairie for a good friend's ordination. On our way home, I left my purse in the A&W in Whitecourt. Yeah.

So, Hubby got a text from my phone from a worker there letting us know. The downside? We were already five minutes from the Edmonton airport dropping a friend off. So, these very kind people are mailing it here COD. Hopefully I'll get it tomorrow. Friday at the latest. Hopefully.

The Boy was playing with a calculator today. Boy2 took it away. What did the Boy say? "I was writing my sermon! Give back my computer!" Too cute! That little boy certainly loves his Daddy!

I know I've been neglecting the literary parts of my day when I say "Let's have some story time" and I get nonstop hugs and "love yous" from Boy2. I need to stop this whole TV thing again. So hard to do though.

The Girl has started being more alert and awake during the day. GOOD! Downside? Now I get next to nothing done in a day cuz I can't put her down for more than a few minutes. The sling is good only for so long.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

fun and exciting!

Well! The Boy has been in preschool for not even two weeks, and already he is displaying leadership skills and great listening! He has been named the official line leader for fire drills! Wow! What a compliment!

In other news, Daddy has taught Boy2 a name for when he gets really bad diaper rash. It's kinda cute to hear "bire cotch" (fire crotch) come from a two year old's mouth, I can't help but laugh. Not at his pain, but it is rather adorable.

I think I figured out why the Girl likes to sleep so much. If she's awake for more than twenty minutes, never fails, she gets the hiccups! Absolutely adorable, but they seem to frustrate her. And she hates to have a full diaper. The boys could not have cared less (unless they had a rash) but she can't stand it. Likely another difference between boys and girls.

I made myself a pouch sling the other day. I really like it, and the Girl seems to like it, although she doesn't seem to last long until she falls asleep. And I HAVE to keep moving. She seems to like to rocking.

Made enchiladas yesterday for supper ( Auntie Jelly and Uncle Peanut Butter came over) and they turned out remarkably well. As always, it was a variation on the actuall recipe but they were rather tasty. It reminded me that I do enjoy trying out new recipes. Wish sometimes I didn't have so many "helpers" but I wanted kids...

Friday, September 17, 2010


Well, it's been a busy week. Between the boys "washing" their hair with hand soap in the bathroom sink, getting way too much TV, the Boy starting preschool, and getting the van in to the shop (we need a new transmission and the mechanic can't find what's wrong with our defroster), it's been a long one.

The Boy enjoys giving his finger to his sister to suck on, insisting that she's drinking milk from his finger. Boy2 is having a crisis because we keep telling him he's not a baby and his nums are just for naps and bedtime ( "Yes! I baby!"). Two batches of banana muffins gone within 24 hours of making them ("Want another muffin!").

Hubby has had a VERY busy first two weeks on the job, and it likely won't really settle any time soon, but he still has time to snuggle our littlest angel and play with the boys.

THe house has managed to stay relatively clean. Laundry is all caught up, it just needs the fairies to put it all away.

I've been trying to sleep. The Boy hasn't been napping lately, and this morning he was awake at 5 or so. I'm keeping fingers crossed for this afternoon. The benefit of little Miss here is that she sleeps! Not through the night uninterrupted, but she sleeps very well. So, when I sleep, I can sleep hard.

Hubby has his installation this Sunday afternoon. I'm looking forward to seeing the clergy friends we have in the area and watching as the conference Dean installs him to the church here.

The boys have been harassing me to go dinosaur bone hunting, but I can't since Baby is still too young to be outside much. Maybe we'll get out to the park to do some digging next week.

Monday, September 6, 2010

She's here!

Well, I didn't go overdue with this one. I was surprised when my water broke last Friday morning early. I was really anticipating another week or two of pregnancy. When the contractions didn't start four hours later, we decided to go to the hospital.

The IV started but didn't take effect, so they kept bumping up the dose. Finally, the contractions started (12hours after the drip started). There was an intense hour and a half of labour and the little one came out to meet us.

We've spent the last nine months assuming it was going to be another little boy, so imagine our surprise when we found that our third son was, in fact, a girl! Weighing 8lbs 4oz, and measuring about 19 in, she is the smallest thing yet to grace our home, and she's charmed her brothers already.

We are both doing wonderfully well. I really don't feel as though I just had another baby, but the evidence indicates that she is here. I can't really believe how much she sleeps! I feel like I should wake her up so we can get some sleep later tonight, but I may just let it go and see.I promise to post pictures of our weekend soon.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Funny things

The other night, as we were getting the boys ready for bed, we had a bit of a nudist fest. Boy2 did not want his diaper put back on. "But you'll get cold! And I can see your testicles (we've always used proper names for body parts)." So what does he do? Pulls down his shirt to cover that area, and says "All gone!" What a goof!

Yesterday after nap time (the Boy rested but didn't sleep) we went downstairs to the kitchen and started baking cookies. The Boy suddenly calls out from the basement. When I answer he says"No, I want Boy2 to come down and play!" I'm glad they're friends even though they fight like nothing on earth at times...

Boy2 is so his father's child! When Hubby was loading up boxes of books for the office today, I had a crisis on my hands. "Go ride truck!" "No, there are too many boxes and no room for your car seat in the truck." Oh, the noise!!!

These boys really do love their Daddy, though. Tomorrow will be interesting, with the first day in the office. Daddy hasn't gone to work for an awful long time. They've gotten used to having him around for naps, lunch, bath, and bed. I hope the transition won't take too long!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Happy Birthday to the Boy!

Happy Birthday to my wonderful snuggle bug! It's hard to believe that four years ago you came into this world, screaming with rage. There have been so many changes in your short life span, but you are thriving, knowing you are loved by everyone.

You give the best hugs, wonderful kisses, and those impromptu snuggle sessions that make my heart melt. I love you so much and look forward to watching and helping you grow as more years go by!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

did you know???

The toys we currently have in the bathroom for bath time are foamy letters and numbers. Did you know that, to a preschooler the letter "T" looks like a hammerhead shark?

And to an incredibly smart two year old the letter "I" is a dog's bone?

Monday, August 23, 2010


So sorry about the long absence. Travelling and visiting family will do that.

Well, we made it back all in one piece yesterday evening. Boy! As nice as it is to sit and visit with good friends and family, being back in your own space is fantastic! We spent today trying our best to get into routine, since it's been so long. The Boy didn't nap at all, but he slept in this morning until almost seven thirty, and Boy2 was up at six thirty, but napped for almost two and a half hours. Since there was no nap for the Boy, he was in bed (bathed and brushed) and asleep just after seven. Boy2 was in bed at the same time, but didn't fall asleep until quarter to eight. All in all a good start to a new routine.

Had a prenatal today. Everything is going well. Just over two weeks until the due date, but I'll be very surprised if I have the baby by then. I just can't seem to do anything easy.

We bought little baby diapers today. Oh, boy. They are so very tiny. It's going to be quite the transition, I think, for everyone. From my two very active little boys to bringing a newborn in. Yep, interesting.

Only one week until Hubby officially starts work. He spent quite a bit of time today doing reading and prep work for his first service here on Sunday. Yesterday was amazing! It was his first time presiding over the table and he was able to do it in the congregation where he preached his first sermon. (Also, coincidentally, the church we were married in and the one I was baptized Lutheran in.) Walking into that sanctuary brought tears to my eyes. There are some absolutely incredible people that have seen Hubby along his road.

We have found a preschool for the Boy. His birthday is in three sleeps. Where does all the time go? I am so proud of him. His speech and comprehension has developed in leaps and bounds over the last eight or nine months. Over the last two months. I love watching as he forms thoughts and sentences, shifts them into play, and then is able to relay them to us. He had a dream about nice dinosaurs eating meat coming for a visit, and told us this five minutes after waking up one morning! Just like that and out of the blue!

Boy2 is getting set in the two-year-old groove nicely. I swear, we didn't know we had a toddler until he came along. The Boy was always a little scowl-ey, but Boy2 was happy, happy, happy until this last little while. The frequency in which his world collapses in front of his eyes! You'd think child services would have been called and taken him away with the accusations he lodges at us! Thankfully no one really understands him and those that do realize that his perspective may be somewhat skewed.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

This weekend

These are exciting times. We're getting ready to travel south for a week and a bit. Hubby, who has worked long and hard for the last decade, will be ordained a Pastor in the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada on Sunday in Calgary. After being a full time post secondary student for the last nine years (eight of which I've known him) he will be able to sit back and be all that he has ever wanted to be.
The Boy will likely be starting preschool in September, Boy2 will hopefully settle into a routine of some kind before Baby is born, Baby3 is going to be here before we know it, and life will shift, change, and become a new "normal".

As much as I'm looking forward to having the service on Sunday, I think I'm almost more excited about going back and visiting the Calgary Zoo. When we moved to Saskatoon last year, I went through serious Zoo-withdrawal. I think the kids did too. We were going two or three times a week, usually starting with the dinosaur part. Since we still have our memberships, we're heading down tomorrow and will hopefully spend some time tomorrow afternoon and most of Saturday there with friends.

How much of it will the kids remember? I know the Boy has a phenomenal memory and will hardly be able to contain himself as we approach. I'm less sure about Boy2, but I do know that he'll enjoy the visit too.

Then there'll be th family visits. A couple of days visiting Amma (Hubby's mom), a couple of days visiting Grandma and Poppa (my parents). Plus Grandpa will be there on Sunday, so it'll be fun.

Monday, August 9, 2010


Here are a couple of things that have happened lately. Just random incidences.

The Boy has started trying to cut out his naps. Not a problem as long as the temper tantrums don't escalate. However, with the heat and the sun setting as late as it is, we haven't been real sticklers for bedtime. The routine is the same, it's just that we don't push it as much. So, there have been days where the boy has his jammies on and will just go onto his bed and fall asleep on his own.

Last night we had a visit with my brother and his wife. First time I've seen him in a year, and the first time we've ever met his wife. They stayed, we were playing games, the kids were playing and fooling around. As they were getting ready to leave, the Boy went upstairs. After they were gone, I started looking for the Boy, since he had been asking for a bath since early afternoon (he got a new Brachiosaurus that he wanted to use as a tub toy). I could not find him anywhere. I knew he couldn't be far because there were no doors unsupervised. Hubby found him on the floor beside his side of the bed, fast asleep and still dressed.

Got him changed and left him there. Put Boy2 to sleep on our bed, then moved both to their own space. This is actually a nice development, since the Boy has always, from day one, found sleep to be the enemy that must be fought at all cost.

Boy2 has had a couple of nights with nightmares. These aren't your normal nightmares. He is a very empathetic little boy. The kids were watching Curious George the movie, Hubby and I were upstairs putting laundry away when we heard the worst wailing and crying. As we rushed down, all prepared to scold the Boy for doing something, we found the Boy, sitting calmly six feet away watching the movie. (Normally if he's done something he'll go and hide under a blanket)

Boy2 was sitting on the couch, watching George get captured, put in a cage and onto a cargo ship. That was th reason of the distress. Later they were watching some Winnie the Pooh, and he starts again. This time because Owl's house got wrecked from the wind blowing it over. Reminded me that he would start crying when the Baby Einstein puppets would take toys away from each other. Very sensitive.

This morning I observed a woman driving her car slowly through the back alley following a dog, then come back the other way with the same dog tagging along. I asked Hubby what that was about, and he said that it was likely that the woman was exercising the dig but didn't want to walk herself. Do people actually do that????

I think that's enough for now.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Interesting times

I'm just sitting here in the living room, drinking my coffee and listening to the silence. Yep. Believe it or not it's pretty quiet right now. Probably has something to do with the fact that the boys are in the back yard, each with a new shovel and bucket, playing in the dirt. We moved in on Saturday to a couple of surprises.

The first was that the yard is a complete mess. Dirt and weeds are what currently constitute our yard. The landlords are planning on putting in sod, but so far there's no ETA on that. That's alright for now, though. I don't care if the kids dig and mess it up.

The second surprise was that there was no washer or dryer here. We were under the impression that they were, but they weren't. So we are now the proud owners of a washing machine and a dryer. Used, but the price was right (you really can't beat free).

Today we're going to get to work on the kids' play room. We have to stay home all day so someone can come by at some point in the day to turn on our gas. Yep. We've been here since Saturday evening (that's four nights) with no hot water. It's been fun. But I'm looking forward to having a hot shower tonight or in the morning!

Found out yesterday that the doctor I signed up with only delivers in Edmonton, so we're going to have an interesting time getting the boys looked after and getting there in time. It almost makes me hope they'll have to induce again, but that's not ideal either.

It's going to be a fun stay here, though. For the first time in our married lives (granted it's only been five years) we are in one place for an indefinite period of time. We got married in Lethbridge with the intention of moving to Saskatoon for Hubby's schooling. Didn't really plan on making that move with a baby, but that's the way life goes.

We knew we'd likely be moving for internship and then move back for a final year. Four moves in five years of marriage. No wonder it went pretty smooth. We're old pro's at this sort of thing!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

We Made it!!!

Well, we're finally here! The house is unpacked enough to live in, so we just have to organize and unpack the rest of the stuff. We were welcomed to the absence of a washer/dryer, but were able to sort that out with the help of some people from the church, hot water will be turned on tomorrow (we've been boiling water and all of us have been taking turns bathing in the same water.

It's definitely been an adventure. The kids have been wonderful, though. They seem to be adjusting pretty well. I will likely post more when there is more time.

Monday, July 26, 2010

almost there!

Where has all the time gone? One week left before moving (well, technically five days), finished my first week off of child care, the house is mostly done. I have a friend coming over tomorrow to clean my oven (thanks SO much! You're an angel!) and my father-in-law is coming out Thursday evening to help load up and see us on our way.

Kinda scary, kinda exciting, mostly just want it all done and over with. I think that is the general consensus, at least.

We've had a little bit of excitement this weekend, though. I packed up most of the kids' art stuff. I left out markers, some sticker books, and paper. Saturday afternoon when I was doing dishes, the Boy ran up to me holding a pencil telling me that he made a triceratops in hims bedroom.

Uh, oh! "Can you show me?". So he took me into his room and pointed just under his bed. He had drawn his triceratops with pencil (thank heavens!) on the floor ( again, thank heavens!). The walls were all still clean. Pencil washes pretty easily.

We talk again about the use of paper and that if he doesn't know where to finds some to ask one of his parents. Then, with the floor clean once more, I go to finish dishes.

Not five minutes later, Hubby walks down the hall and sees a black crayon line down the hall to the boys' bedroom. We go in and the Boy is nowhere to be seen, but the crayon is on his bed and the sheet has been scribbled on too. We know the probable reasons for this behaviour, but it's still frustrating. Any little child who's move so many times in their short lifespan will be acting out at this point.

Boy2 has thrown more tantrums at hearing the word "no" than he has before. He wakes up yelling for me every morning sometime between 5:30 and 6. Then he either comes into bed with us for a little bit, or I have to go get him and invite him to snuggle. And we won't even begin to discuss his dependence on his Num (soother).

Even after the move things won't be normal. We'll spend a week or so settling, and then we'll be travelling for Hubby's Ordination and family visits. Then it'll be back home for his installation at the church, hopefully the birth of our next child will be somewhere in the first two weeks of September, the Boy wants to start preschool, so we'll try and get that going too.

Looking forward to starting the next part of the journey, though. Feelings of fear, excitement, and fatigue are all mixed up right now. Alot of it will be the unknown. Hubby has always been a student. For the first time he'll be able to focus on ministry and family without working a secular job or be writing assignments. Yay!!!! Last year on internship, I think, was a glimpse of what it could be like. Really, really looking forward to that.

Thursday, July 22, 2010


After posting about cutting down/out TV, we've been using it WAY too much this week. Understandably, though. Toys are mostly put away, the kids are grumpy and under stress anyway, most books are packed.

It's gonna be a long road to detox again in the fall. Maybe sooner if life settles. Cranky, grumpy children are not fun. Oh, well. Only eight more days and this part will be behind us.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

killing time

I'm just sitting here, Hubby is trying to get a few extra minutes of shut-eye, the boys are making an awful noise (Hubby must be REALLY tired to sleep through this!), and I'm at the computer doing my best to ignore the fighting. Until someone hits someone else (Boy2 hitting the Boy cuz he picked up a toy the other put down). Whoever said that second children had to be tough in self defense didn't know my two monsters!

They are doing so well, though. Especially in light of all of the changes happening. They are still sleeping at night (even if we do have to snuggle and lay with them now), they are still eating, and they are still our mostly well behaved little boys.

You'd think, though, that after doing this four times in the last five years, my body would be a little more used to it. I'm just beat at the end of the day, I want to sleep later in the morning, and I drop off at nap time too. There's still alot to be done, but it's getting there.

I don't know what I'd have done, though, if Hubby didn't have this time off. We each deal with stress in different ways. My tried and true approach is to either sleep and it'll go away, or ignore it long enough and it'll either fix itself or disappear (not the most mature way to approach things, I'll admit). Hubby will buckle down and do whatever needs to get done to fix the problem. The Boy seems to be the same way. He started sleeping much better after he came back from Spruce Grove and told me all about the home he and Daddy found for me, Baby, Boy2, and them. He needed that to reduce the anxiety about the move.

Now it's a matter of "why?" as in "why is that going in a box?". I'm feeling a bit like a broken record. He's a smart kid, but he needs the reassurance. "We put it in a box, then put the box in the moving van, then take it to the new house, so we can play with it there."

So today, while Hubby is cleaning, patching, and moving things around, I'll be packing the kid's books and puzzles, going through cupboards to clean and pack for moving or donating, then we'll break for lunch and naps.

I think a family swim is on the agenda for sometime this afternoon, so we'd better get our butts rolling, or we'll have to put in some even longer, busier days later.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Busy Bees

Busy times. Only a day and a half left of having the extra kids here, then two more weeks until moving day. Yikes!

Hubby took down all of our picturesand filles in the nail holes this morning, I packed two more boxes, Hubby went and did a Sally-Ann run, sorted through some junk, got a bunch of stuff for garbage, and now is out for a walk with the Boy (he WAS NOT having a nap today).

The house looks bare and sounds echo-y, but it's starting to feel more real.

Tomorrow I have my last prenatal with my Saskatoon doctor and I've already set up an appointment with my new one for the Tuesday after we move. Then I'll pack and start carrying around my hospital bag (since that seems to be the best way for me to ensure I won't go into labour early:).

Boy2 seems to be relying on his nums (soother) more (he absolutely HAS to have two to go to bed. One in his mouth and one in his hand). The Boy has started sleeping less in the day, but more heavily at night (we seem to do every other day for a nap). Stress certainly affects us all in different ways.

Sunday, July 11, 2010


I don't like the effect that television has on my children. It's not the commercials (they don't really like TV TV, they prefer the kids DVDs and movies to watching alot of kids programming). I think it has something to do with thee way a child's mind is engaged. Little or no interaction with what is going on, it's almost as though even a half hour of TV time is too much at times.

Focus flies out the window, and I have to allot myself at least half an hour after TV to get the kids in any semblance of their normal self.

Now, we used to let them watch more. It wasn't uncommon, especially when I was preggers with number two, to let the Boy watch while I dozed on the couch (I was working a 2-11 night shift at a call centre to help make ends meet). Not that he'd let me. As soon as I drifted off, I'd get whacked in the head with a block, book, or some other toy.

With baby #2, I knew I had to cut back, so I did for a while. Then after naps became our TV time so I could catch a few extra winks. But they were still watching over an hour a day. Not necessarily the best thing for a baby and a toddler to be doing.

After we moved to Calgary, we cut back even more, but it's difficult to do when you get new movies and they want to watch the whole thing, over and over and over again. (The winter months are always the worst!) I'd like to think I got better after the move here to Saskatoon. With having the extra kids here, not everyone's attention would be held by the TV, so we wouldn't watch as much.

After Christmas last year, though, we'd had enough. (I guess it doesn't really help that we would sometimes use the TV so Mommy and Daddy could "sleep" more) After the Boy soiled himself for the third time in two days while watching cartoons, we decided to move the television down to the basement.

Our basement is unfinished. It got really cold down there during those Saskatchewan cold snaps that always come January, February. So they'd get TV once or twice a week for about an hour (MUCH better than over an hour a day) and they'd put up a big stink when the TV would be turned off. They'd ask to go down to watch, and we'd say yes or no. Usually no. Now they largely stop asking.

So, this morning, when I asked the Boy if he'd like to go downstairs to watch some TV, he got all excited, told his brother, who then got very excited. The Boy then told me it was a good surprise. I love having what alot of people/kids think of as their right as a treat.

I remember one little boy at the daycare I was working at before I had the Boy. He was I think four at the time, but he once told me that too much TV turned your brain into mush. It was probably something his parents told him, but I think it's pretty accurate. Why else would groups of people invest more emotion into the programs and fictitious characters they like to watch than they do into the actual relationships they have with real people?

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Me? Anxious?

I've never been an anxious person. Those who know me can attest to the fact that I'm a fairly laid back, things will happen on their own kind of girl. Drives my Husband NUTS at times.

Yesterday, however, I experienced my first ever anxiety attack. Not bad, first one at 27, and I don't even know if I could even technically call it an attack. The kids were all quiet, eating, playing, actually getting along, and I suddenly had to sit down. Heart rate went up, and I got a panicky feeling. Where did that come from?

I mentioned it to Hubby, who said something along the lines of "Welcome to my life", and then we started talking about what these feelings could be about. We'll have a roof over our heads, a doctor to catch the delivery of Baby #3, money coming in, so what is there to be anxious about? We've moved with the kids before, so that's not it. There's three weeks left to clean and pack, two of which neither myself nor Hubby will be working, so there's no real time concerns.

But who said that rationality had to play a part? All I know is I found it difficult to wind down last night, but that could be the fact that I'm eight months pregnant, too. Oh, well. I seem to be doing better today. I'll drink some herbal tea tonight and fall asleep nice and quickly. And if I don't, I can alway pack and/or clean until sleep arrives.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Hooray for success!

Well, Hubby did it. He (with the Boy's help, of course) found us a place to live for the beginning August. Now we won't be homeless. Everything is coming together the way they always do. It doesn't matter how much you worry or stress about things, they will work out.

So, Hubby and the Boy will be travelling home this evening and will likely get home around nine or ten tonight. It's only been a couple of days, but it feels like so much longer.

When Boy2 woke up from his nap I had just gotten off the phone with Hubby, so I told him that Daddy and the Boy had found us a home. Boy2 sat up straight and went off in search of them. The look of disappointment on his face when I told him they wouldn't get back until after bedtime! He's really missed them too.

I think I'm going to have to walk to the store tonight with Boy2 and pick up a treat for us all for tomorrow morning. That and to replenish the snack supplies. I've been snacking out of boredom WAY too much these last couple of days. Luckily alot of it was fruit:)

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Long day

Well, it's officially July, there are just under four weeks until we move, and Hubby and the Boy are currently out of town searching frantically for a roof to place over our heads.

Since last weekend when we got the official word that Spruce Grove, AB would love to call my wonderful, one-in-a-million Hubby to be their pastor and that we agreed it would be a nice fit, we started planning when a trip could be made out to look for a place to live. Because of the stress that travel and being out of routine does to the kids, we decided it would be best for Hubby to go by himself.

The Boy had other plans. He threw fits whenever Daddy making this trip was mentioned, adamant that he come too. When explained that Daddy would go, find us a new house, then come back, help us finish packing and cleaning, and then we'd all go to the new house, he was sure that he had to go too. I think that it's because he likes to be part of fixing problems and that he feels a string sense of responsibility for the family (even though he likely doesn't realize it). Hubby thinks it's that he doesn't trust Daddy not to mess it up.

So, after church we quickly fed the boys, Hubby loaded up the van, and they took off. With Boy2 yelling and screaming that he wanted to come too. I told him that Daddy and the Boy were going in the van and that he and I were going to go for a walk. That worked for two seconds and then the howling started again. Half hour, a bowl of chips, two sippies of juice, and an ice cream sandwich later he finally stopped crying.

We left the house (the landlords were doing a final showing this afternoon, so we tried to keep the place clean and stay away for long enough). We weren't able to go home for an hour. Since Boy2 napped in the morning for a little bit, I wasn't over concerned that we were two hours later than normal for his afternoon nap, but his little legs were dragging something fierce by the time we were home. He fell asleep moments after hitting the pillow.

But we've survived the afternoon. It's been very quiet (reminding me why I like to have music playing all the time) and we read lots of stories and did lots of puzzles. Boy2 got to say goodnight over the phone to Daddy and I got to do the same for the Boy.

Now all that's left for me to do is close up the house and go to bed. Tomorrow I have one extra child coming (her sister has an emergency dentist appointment, so it was a last minute thing), then Tuesday night Hubby and the Boy should be back shortly after bedtime if all goes well. They may stay an extra night.

In the meantime, we're suppose to get more rain and thundershowers over the next 24 hours. Yay. (can you tell I'm excited for an even more soggy backyard?)

Monday, June 28, 2010

Morning episodes

So, between Hubby's insomnia and the boys not wanting to fall asleep at night, it's made for some interesting days. Friday night hubby didn't get to sleep until four in the morning, and even then didn't really get sleep. Last nigh it was two when he came to bed. (well, he was in bed before then but couldn't sleep either because his brain wouldn't stop, or my snoring was too loud).

So he's sleeping right now. I've been up with the kids for at least an hour. Knowing that Hubby's sleeping now because he wasn't able to last night makes it easier to handle.

So, when I went in for my shower (I have a child coming in a half hour) I set the kids up with some breakfast first. That way I know they'll be occupied with eating instead of destroying themselves and the living room while I'm in the bathroom. And, of course, I kept the door open in case there was a crash or yell, or some other crisis.

Not a peep the whole time I was showering. But, as soon as the water was turned off, I heard this whimpering. "Boy2? What's wrong?" I called out. Again, just whimpering. "Boy? Where are you?" "I'm in bed" came the reply. Whimper, whimper. "Boy2? Can you come here?" No response. So, fearing the worst, I wrap a towel around me and, dripping, go off in search of my youngest.

I found him at the table, syrup all over his hands and face, just looking at me. "Need wipe." Alright. I guess telling him again and again that he wasn't allowed to leave the table without wiping his paws has tuck, because he wasn't moving until his fingers and face were washed clean.

My little boy who really doesn't like food on his fingers unless he's eating. As soon as he's done, the cloth better be at the ready or else!

Saturday, June 26, 2010


There's been alot going on... Hubby hurt his foot so he's been off work, sleep has become an option lately (difficulty falling asleep for all of us, but severe insomnia for Hubby last night), doctor's appointments, ultrasound, mosquito bites, child care countdown, an awful lot on the mind.

That being said, it's kind of exciting to be standing here (well, sitting at the computer) at the end of one phase and about to begin another. Kinda exciting, kinda scary. The unknown is always a terrifying concept, no wonder young children tend not to do well with huge changes. At least, as adults, we're able to understand that, while things will be changing, some things (like all of us being under one roof, toys and books moving with us) will be the same.

I think the Boy has a better understanding now about the future, but not Boy2. At least he seems less anxious than his brother was. That being said, I think it's going to be a long couple of months. Three more weeks of child care in my home, five more weeks until our moving day, eleven weeks until baby's due date (which only means that baby will come in twelve and a half weeks optimistically). Then you have to add Daddy's birthday, the Boy's birthday, the Boy starting preschool (hopefully), and actually introducing said new baby to the home.

I'm thinking it'll be sometime around Christmas before things are "normal" again:)

Friday, June 18, 2010

Does understanding come with age?

I've been meaning to get this one down for most of the week, but time and kids have gotten away from me.

These last two weeks, I've started packing and cleaning a little bit more. Our notice was given to our landlords last week, we're out of this house July 31st. Not positive where our new home will be made yet, but that will be settled in a few weeks.

Th boy has changed houses so many times in his short lifespan. We moved to Saskatoon when he was a week old, we moved to Calgary for Hubby's internship when he was nearly two and Boy2 was four and a half months old, and we moved back here for Hubby's final year of study last August. That last move was especially difficult because I was ten weeks pregnant and miscarried not even a week before the move.

The Boy is a sensitive child. He quickly picks up on emotions and the stress of others surrounding him, primarily those of his parents. Four moves in the nearly four years of life he's had have taken their toll, but he's resilient. This time, at least, he's more able to understand what is happening and why, although that understanding is still very limited.

Last week, as I was packing up the stemware and platters, the Boy asked why I was packing. I explained as much as I was able. He then asked me if we didn't like this house anymore. "But I like this house!" Poor boy! It isn't that we don't like this house, but circumstances don't permit us to stay in this house. Sometime next month Daddy would go on a trip and find us a different house.
Monday, he was out with Daddy for a bit of a walk. He was asking if there were people living in this house, or this house, or what about that house. Daddy said that people were in all those houses. Later that afternoon he told me that Daddy couldn't find a new house. They were already full. How do you get a preschooler to understand? I know it'll come with time, but in the meantime, my heart breaks.

Sunday, June 13, 2010


Well, we didn't get a nap today. Well, one of us did. Something happened today that hasn't happened in an awful long time... Boy2 fell asleep in my arms twice.

We knew we were going to spend a big chunk of our day away from the house today since our landlords wanted to have an open house to find new tenants. The way they explained it was that they like the open house so they are bugging the current tenants less. Have a showing all at once instead of one here and one there. So, yesterday was super cleaning. This morning was tidy odds'n'ends. Church at 11, Boy2 fell asleep right as Daddy was getting the pulpit warmed up with his sermon.

Trying to hold a 30 pound two year old while seven months pregnant and his older brother wanting to snuggle too is not an easy task. (Boy! He's definitely gained weight since he last did that!) Then the church had a picnic (where the boys ate nothing but dessert!) and we decided to go for a walk (we remembered the wagon before we left the house). Ending the walk with some park time, I was convinced that the Boy would be asleep before we reached home, but we stopped to fuel and got slurpees which kept them awake.

After getting home, they were crazy! (thank you sugar high!) After an early supper we figured on an early bed after some play time. The Boy and Boy2 wanted some stories, so I sat with them on either side reading. At the end of the first story, I realized Boy2 wasn't moving but was breathing. Yup, he was asleep. Before six pm, he was out like a light. Didn't even flinch when I changed him into jammies.

So we decided to give the Boy a treat by watching sharks (Blue Planet). The Boy absolutely loves this. He keeps trying to convince us to put it on every time we let them watch TV. "Boy2 likes sharks too! Yes, he does!"

There is one part in the first episode where you see herring going up and finding a place to reproduce. The females lay eggs on vegetation, then the males come along and fertilize them, releasing their semen all over, leaving the water milky with white foam on top. The Boy, ever curious and wanting to understand everything, asked what that was. All I could think of to say was "You'll learn about that when you get a little older." That has never satisfied my oldest, so I told him that it was to help the fish eggs grow. "That's milk?" he asks (of course, since milk helps little boys grow that's what he'd think). "No, it covers the fish eggs and helps them grow into baby fish." That seemed to be an alright answer. Either that or he was too busy watching the other animals now feasting on fertilized herring eggs.

It does amaze me, his understanding and curiosity about life, animals, how things work, you name it. I wonder what he'll be when he grows up?

Thursday, June 10, 2010

growing grass (my lawn)

Well, four kids are down for a now, one is playing quietly on the floor, there's a short list of things I wanted to do at nap time today, but they'll wait.

It's been a pretty good week so far, aside from the Boy catching my cold and now having a voice that's so hoarse. Boy2 has been talking up a storm (I think that the hatch is open and the words will just flood his brain from here on out). It's very exciting to see/hear.

I was so excited yesterday afternoon when the kids went out to play: there's grass growing in my yard! Now, I know that for most people this is an everyday occurrence, but we haven't had a normal spring and what with the ice, water, and kids stomping and trying to dig in the mud, the grass in our backyard hasn't really had much of a chance. For most of the month of May we seeded and put soil down in the worst areas and did our best to keep it moist and soft without letting the kids out there. When we gave up on that, we let them outside but under close supervision so there would be little or no traipsing through the seeded area.

After being away this weekend, looking out in the backyard and seeing those new shoots coming up was like witnessing a miracle! Now I just have to keep the kids away until the rest comes up and it gets thick enough. Yay.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Spoke too soon!

I guess I spoke too soon! Boy2 only slept for an hour, baking commenced (not bad playtime actually, just a HUGE mess in the living room when I was done), everyone ate their lunch (grilled cheese is always a hit), then the caos commenced.

The boy didn't sleep at all, or rather he did sleep all of two minutes as he fell asleep and then the doorbel rang two minutes later to wake him and his brother up. At least all together Boy2 slept for about an hour and a half. I'm just glad the extras who normally sleep did for as long as they normally do.

Sticky buns got done, taken out just in time for Hubby to surprise us by coming home for lunch. He got back to work and was called nasty names because he didn't bring any back with him to share this time. Floors got washed (took nearly two hours and at this point you can't really tell they were done at all), and Hubby started some laundry when he got home.

The living room is currently a disaster, but that will wait until morning. There are at least two hours between the time we'll be up and the time the first kids will be here. I may have overdone it a bit today. There's a certain tenderness felt, but Baby's still moving around, so I'll just have to stay off my fee a bit more tomorrow.

We are currently under a severe thunderstorm warning. I saw it moving in when I called the boys in from the back after supper, and the thunder woke Hubby, who laid down pretending to sleep after supper and actually did. He doesn't often get sick, but between the allergies and the rain combined with working outside all day, he's feeling pretty worn out. (His poor nose!)

But there may be 2-3cm hail and funnel clouds coming out of this one. Kinda exciting for the first one of the year...

Kids are asleep (benefit of the short/nonexistent nap), Hubby is asleep, I'm just waiting on the dryer so I can get it emptied then empty the washer into it. I can fold it in the morning too (are you noticing a trend towards procrastination?).

I promised the Boy that I would read "Cookie Monster and the Cookie Tree" first thing in the morning, and Boy2 "One Fish Two Fish" so I need to set those aside in the "not to be put away" pile.

Side note: set cell phone alarm tonight in case power goes out, and put flashlight beside the bed. That's an awful lot of thunder and lightning!

Random thoughts this morning

It's nearly nine in the morning as I write this, and it's been an incredibly quiet morning thus far. Well, the last hour. Boy2, for one reason or another, has started needing a little bit more sleep than he used to. So, sometimes he sleeps for and hour or so a couple of hours after getting up, or he if he doesn't nap early morning, he sleeps for two+ hours after lunch (How did that happen? Neither one has napped more than an hour at a time until recently!). So, with him asleep by eight this morning, we welcomed the extra playmate this morning with very little fuss.

We set up some train tracks, got out the garage and cars, there are vehicles ALL over my livingroom floor, but it's quiet. (Could it be that my little angel is an antagonist?) The boy has his own issues (not the least of which this morning seems to be very selective hearing) But it is kind of odd to have the house as silent as it is.

This morning, after two days of sunshine and warmth, we woke up to the smell of rain. I love the smell that rain brings. It's so fresh and clean. Added bonus is that it's still supposed to be warm today, so we may even get another thunder storm (the boys actually enjoy them!). Poor Hubby, though. As he left for work he made some comment about mold growing on him. I just told him to stop standing still. His response does not need to be repeated:)

I have a whole list of things to do today. The cleaning I didn't do last Saturday and won't get to do this Saturday because we'll be out, baking for the weekend, maybe a load or two of laundry... it'll get done. And if it doesn't it'll be waiting for me later.

Yesterday I made peanut butter chocolate chip cookies for the first time in a long time. Boy2 has rediscovered the joys of peanut butter recently and I just though "yummy" so I did. I think that more baking should be doe today, though. I've been meaning to do sticky buns for the last three weeks, plus more blueberry muffins. Tomorrow is going to be a super full day with ALL the extra kids ALL day long, so I really should do all this stuff today.

The boys got hair cuts on Monday. They had a shower with Daddy afterwards to rinse off the loose hair. Now, everyday when Daddy gets home from work, the Boy wants to come in from outside and shower with Daddy. Tuesday it was a good idea since he looked like he'd been using the mud in the back as jungle camoflauge. What a mess! Thank goodness for running water and bathtime!

Monday, May 31, 2010

Bikes and Trikes

So, last Monday we got the Boy a new bike. Yep, two wheels (with trainers), new helmet, the whole deal. Now everyone he sees he says "I got a new Bike!" I'm so glad that he likes it. Now, if we'll only get a day that has the weather more bike ride suitable, I'm sure he'd be riding all day.

With the switch, of course what happens in a family with siblings, means that Boy2 also got a "new" bike. The Boy's old tricycle and helmet that were too small for him now are the property of the younger brother. Would work out better if he could get his legs working right. He's used to being pushed by the handle of the older trike, but this other one doesn't have that, so it's all toddler powered.

When we have gone out, the expedition looks like this: Daddy and the Boy take off on the brand new orange bike, and I follow with Boy2 on his trike. Before we know it, the Boy and his Dad are out of the cul de sac and zooming around (first time on he fell down maybe three times. Isn't that amazing?) and out of sight. Boy2, obviously much slower, does his best. The first try consisted of me nugding the back of the tricycle gently with my foot and making the steering corrections as they were needed. (Sadly, I can't just hunch over and push him... hips and back just wouldn't take it for very long) Second outing, he figured out the steering (for the most part) and he can peddle downhill very well (I know gravity does most of this, but I applaud him anyway).

I think he understands the principle of what has to happen in order to go, but it just isn't working yet. What we need is a stretch of about two weeks of some nice weather where we can go out once or twice a day to practice (dicey with the extras here, but we do that before they come or after they've gone). I think, by the end of summer, he'll be giving his older brother a run for his money!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010


So, last night we had a power outage. Strange since it's the first one I've had since I can remember. I know I've had them before (one hears stories from when one was young) but yesterday evening power was out for nearly two hours.

Early evening isn't really a bad time to lose power. Supper was made and we were halfway through. There were clothes in the dryer and some in the wash, so if power hadn't been restored every available surface would have been covered with soggy, wet clothes. As dusk approached, however (and with the amount of cloud we've had, I was suprised that it didn't arrive sooner) it became evident that we'd need to light a candle or two. Our bathroom has no window, so we really needed a little bit of light in there.

Let me tell you, that was the most romantic evening I've ever spent in the bathroom. I was sitting, doing my thing with the door open ( yeah, if you go to the bathroom in our house, you'd better lock the door if you don't want company) and then Boy2 came, stood in the hallway, started singing and clapping "bir-day ooooo!". It was soo cute. It maybe reminded me that I should try to light candles more often.

His words are coming along, though. His brother's are too. It's really neat hearing them try to have a conversation in the van. Makes me happy that we don't have a dvd in the van. It's much better to see and hear them entertain themselves.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

books and swimming

Well, the heat is here. Two or three days with a high of nearly thirty makes it hard to believe that a week and a half ago the daily high was ten! But, now that the good weather is here, Hubby and I decided to work on our backyard. This means that no children are allowed to play back there until the grass decides to grow back. I don't know what is up with our lawn, but the grass seems more dead than alive right now. I think it may have something to do with the ice and puddles and kids trying to dig and move the water around when the big melt happened.

So, Friday evening we put some seed/fertilizer on the grass, and now comes the oh-so-difficult task of waiting, watering, and keeping little feet off of it for a while. We had no clue it would get this hot this fast. So we play inside, downstairs (soooo much cooler down there!), go for walks, and the occasional visit to the park. Sunday we went for a family swim followed by a visit to the library. That was such a hit that we're thinking of making it habit. At least until we move or the baby comes, whichever happens first.

The boys really do love swimming, though. We tried out a different pool this time, and it has a big waterslide (well, bigger than the 18 inch one at the pool closest to us) and neither one wanted to stop. I wasn't comfortable going down, being six months pregnant, so Daddy took one, then the other, then the first one again, then the second one. Boy were there screams when it was time to go! The Boy has started understanding time a bit more, so it wasn't him complaining, it was Boy2. I took the Boy into the changerooms while Boy2 got one last ride down the waterslide. Oh, the howling we heard as they came into the changerooms. Once he was undressed and in the shower he didn't mind so much, but that's just the way it goes.

The library is always fun. Since both Hubby and I are horribly addicted to the printed word (Hubby more so than I am) and with school being done, there has been at least three or four trips to the library bringing home at least eight or nine books plus something for the kids. (just to give you a idea, the week Hubby's classes ended, he took out about a dozen novels and was done them before the end of he week. I had only read three of them) So every time Hubby goes to the library, he takes at least on child if not both since I'm tied to the house with the extra kids. There are currently eight children's books and twelve adult books around the house. I'm trying to do my best, and I may even keep up this time, since Hubby is working five days a week, but I'm not holding my breath. I don't get much time to read during the day, and by night time I'm just beat (especially with the heat!). Hubby seems to function on less sleep than I do (always been the case, actually) and he reads quite quickly (must have picked that up from reading all those academic books for nearly a decade).

I am so grateful that the boys have (so far) caught or love of reading, though. Neither one of us a strong supporter of movies while traveling, so we load up the books and toys before a journey. More often than not, though, they talk and play with each other. Th Boy is always loooking outside, talking about what he sees or asking what something is. Thank heavens his Dad was a farm kid, 'cuz I would have no clue about some of the things we've seen (although after a dozen or more trips from here to various family members my knowledge is much greater than it was).

Well, that's probably enough rambling today. I really need to start doing this on the desktop so I can put pictures up. Maybe this weekend. We're supposed to get 30-40 mm of rain Saturday, so maybe I'll work on that while the kids watch some cartoons.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

dump truck races

Wow, what a difference employability makes! Hubby went to a temporary employment company this morning and came back with a starting date of tomorrow! Yay! Now that he's happy and working for now, our lives can become a little less stressful.

Add the absolutely gorgeous weather we've had the last two days, and we have some very happy people around here. Today everyone (literally everyone) had a nap today, and then they were scooted outside to the backyard to enjoy the sunshine. I actually managed to keep everyone out until they all went home! Snacks and sippies came out, dirt was dug, water spilled, conflicts resolved, and we ended up with the pool out (kept empty, of course. It's nice out but not that nice). The kids were pretending to swim.

But my highlight of the afternoon was watching the Boy, Boy2, and the five year old girl ( I think I'll call her Blondie) racing dump trucks around and crashing into the fence. They'd start at the same fence, count off " ready, set, go!" and then race to the opposite fence, sometimes turning 90* and go to the side. Once or twice, Boy2 would lag behind, stop when the others got to the other end, turn around and go back, so that he would beat them when they made their return trip! What a smart boy!

So, between the dirt in their hair and the dirt in their ears, they had a bubble bath tonight. The water was disgusting when we emptied it, but the boys were squeaky clean! Now, Boy2 is asleep (he was asleep nearly an hour ago, but woke up when I left had started playing with his brother) and the Boy will be out shortly. He really is very tired. All I have left on my list is to tidy the toys scattered through the living room, then cuddle up with Hubby and a book. Not a bad way to end a beautiful day, if I say so myself.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

We have been on fire lately! Thankfully not literally, but the last week and a bit have been so packed that it's hard to get back into routine. My poor boys! The visit with Grandpa over the weekend was amazing. There were bike rides, picnics by the lake, looking at dinosuar bones, and walks.

Hubby reorganized the basement before the family came, and we've been enjoying that space as we discover the planetrough the "Planet Earth" and "Blue Planet" series done by the BBC (absolutely amazing by the way. There isn't a person in this house not enthralled by it). We've spent the first part of this week organizing and cleaning upstairs. I've thrown out a box of toys and had three other boxes to donate to the Sally Ann. Packed up a box of books (now the kids' boox shelf isn't overflowing), Hubby has packed up a box to donate a couple for the basement. There are lids that now fit on the toy boxes and most of the assorted pieces of assorted toys are now back in place (any bets on how long it'll stay organized?).

Baby is getting bigger and more active (just as it should in the sixth month) and we're now at the point where we can see the tummy move with some of the bigger kicks and stretches. We have "tum tum" time everyday day with both boys (the lift my shirt, the Boy lifts his and presses it against mine. Boy2 just puts his head ther and smiles as his head is moved up and down from my breathing).

It's hard to see if the boys' behaviour is induced because of all the activity lately, or if it's because we've been getting out boxes to help us organize. Poor Boy has seen his world packed into boxes so many times, he probably thinks we're doing it again. Plus there are alot of stressers around right now and no matter how we try to sheild the children, they pick up on them like magnets. the stress of expecting a new baby is enough, but throw in the fact that Hubby has been trying to find a summer job to pay bills and isn't getting calls back, deciding whether to renew the least or let it lapse, what do we want to be doing... it all adds up and they pick up on it.

But life is still pretty good, if you ignore all of that. The children are happy and healthy, Hubby and I are as well. We have what's important.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

ahhh, Family!

It's been a wonderful day. I absolutely love it when children play nicely and there are few fights. It also helps that there was much less work to do today than anticipated. The boys napped, ate, played, and watched a little bit of TV as a treat. When Poppa arrived, there was so nuch excitement that you'd think that Santa and the Easter Bunny made a personal appearance just for them!

Then, when some cousins came a couple of hours later, they practically ran out the door before the van was parked! Yay! Relatives to play with! But it really is wonderful to see how differently the kids play with relatives compared to the ones that come in nearly everyday. Things aren't conflict free, but they do seem to take on a different tone. Plus, if there was any fear that they would make strange with the adults, they were groundless. When I got jammies on Boy2, he ran right to Poppa and snuggled in. I really thought he was going to go to sleep, but he didn't. There was too much else going on. And watching the five year old cousin sit on the Boy's bed and "read" him a story before bed was wonderful to watch, too.

Tomorrow we'll be up early to breakast and load up the cousins' van so they can continue on their trip (what a nice way to cross most of the country! The train!) Then we'll spend a nice family day with Poppa before the ceremonies and services of the actual graduation. There's a whole list of things that the Boy wants to do that won't likely get done (I don't think the weather is too conducive to fishing or flying kites), but we will be making some wonderful memories.

I really do love being around family, if only to give the kids a taste of what it's like. I can remember living farther away from relatives and only really seeing them twice a year or so. Poppa was telling us about his growing up where there was alot of extended family all in the same neighbourhood. I don't really think that my kids will ever really have quite that close a familiarity with their extended family, but I would like them to have it as more than twice a year. Well, we'll see how the summer and fall go...