Saturday, July 30, 2011

As we are getting ready for our little vacation, I thought I'd sit and write a bit. Nap time is good for that.

In the last couple of days, the Boy has really started doing/saying some really funny things. Like, when he asks something and my answer is no. He comes up to me with a sign he's made and says, "You know what this says, Mommy? It says 'No Mommies are allowed to say no.' That's what it says."

And last night, he had my computer beside him and told me that if I wanted it, I would have to pay him money to buy it from him. So funny. It's already mine, Kiddo!

He's been kinda moody too, but I think that has more to do with the excitement of travel plans and life trying to get back to somewhat normal.

Boy2 has been doing/saying cute things too. Whenever I say no to him, what he says is "How 'bout you think about it, Mom?" So, for an example :"Mom, I want to sleep in the tent at a beach." "Ummm..... No" "How 'bout you think about it, Mom?"

He spent 45 minutes this morning washing dishes. They were all done, the sink was empty, and he pulled the chair up and told me he wanted to do dishes. So I put lukewarm water in the sink and got out some of our plastic dishes for him to "wash". Five minutes later, "I need more!"

The Girl is becoming more and more stubborn when it comes to sleeping. Every nap and bedtime has turned into a struggle with her trying to squirm and keep herself awake. Maybe she's been spending too much time talking to her oldest brother...

But she's a real pro at getting up the stairs. She's started trying (or at least attempting) to climb over the baby gates. She really does hate missing out on the action.

We've been busy getting things together and organized for this trip. I really don't know who is the most excited. It's quite probably a toss up for everyone here at chez Macintyre. Except maybe the Girl. I don't think she really knows what's coming, or cares as long as Mommy and Daddy are there.

I spent the morning making coats for some stuffed animals. Teddy and Dragon were cold and they needed something to keep them warm on our trip. So here is what I did for them. Then Triceratops and Froggy needed one too.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

past couple of days

Aunty Jelly has come out for a couple of days to help me with lifting. So here is Uncle Peanut Butter, Jelly and Peanut Butter's baby Hunnybun. The Girl has now developed a taste for beef. She's nomming on the bone from Daddy's steak. The boys never would have put it in their mouths.... they'd have looked at it, smelled it, then thrown it on the floor. She's staring to take after Daddy a bit more :) The Boy dragged down his blanket and ended up leaving it on the floor. The Girl started to play peek-a-boo with it. Boy2 loves reading and is thrilled that there is a new baby in the house that he can read to.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

More pictures

Just a quick couple of pictures. Boys sleeping in the tent, the Girl peeking over a chair, the beautiful moon I saw when I woke up one morning, a sleeping tired Girl, and sharing cheerios.

Monday, July 25, 2011

tents and sleeping bags

Today we spent a bit of money. Had to. We have holidays coming up (the first vacation for us as a couple EVER as well as the first holiday in far too many years personally for both of us) and we're heading out of town.

Since it is summer, and our little family has grown, we've decided that we are going to tent-it for or vacation. Yep. That's right. So we picked up sleeping bags so we all have one, a tent that we'll all fit in, and we're going to sleep in tents for two weeks. (Likely we'll bring the air mattress, since I am still convalescing.)

We were going to set up the brand new big tent in the back yard and give it a test run. We even picked up a new flash light since the boys have toasted all of our current ones and we'd need it for the midnight bathroom runs. However, we are under a thunderstorm watch, so instead the Boy has been bullying me into setting up the little 2-person tent.

I told him that the living room had to be cleaned. He tidied and got out the vacuum cleaner. Daddy got out the tent, we got it set up, and they got their sleeping bags and pillows in there. Now they are bugging me so they can put jammies on and have supper so they can spend the night in their sleeping bags in the tent in the living room. I never thought I'd see the day they would be THIS excited for bedtime.

But I am really looking forward to this little holiday. We'll leave right after church and head down to Strathmore for the ordination of a colleague of Hubby's, then Monday we'll head out to Amma's. After a few days, we'll start making our way east to spend time in Manitoba with Grandma and Grandpa.

And tenting in the backyards. It's gonna be fun! (Well, interesting at least. I will have the computer and camera with me, so I will try to update with pictures when I can )

Sunday, July 24, 2011

bread and fruit

Just a few pictures from the last couple of weeks. Ladybug came and stayed with us for nearly two weeks, and we said goodbye to her this evening when we took her out to Seba Beach to the family acreage. The boys were very sad to see her go. While she was here, she gave the Girl her very first manicure and pedicure ( those little nails looked so cute!)

And here is the Girl reaching for the camera, and sharing some snack with the Boy. There is alot of food sharing in this house. Tonight we had BBQ trout. So the boys ate sandwiches (no clue how they got so picky...) and then the Boy asked for another one, so Hubby got up and made it. Then I looked and saw that he had given his crust to his sister! "Did you give her your crust?" (silly question, I know, especially when I knew the answer). "No, Momma. I'm sharing my crust with her!" That sneaky little boy knows how to get around trouble!

Some friends went to BC and brought back some fruit that they've graciously shared with us. (Yummmm. Cherries and apricots!) When Boy2 started eating them, he was very careful, looking for a pit. "Mommy? Do these have yolks?" (meaning, of course, pits). It was too funny!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

It's out!

Another Saturday. But this time, I have no drain and no gallbladder. That's right. It was finally taken out. I got a call from the hospital Wednesday night telling me to come in Thursday afternoon for 2. So we did. As I was getting settled in and talking with the nurse, she said it was most likely that I'd go in the next morning. Ten minutes later, the resident came in to talk with me and told me that it would be that night, just not sure when. While he was there, the nurse came back and told me they'd called for me to be brought down.

So, I was at the hospital for 2 and was being wheeled down for surgery by 4-ish. And I was back in my room before 8pm. I got my own room too! Of all of the stays I've had in hospitals, I've never had my own room, but this time I did. So when the resident came back at 6:30 in the morning to tell me I could go home, my first thought was "Really?" and my second was "But I just got here. I haven't even had time to enjoy my room." But the pull for home was too high. I'm sure if I had said that I wasn't comfortable going home I could have stayed, but I enjoy being home even if I'm back to being a bump on a log.

I was so happy that the surgeon was able to take my gallbladder out lapriscopically, instead of having to make a bigger incision. The recovery time will be much shorter. Before I was put under, the anesthesiologist said that it was common to feel tender post-operation. I may feel like I had just gone to the gym, alot of muscles would be sore. I felt like I'd been run over by a truck! So sore.

Now it's better, though. It's worse in transition. Once I'm up or down I'm good. Getting to either position is a little tender. I can hardly wait until I came sleep on my sides without hurting, though. Since that will be one step closer to sleeping on my tummy.

The boys are thrilled that I'm home, although I tried to tell them that even though the sick part of my tummy is better, I still can't do everything for a little while. The Boy understands a bit more. I told him the as long as I'm good and only do what I'm supposed to, I won't have to go back to the hospital. Boy2 sat on my bed yesterday afternoon asking if kisses would help me get better. I always welcome kisses!

Since the Girl is more squirmy and stubborn than she was a month ago, I can't even snuggle her to sleep like I did when I first had the drain put in. If she doesn't want to, there is no making her!

I'm going to nap now. Hubby took the kids to the museum, and while I'm typing this while laying down, I think my eyes need to close for a bit.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

they're done!

I finally finished the sewing project I technically started in May. Bought the fabric, went into the hospital. Go to finally wash the fabric, the washer dies. Replace the washer, wash and iron the fabric, go into the hospital. And then go back to the hospital again a week later. Then, cuz of the drain, I didn't think it would be good to lean over to cut the pattern out, so it sat. And sat. Then, while Hubby's been at National Convention, I got my helper Ladybug to bring the machine up and I went to town (so to speak).

But I think I was more excited about completing them than the boys were :)

Hubby comes home today. I was getting a little tired of the kids asking when Daddy would be back, and yesterday morning the boys crept in our room and whispered "nope. Daddy's not here yet." Really cute.

But there have been phone calls. The first morning, we were sitting on the couch, and I put it on speaker so they could hear Daddy better and Daddy could hear them too. The Girl was very excited to hear Daddy's voice at first, but quickly started crying when she realized that Daddy's body wasn't where his voice was coming from. It was just too weird for her.

I am very grateful that Ladybug has been able to spend this time up here. It's been good for the boys and I think it's been good for her too. Nothing quite like getting out of the house and being (essentially) a full time parent for a few days to broaden a 14 year old's views on life. And she'll still be here for most of the week, so Hubby may be able to get into the office for a bit. As well, if my surgery happens when they want it to, she'll be here for a day or two after as well. Which is a big help.

Then she'll leave for the family acreage at Seba Beach and my sister-in-law (Auntie Jelly) has offered to stay for a few days post operation as well, so I am feeling that we're pretty ready for this weekend (*crossed fingers* and *knocking on wood*).

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Here the Girl is trying to help Boy2 play music.

The Boy doing one of his favorite activities.

The whole gang getting ready to go to Fort Edmonton for Canada Day. Grandpa and the boys as we stand in line, waiting in line to get into the fort. The Girl smiling as she was waiting. The train that took us back in time to 1905, with a shot of the kids during the ride. The Penny Farthing. The Boy was amazed that someone could ride something that tall! Daddy and Boy2 catching a snuggle and sleep before we went out to go fishing. Daddy and Boy2 prepping the line. The boys found a tree to climb. We made duck hats for a craft one of these past few rainy days. They were sitting in the chair together telling each other they were best friends.
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Monday, July 11, 2011

the things kids say!

Figure I should probably write a bit more tonight, since I'm not sure how the rest of the week will turn out. Hubby is going to be going to Saskatoon for the ELCiC National Convention. It will give him a bit of a break from the routine that's developed from me not being able to do much. So he won't have to get up with the Girl for her nighttime feeding. Instead, he'll be staying up talking and networking after the conference closes for the day.

So a friend from Lethbridge has offered me the use of her teenaged daughter to help out while Hubby is gone. I'm sure we'll have fun, but I think Ladybug may be in for a bit of a shock. We've only seen her occasionally in the last few years, and never for all that long at a time, so she may end up with a fear of young children after this is all over. :)

This afternoon, we visited with some friends who are hoping to move to the BC interior before winter strikes. The boys kept the husband busy. They found flashlights and went monster hunting nearly the whole time. Every time they'd come back, Boy2 would say "I think I hear something. It's a monster! We need to go get it!" and off he'd go, grab a hand and start tugging.

This morning, the boys were sitting on our bed. The Boy looked down and said "My feet are getting bigger." (We were at the shoe store yesterday and he wanted new shoes, so I told him we'd get them in the fall for school since his feet were going to grow between now and then) So I told him, yes, his feet were growing because the rest of him was growing too. Then Boy2 sits up and says "Yep, and my penis is growing too. Just like my body. It's gonna get bigger and bigger." As I'm trying to keep a straight face, the Boy adds "Just like Daddy's!" That was it. I'm sure my face was red, and I know I started chuckling a bit. But they were so serious!

We've gotten into a routine where, if the Girl wakes up really early, Hubby brings her to me and we cuddle for a while. I'm always so happy went she falls asleep, but it's kinda hard to be upset with her since she's always so happy when she wakes up. She'll lay there, talk to her num, touch my face, and just babble to herself. But this morning she let me sleep until 7. Bliss!

On our way home from the store today, the Boy said something to Boy2 to get a reaction out of him. Needless to say, the reaction came so he repeated it and leaned towards Boy2 within reach and he was hit. Having achieved this, he felt justified in pinching Boy2 on the hand. Do brothers ever know which buttons to push! They both got in trouble for that one!

And I had a cholangiogram done on Friday. I was injected with radioactive dye and given x-rays. From my observation of the screen (remembering that I am not a diagnostician) I think that my duct is still blocked. I know that the surgeon is wanting to take the gallbladder out lapriscopically, but I can't really see how that may be feasible if the inflammation is up and the stones are getting in the way. So I'm preparing myself mentally for the bigger incision and the longer recovery time. Oh well.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011


It's been a pretty good week. We had fun with Grandma and Grandpa over the weekend. Fort Edmonton was fun and exciting for Canada Day festivities followed by a BBQ supper and roasted marshmallows. The kids really enjoyed having Hubby's dad and step-mom out from Manitoba. On Sunday when Boy2 realized they weren't coming over, he started to throw a full out tantrum because he wanted Grandpa to come back. Needed his num and everything!

But, I saw the surgeon yesterday. That was good. She thinks the stone is back blocking the duct, so we'll have some diagnostic imaging done. And since the surgeons are all booked through to the end of the month, I'm on the emergency surgery list. So they call me, I go in to the ER and wait until they can get me done. Fasting (of course) so if they aren't able to get me in because other emergencies happen, I find out at 8 pm. Then I go home, gorge because I'm starving, then come back the next day to repeat the process. Hopefully it will happen the first day (which will likely be the 21st) but she seemed pretty confident that the absolute last day I'll have my gall bladder will be the 23rd. So we go with that.

Until then I have this drain stuck in my abdomen. Hubby has a conference in Saskatoon the 13-17 and a very good friend of mine in Lethbridge has graciously rented out her 14 year old daughter to come out to help while Hubby's gone. I'm looking forward to having Ladybug out here to help. I'm sure the kids will keep her on her toes!

This afternoon we got out the little wading pool again. This time the Girl was more interested in the goings-on of the boys than what the grass felt like, so she got right in there and soaking wet as well. Not to mention filthy. But that's alright. The dryer decided it wasn't going to work Sunday afternoon, so we called the repairman and bought some clothesline. The fix was quick, but we're going to use the line anyways. The Boy "helped" Daddy put it up, so every time a new load gets hung up, he's out there helping put them up. Every once in a while he goes out to check and see if they're dry yet. He's really proud of that clothes line.

This evening, Boy2 came up to me with a little piece of paper that he had "written" on. He asked me to come sit beside him so he could "talk the words" of his story. So we sat down and he "read" a story he had written to me. It was so adorable! These serious blue eyes following the scribble on a scrap piece of paper.

All three kids have runny noses. Hubby gave it to them. I just hope it moves through their systems quickly so I don't get it. I don't really want that on top of everything else.