Friday, October 24, 2014

catching up!

Way way way way WAY too long since I've posted.  Crazy busy with life, but that really shouldn't be an excuse.  So my apologies for those who like to keep updated and I am not holding up my end.

School is in full swing with nearly two months down. Lots of driving for me, between getting boys to school and Girlie to preschool.  It's been amazing as always watching the personalities and understanding grow in these children!  Smarty and Sergeant enjoy their reading and are more than capable in their understanding in what they read.  Some of the conversations we have! Out of the blue topics like "Was Jacob a sinner?" "What does the eye of a needle mean?" "How did we grow in your tummy?" "Mom, did you know that your eggs are so tiny you can't see them?!" some very heavy discussions and some lighter ones too.

Monkey is talking!!  And lots!  She is loving being more clearly understood, and we are obviously loving being told what to do and where to go by that adorable toddler.  She really is such a tyrant!  Yesterday we went to a Halloween party at the school and the kids were so excited that they were ready way ahead of time so I told them to sit and read for two minutes while Daddy and I finished getting ready.  Well, more than two minutes later she was telling Dad that it was time to leave because mom said two minutes and she kept pointing at the clock on the wall.  Two minutes were obviously over.

I think she gets all that cute and attitude from her big sister.  Wow, Girlie might be four but she's going on sixteen!  I simply can't wait until she really is a teenager! oh, give us strength!  But they are both so cute and have no shame, which is exactly how we want them to be.  We're working of curbing and focusing all of that, though.  I managed to convince Girlie to be a tiger for Halloween and Monkey is going to be a caterpillar.  The world's most adorable caterpillar.

Sergeant is going as Iron Man and Smarty as Batman.  "I hate this place" (points to anyone who gets that reference!). Smarty has joined the running club at school which runs two afternoons a week after school and is nearly over, I believe.  Smarty was disappointed that he isn't old enough for that yet, but it's only for grades 3-6. And, as something for us to do together, the boys and I have started tae kwon do two evenings a week while Daddy does tea parties and bedtime with the girls. So both the boys and I are working on our kicks and punches, doing push ups and hitting things while the girls and Dad have their bonding time.  Working out so far! and my muscles have been sore, so I know something is working!

Hubby went away for a couple of weeks at the end of September but has been back and super busy with work ever since.  Sorting out the commute, uniforms, where he needs to be in a day, all that fun stuff. Health wise he's doing pretty good so far as we know. Keeping up with the suggested follow up of blood tests and scans to stay on top of anything that might show up.  So far he's still clear, though.  Very, very grateful for that.

I lost most of my voice this week, but this afternoon it seems to be back.  Thankfully! I hate not being able to sing along to the music I have playing or to the kids.  And it's always better to be able to use your full voice when trying to get a child's attention!