Monday, February 28, 2011

cool pics!

We found Boy2's sunglasses and he HAD to wear them rocking away to the TV. I think the Boy was complaining about the noise.

And we did an awesome craft for Sunday School for Matthew 6:24-34. I was so proud of them!

Saturday, February 26, 2011

toddler hugs and baby kisses

I started blogging earlier this week, but the kids wouldn't really let me have the time to devote to it, so it'll wait for another time.

It's definitely been one of "those" weeks: the kids got colds, no one is really sleeping that well, and the regular February "blahs". All I can say is that March and the (hopefully) spring it will bring cannot come fast enough.

I've spent time coloring dinosaur pictures, making origami dinosaurs, drawing crocodiles and frogs, and cleaning up paint. Wiping noses, administering medicine, and giving glasses of cold water. Then, at the end of the day, I hold my little Girl (after two or three really good nights she's back to wanting to sleep half the night in bed beside me) and Hubby and I watch TV and talk about the day. As much as I may complain about the kids, I really wouldn't trade them for anything at all.

Today we got started pretty early. 6 am is not for the faint of heart. But the boys wanted haircuts like Daddy's, so Daddy got out the buzzers and buzzed away.

The "big mall" was on the agenda this morning, so we loaded up and left. Four hours later we returned home. Three hours of walking the mall (boy, was I nearly ready to pull some hair but I remind myself that they really are usually good, and they were just tired and overstimulated), half hour of going on a slurpee hunt (I realize that slurpees aren't really February treats, but we had a craving) and there were no working slurpee machines anywhere! Then a quick stop at a store just this side on Edmonton and we were home.

Since the Boy doesn't like sleep, and the Girl slept in the van, Mommy and Daddy didn't get the nap they were hoping for, but it is just before seven now as I write this and all three children are currently asleep. Now that makes a Momma happy!

Yesterday we had pasta (so tasty! I use hot Italian sausage in a sour cream based sauce. SO GOOD!) and we decided to use bow pasta. The Boy looked at it and said "I don't like this." To which I replied "It's noodles. Of course you like it!" He looked at it closer and said "It's frog feet! I like frog feet." and he proceeded to eat two bowls of it. Then, tonight when we had left overs, he saw the sour cream on the counter and asked for some on his pasta. He was actually doing a "happy dance" as Daddy was putting it on! He really does love his sour cream!

Boy2 has been a regular sweetheart (alternating with holy terror). Whenever he senses that Daddy or Mommy is upset or frustrated he comes up to us and gives us big hugs. I mean HUGE hugs. He didn't let go of Daddy for five whole minutes!

The Girl has been growing (of course). She absolutely LOVES to nom on pizza crust and bread. Apple sauce is pretty tasty too. There have been times when I'm trying to put her to sleep that she pulls my head to hers. I then proceed to kiss her until she falls asleep. She really does love kisses.

Picture updates

Here are a couple of photos from the last month and a bit. The Girl's first experience with peas, sleeping with Daddy, sitting with Mommy at the computer, the boys reading to each other (the Boy will occasionally read to Boy2 if he's really upset), and the mess that is our living room (they had just dumped out the pencil crayons and were making "pencil

angels". I wasn't fast enough with the camera to get them in action). It's been a fun winter!

Monday, February 21, 2011

sing along

My kids are growing up. Now, I know that's not exactly a news flash, nor are they ready to move out, but there are those precious moments where I can see their character forming and get the tiniest glimpses of their more grown-up selves.

Yesterday, we drove into Edmonton to visit the Peanut Butter and Jelly part of our family (they blog here, but I think I've mentioned that before). On our way in the Guess Who played oin the radio "Running Back to Saskatoon". My boys absolutely LOVE the Guess Who. The CD's are in the stereo right now. As soon as the boys heard the opening chords, they got really excited and started singing and singing.

When we got in, the first thing they said was "Guess Who was playing! Guess Who was playing!" Aunty Jelly started trying to guess who was on the radio until we said "No, it was the group Guess Who."

When we left and got back into the truck, they Boy asked if Spruce Grove was after Atcheson (he's becoming more aware of distance and the purpose of maps). Then every once in a while, he'd ask if we were in a certain place yet.

Boy2 was singing along to the radio, the Girl was sleeping, but my Boy was looking around and making sure we were going the right way.

Nearly every morning, I have to disappoint my kids. They rush down, hoping to find relatives sleeping on the futons, or ask if today is when their cousins are coming. It's heartbreaking, really. There was a truck parked across the street that looked alot like a friend of ours' so the Boy sat on the chair, waiting for the friends to come in. Even after I told him it was a truck for the neighbours and not us, he was convinced that it was a matter of mintures before these friends would walk through the doors.

Today, however isn't a disappointment. After lunch we have a birthday party and then supper with friends. The only disappointment was that we couldn't have lunch right after supper!

Friday, February 18, 2011

morning musings

For as crazy-tired everyone seems to be, these last 15 minutes have been blissfully quiet. (Of course having said that, chaos will follow in T minus 10. In 10, 9, 8, 7, 6...)

Boy2 has had no fewer than 10 meltdowns in the two hours we've been up. Almost asleep twice. (make that three times)

The Boy is doing alright, provided his brother doesn't try to steal his toys or read his books.

My Girl just woke up from a nap, and is asking me as politely as she knows how (yeah, I know) that I need to stop ignoring her.

It's a good thing I enjoy reading to the kids and don't mind the mess that is our home (well, it does bug me, but not quite to the point where I'm going to clean yet. Maybe in an hour). I'm the only one not currently dressed and I don't know if I will much before lunch today (just 'cuz).

Yesterday we made trace out of the Boy and Boy2's bodies and Daddy drew in the bones. That was SO COOL! The Boy loves doing stuff like that. He also loves playing with our new blue palydough (we made it the other day... instead of food colouring, I put in some powdered tempura paint. SUCH a vivid colour!) but I haven't let him play with it much since he's not been listening too well and the last thing I need is bright blue spots on my carpet!

Boy2 has been listening to the sound track of Curious George (Jack Johnson for those who may want to look). He sings along, sometimes standing on the stage that is the coffee table playing his ukulele. He's going to be a musician, I just know it. He is also currently "reading" a book to his little sister. He really is such a thoughtful little boy (when he's not biting his older brother!)

That Girl had a really good couple of days. She actually went two whole days without biting me while nursing, but early this morning she broke the skin. Not fun.

She really does love her brothers, though. They roar, she roars. They act goofy, she giggles like nothin' on earth. She may just be the type of sister who eggs her brothers on, because they already will do almost anything to get her to laugh.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

fun times

The other night we had a friend over. (You can find his blog here) And he is the most awesome person in the world to two little boys. He got attacked with books before his shoes were off, and by bedtime they were playing games on his phone.

Now, Cowboy has a voice recording app for his phone. He set it up and told the boys to talk into it. So they did. They must not have really grasped the concept, though, since the Boy said "Hello? Hello? It's not working!" Then when it was played back, he tried to answer himself!

When it was becoming evident that bedtime was soon approaching, I handed the Girl off to Cowboyand I took my little boys up the stairs to change into their pajamas. The Girl was just fine until I disappeared up the stairs. The world just collapsed!

Apparently, Daddy came to the rescue and whisked her to safety, but she kept yelling and screaming, stopping only to look over her shoulder and glare accusingly at the reason for Mommy's disappearance (who really understands baby logic? Cowboy was holding her when Mom disappeared, therefore it was his fault Mommy was gone).

For some reason, this household is tired and cranky. Don't really know why.... Kids go to sleep at a decent time, Mommy and Daddy try to do the same, but for some reason the boys wake up tired and we wake up tired.

I was thinking that it had something to do with Daddy being gone last week and we're just trying to get back to normal, but I don't really know.... When little boys are in bed and asleep before 7 and sleep (mostly) through until somewhere between 6 and 7, you'd think they'd be getting enough rest. (Must be those darned nightmares that make for restless sleeps)

This Morning, Boy2 has had meltdown after meltdown. When I ask what the real problem is, all he says is either "because" or "sorry, Mom". Then he and his big brother changed the topic and were trying to tell me that we needed another baby in my tummy. "Another Girl" said the Boy. Boy2 just nodded in serious agreement (the ONLY thing they agreed on this morning!) with those beautiful eyes so intent. We'll see, boys.

The Boy is at preschool and I'm going to take the younger two with me to see if we can register him in Kindergarten for the fall. His speech is going along wonderfully and we see diction improvements (even though the speech therapist is working solely on his "angry cat sound" /f/ some of the other sounds seem to be coming too).

Boy2 like to "practice" speech as well since big brother is doing it too. He exaggerates sounds when he thinks they should be present (even if the sound is not in the word he's trying to say!).

My Girl is talking too. Actually, it's more like growling. SHe was in her exersaucer this morning, happy and jumping, but she was growling. I looked at her, then around at her brothers then to Hubby and said "Do you think she does that because she's surrounded by dinosaurs all the time?" Hubby's response? "Probably."

Sunday, February 13, 2011


Just a couple of funny anecdotes...

The Boy, while trying to get his jammies on, looked my way. I was holding the Girl on my hip and talking to Hubby. Out of nowhere he asks "Is there a new baby in your tummy, Mommy?" Guess I should try to exercise a little more...

We went to the pool this afternoon. On our way there, the Boy and Boy2 decided to play peek-a-boo with their sister. They'd move so their faces were out of sight, say "Where am I?" "Peek-a-boo!" over and over again. I love the sound of those giggles!

The other day, after nap time, the Boy came down and told me "I wanna watch MASH with Captn Hunny." Too funny!

This afternoon a member of the congregation who is moving gave the boys some musical instruments. The Boy got a tongue drum, and Boy2 got a ukulele. They were the absolute best things in the world! Boy2 loves guitars. He was given a toy one with batteries for Christmas, but he still prefers to use the broom as one. Hopefully that will change now...

The Girl spent a large portion of the day giving me "kisses". She seems to really enjoy the taste of flesh, she she'll suck on my chin. When she's tired, sometimes she'll still refuse her num, and I'll have just finished nursing, so she'll suck on the heel of my hand or a knuckle. Those are really sharp teeth...

She also has started saying "Ma!". (At least that's what it sounds like... it could mean anything from "mommy" to "milk" to "come and pick me up, NOW!" any way you look at it, I guess she's calling for me...) It is a little odd to hear the talking and giggling coming from the next room at 2 am.

Another song that has been sung ad infinitum these last couple of days is this one. Boy2 said that Daddy had to sing it at supper last night. Daddy couldn't remember how it went, but between myself and Boy2, we reminded him.

Friday, February 11, 2011


We went to visit my new nephew today (and his mom, but moms generally don't count when there are babies around, I've noticed)It was a good visit, but I forgot my camera (what a poor auntie I make!)

On our way out, the Boy was horsing around (as he does) and fell on thew ice and scraped his upper lip. When we got back into town, he said he didn't want to go grocery shopping when he had his scrape. "People will laugh at me." Oh, Sweetheart! No one will laugh! My poor self-conscious boy!

The Girl is all giggles and horse lips lately. Toes are amazing things to hold! I got her a sippy (since she's all eyes whenever we eat or drink) and it's pretty good, but she's a little unclear on the concept of sucking the liquid out. It'll come.

Boy2 is determined to be the cause of everything. If I made a mess, he says no, he made the mess. If the Boy wakes up his sister, no, he did it. I'm tempted to start calling him "I Dunnit" just because!

I am so glad Hubby is home. The Boy had no naps at all this week, but today he did. Everybody was able to have a nap today, and I'm guessing that it's because life is now back to normal. It isn't normal to have Daddy away on a trip.

Since our lives are returning back to normal, we're back to "No, I want Mommy" for dressing after bath. If Mom bathes the kids, they usually want Daddy to dress them, but Hubby wanted to do both last night and he got an earful! Boy2 was NOT letting Daddy dress him. Oh, well.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011


"The biggest snake you've ever seen. Green anaconda, green anaconda. Twenty feet and coloured green. Green anaconda, green anaconda." Green anaconda song is the song that Boy2 has been singing at every meal for the last two days. It's cute, but it sticks in the head.

The Girl is grabbing for things, giggling lots, and playing with her toes. I'm just waiting for the first time they end up in her mouth. I remember the first time for the Boy...

The boys have been determined to get on my nerves these last couple of days. (I know they aren't doing it on purpose, it's just as diifcult for them when Daddy's gone) The yelling, biting, screaming, jumping, stomping, crying seems less when he's home.

My day is starting to look a little full, though. So that's good. I was thinking of visiting my sister-in-law this afternoon after speech, but she's having her baby (unless it came last night) so we may visit her in the hospital if she's up for it and the kids aren't crazy.

Bible study this morning (it'll be weird without Hubby to lead the discussion), lunch, then speech for the Boy. And likely another early night for the kids. I'm giving up on the underwear for the rest of this week, and we'll try it again when things are a little more normal.

Daddy comes home tomorrow afternoon!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

potty and underwear

I likely need to have my head examined... Why do I choose to take the diapers away from Boy2 on the week Daddy's away? No accident this morning before preschool, didn't pee in his pull up while we were out, threw a fit when I asked him to try going pee, then sits on the floor not two minutes later and pees his pants! Aaaarrrggghhh!

But the Boy is a great cheerleader for him. Whenever he goes, he encourages his brother to go too. That makes me smile!

So far, though, the morning has been pretty good. My short fuse seems a little bit longer so far and we all made it out of the house on time. The younger two were good at the store (I ran out of coffee and felt like a treat).

Spoke too soon. Boy2 just pooped in his underpants..... YUCK! Oh, well. THe benefit from having done this before is knowing that this will only be a dim memory in a year or two (hopefully we won't still be trying to toilet train).

Monday, February 7, 2011


Hubby has been gone for less than 7 hours and Oh, how I miss him! I realize that for many, a three day holiday from a spouse is welcome. I really don't like having him gone.

It isn't the fact that we have three young children and I need his help (although I love having him around to help especially in the evenings with overtired everybody), it isn't that I enjoy having the dishes done by the time I come back down after putting the kids to bed (although I do), and it isn't that I don't like sleeping alone (although I don't). The biggest reason I don't like it when he leaves is that I miss the converstion.

We are always talking. Talking about our thoughts, the kids, solving the world's problems according to us. It probably doesn't help that my mind tends to go into overdrive whenever he's out of town.... "What if's " play over in my head until I realize what's happening. That I settle myself down back to reality just in time for it to start up again.

This morning, neither boy wanted Daddy to leave. The Boy was crying because he couldn't go too. So he packed a bag of toys and books to get ready for his long trip. At snack, lunch, and supper, they were asking when Daddy would be home.

No one seems to sleep well when he's gone, but the days will be filled. We drew some pictures, made cookies, and a couple of puppets today. Wonder what tomorrow will hold?

Thursday, February 3, 2011

thoughts on life according to me

This may not make much cohesive sense, and I apologize.

I love all three of my children. I love watching how they interact with each other and other people, children and adults alike. I enjoy having one on one time with them, and encouraging their individual personalities to grow as parts of the whole family as well as apart from the whole unit. (I realize that this will become more pronounced as they grow and need more independance)

It is important for children to learn that they are part of a whole, as well as a whole entity too. I strongly feel, though, that culturally we've lost the prespective that we are not only individuals, but also community. Too many parents encourage their children to focus solely inward to the point where they don't have to see the people around them.

Yesterday I was at a bible study and we're following the lectionary. We started talking abpout service and how when we spend ourselves in service of others, we gain so much. That reminded me of growing up. Every time I felt down, left out, alone, and feeling sorry for myself, my parents encouraged me towards service based on the thought that "when you lose yourself in service, you find yourself." I may now take that one step further and say that when you lose yourself in service you find Christ, and it is through Christ that all things are possible.

The idea of grace is that there is absolutely nothing we can do that will bring us to God. We constantly turn away. We can't help it. That is what Sin is. Where grace comes in is that we look to Christ and depend solely on the grace that comes. No matter how hard we try to swim, we never get closer to shore (thanks Hubby, for the analogy!). But the lifebelt is alway there.

When children (and people in general) realize there is more out there than themselves, that there is hope in a borken world, the seeds of compassion are sewn and they come to understand that living a life is more than just doing what you want as long as it doesn't hurt anyone else. It's being in community. It's being there for people in the community and letting them be there for you.

Our little family has been richly blessed by people. People in relationship with us, people in relationship with the Creator. Without their support and prayers, things over the last few years would have been unbearable.

Thank you.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Morning thoughts

It's kinda funny how things cycle around. For a few days all the kids want to colour are Thomas the Tank Engine. Then it's alphabets, then dinosaurs, and now it's monster trucks. All I can really say is that I'm so grateful for the internet and google. Free printable colouring pages!

This morning, the first thing the Boy asked me (aside from wether or not it was morning time) was for me to please take down the dino books. The boys have quite a few books on dinos, but the more graphic ones were put up and out of reach when behaviour and dreams started getting out of control. This morning I've taken them down.... I hope it wasn't a mistake...

Anyways, gotta go make some muffins. I promised the kids Monday, so I'd better get cracking!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

silly things

Yesterday morning while we were eating breakfast, the Boy starts talking to me about his friend Thomas who lives in Africa. That's what he said, at least. I thought "Hey, he must be talking about his preschool penpal in Romania." Nope. Lives in Africa. Then he starts going on about going to the train station to go and visit him. Hmmmm. Suddenly Sir Toppham Hat gets into the conversation. The Boys starts off in search of the phone so he can call Sir Toppham Hat about Thomas. Too funny!

The last week has been rather stressful on this branch of the Macintyre clan, so yesterday evening, we went to "the big mall with the big pirate ship" (aka: West Edmonton Mall). All the way there, both boys were talking about a sick volcano, and how we had to go visit it in the hospital. This morning as we were going back into Edmonton for a dentist appointment for the Boy, Boy2 was saying that Rudy (who, by the way, lives in Dinosaur World) was chasing us. "Don't Worry. Daddy can drive faster than any dinosaur!"

Tonight at supper, Hubby started singing the Cops song ( you know, "Bad boys, bad boys. Whatcha gonna do? Watcha gonna do when they come for you?"). He only sang that part once, then sat down. Boy2 started "feelin' the beat" and started copying Daddy. The Boy started in too. I could hardly finish eating, I was laughing so hard!

I actually convinced the Boy to eat chilli the other day. He doesn't like trying new things, and for a while there I was a short order cook, making a separate meal for the kids than what we were eating. Mid fall we decided it was enough, but it's still a struggle at times. Anyway, do you know what convinced him to try it (and eventually he said he liked it)? I told him that beans give a person gas, so if he wanted gas, he had to eat the beans. I NEVER thought I'd be the one to encourage that humour in my children! Boys will be boys!

My little Girl started taking a soother! I left her with Daddy a couple of times last week (for the Boy's speech and for a practice) and she apparently just yelled the whole time. So Hubby got out a new soother (I thought we'd tried every nub, but I guess we hadn't) and she took it! Since then, she'll take it just for something to nom on. (Those teeth require quite a bit of nomming!)