Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Bike buddy

Bikes are awesome. Bikes with baskets are awesome. Bikes with training wheels are great. Bikes with a bike buddy is even more fun. This weekend we’ve put a lot of family time into the quality time bank account to discover these things.

I have not sat on a bicycle for a couple of decades. Stationary one, yes. Street bikes, no. So, this spring we decided that we would invest in this activity for everyone, especially since we only have one child still with training wheels on her bike. Sergeant needed a new bike, Monkey needed a new bike, and Momma and Daddy needed ones too. We got new bike handles for Girlie, made sure everyone had a helmet that fit, and we took off. There is absolute truth to the saying that you never forget how to ride a bicycle!

After church on Sunday we picked up the new bikes and helmets for Hubby and I. Then after lunch we went out. A little wobbly on the start off, but it was fun! We went and went, through the trails, Daddy in the front followed in birth order by the littles, with Mommy keeping an eye on Monkey. She had a tumble and scraped her knee, but she was a real trooper!

Later in the day, the three biggers went out again with daddy and a friend and two of his kids while Monkey stayed behind with me. We did a repeat on Monday afternoon, but with both families going, and the mommas and the youngests of the two families heading home earlier again with the older ones and the daddies going farther. Training wheels and little legs can only go so far! So, when a friend told me about someone she knew selling their gently used bike buddy, we jumped at it!

The girls and I picked it up while the boys finished up their piano lessons with Dad, then we attached it to Dad’s bike and they went for a test drive. The look on Monkey’s face when they came back up to the house was amazing! She was simply beaming!

Yesterday morning the three younger ones and I biked to the school for drop off and pick up, then after supper we did a longer family ride with the bike buddy. We were out for about 40 minutes, just using the trails and sidewalks around town. It was amusing seeing the smiles on peoples faces as they saw the tandem bike at the front, followed by three more children, then the mom going all over the place. As the person bringing up the rear, seeing the 4.5 bikes in front of me brought a lot of happy to my heart.

My heart was so full, seeing them power up hills, race to get in front of each other in spots on the path, and not complain about the distance we were putting on. Smarty wants to ride his bike to school sometime, so Hubby will time that out with him over a weekend and we will plan when that can happen. I am more than happy to keep riding to the elementary school with the younger ones. Definitely a fantastic investment we’ve made this weekend!

Monday, May 8, 2017

bits and pieces

Three weeks ago we were coming home from an Easter visit to see family and were returning to snow. Two weeks ago the kids and I were shoveling out our driveway and side walk.  One week ago the youngest was still wearing her touque and gloves everywhere because she was cold still. This last weekend we had shorts and flip flops on and hats. Crazy weather cleared up just in time!

The count down was on, and we've now welcomed Hubby back home! He arrived super early this morning and returned baby Bear to Monkey's arms. It has been a terrific day with him, and I don't know who is happiest that he's in his own bed right now!

For tonight we did burgers and strawberry shortcake (just because), and right now everyone is tucked away into bed and are fast asleep. I think it was, hands down, the easiest bedtime in weeks! And Hubby is out like a light too. Jet lag is a crazy thing.

My coursework is moving along nicely. Learning and reviewing things, getting into some more memory intense learning. Not as much time for baking/cooking for fun, but we are managing to keep tasty food in everyone's bellies.

Preschool is wrapping up soon! I finished my last parent volunteer day last week, there's a Mother's Day tea on Wednesday, and there will only be a handful of classes left after that! Monkey is excited for kindergarten and being in the same school as Girlie and Sergeant.

Sergeant has finished up archery for the year and loved every minute of it! Smarty has joined up the spring league for basketball for his school, and this will be week #3 for him for that. I was so happy when he asked if he could join up. He is wanting to explore out of his regular comfort zone and try new things!! He does alright on the court too ;) I am so proud of those boys!