Saturday, October 29, 2016

Tunisia and India

We have been to North Africa. And that was a very fun culinary experience for me! Sergeant was looking at Tunisia in school, so that was where he wanted to go next. We looked at recipes, i found something I thought the children would enjoy, and he found a dessert he wanted to taste. So I made pasta and chicken bharat for supper last Friday. I really, really enjoyed combining the spices and following the recipe, smells of cinnamon and turmeric filled the house. I really enjoyed it, the kids didn't really care for it. It wasn't a vehement disgust, just... meh.

However, the dessert was WOW! I did them on Sunday, because of timing and plans, and they were a big hit. A pastry called "Yo-yos". They are a yeast doughnut with orange juice and zest dipped into a lemon honey for a glaze.  I'll definitely make them smaller next time, but there will be a next time! 

They were so so good! Definitely an unexpected flavour with all the citrus, as a friend or two pointed out when I shared the goods. And super duper sticky.

Last night we went to India for our weekly trip. Girly's choice. So the idea was to have chicken korma (which everyone loved!!) and tapioca pudding. Was going to make kheer, but I'll likely make that today or tomorrow instead. Mmmmmm.  Rice pudding....

And next week (might end up being the week after)Monkey wants to go to Peru. Hubby has made a few suggestions that he recalls having when he went there way back when, so that might mean that he and Monkey do that one.  We'll see how that goes.

Halloween costuming is well under way, Hubby has returned home from the field safely, crafting is continuing. I have added crochet to my list of things I've learned and developed in the last year, and I'm debating the idea of getting at table at the middle school's fundraising event and selling some things. Not sure if I'll have sufficient stock by the time it's on, but we'll see.

So things are moving along and everyone is staying busy. It is fantastic having Hubby back for a few weeks, and Monkey and I enjoyed a nice day yesterday with him being off work. Very surprised that there is no more white frozen stuff on the ground. That first weekend Hubby was away we had snow and ice and everything, but it's all gone now. Yay! We might not have to have snow suits under costumes on Monday!

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Off and Away!

He's off and away, just pulled out of the driveway with coffee in hand. Last night we had conversation at the dinner table checking in with the kids, seeing how they were doing, reminding them that Hubby was going to be leaving in the morning and wouldn't be home for a couple weeks. Monkey was given her family "homework" yesterday afternoon and wanted to do that with Dad, so they had that special time together.

I have emergency numbers in case I need to get a hold of people, I have a fantastic little community of people I can access to ensure I don't isolate myself. Life continues as normal, just a bit more lonely. It's only a couple of weeks.

We had parent teacher meetings for all the school aged children last week and Hubby was able to make all of those. It is always enlightening to hear about the way they interact outside of the home when we aren't present. No concerns for any of them academically, little social concern if any. We are blessed to have these amazing sponges of knowledge in our lives!

Sergeant has been taking "Who Would Win?" books out from the library and, even though he has read just about every single one, I had to read the two he brought home to the crew before bed last night. Polar bear vs Grizzly bear: Who would win? It was hilarious to read! Urusus maritimus (translation being: bear water) and Urusus arctos horibilis (translation being: bear bear really scary), which led to a language discussion on scientific naming. The word Antarctic: no bear. The word Arctic: Bear! There were so many giggles!

Today will be a hugs and cuddles kind of day for everyone. More slowing down and hugging, trying to be more patient as children sort through their feelings. I'm not going to cook supper (tons of leftovers in the fridge from the last couple evenings) so Smarty and I will do a bit of baking, rake up the yard before the forecast snow arrives tomorrow, and simply be. I have my list of what I would like to accomplish while Hubby is away. It's actually the same list I have had to do for the last few weeks, but I have given myself a hard deadline now, so that'll get done.

Girly got a new beanie boo. Little colourful stuffed animal that have invaded our house over the last few years. She raced through her "popcorn words" (sight words for class) so she got to pick a prize. Because she picked this little fuzz ball, the others dug theirs all out and we have been overrun again.
There are, apparently, a mommy, a daddy, assorted brothers and sisters, cousins, and babies. Sigh.  At least they are softer on the feet than cars or Lego.

Part of Smarty's academic goals was to look into different parts of the world and try other foods, so when I was doing up the week's meal plan the kids decided that we should "visit" Australia. So, since I am not going to order crocodile for us to prepare and eat, I have decided that we will have "snags and tomato sauce". That's all I'm telling the kids. But they will enjoy it. Hard to go wrong with ketchup and sausages. I'm having Smarty look up and research Australian cuisine and he'll tell his siblings what he finds tomorrow night when we take our little "trip". I'm excited for this exploration.

Wednesday, October 5, 2016


There have been times in the last month that have been more difficult. All the balls up in the air, trying to remember which ones to catch when, looking at other balls thinking "I need to pick that one up" then forgetting about it until right before the deadline is, making appointments, keeping appointments, rescheduling appointments, thinking about the future and shifting towards it.

I went on a school field trip with Smarty a couple weeks ago to a program called "City Slicker". The classes go to a local farm, learn about the growing of food both meat and vegetation, and then we went to the pavilion in Stony Plain where they talked more about safety and grains and animals. The children all had fun and I was so glad I was able to go with them. 

Miss Girlie has lost so many teeth recently I think the tooth fairy may need to take out a loan to pay for all the fruit she's getting! And tonight she had her first filling for a small cavity. Brave girl giggled most of the way through the procedure and the dentist said she's never had the pleasure of working on such a relaxed child in that chair. :) 

Sergeant is adjusting very well. At the end of each week the teacher gets them to write a little blurb to their caregivers about their weeks and signs off using the nickname I've given him here on the blog! He loves the affection of the name and is such a caring, smart child. After school yesterday he ran up to me all excited telling me about a new child just moving into their class, So friendly!

Monkey has had a rough couple weeks, even more rough few days more recently. A few weeks into her routine of preschool and chief errand runner with me has resulted in a few extra hugs and some bedtime regression. Added to that is the fact we decided that the time for her to have her num was done. So as of Sunday she hasn't had a soother. Leading up to the first night was rough, but the actual bedtime was fine. Monday was okay at naptime and fine at bedtime. Naptime Tuesday was the screaming fit from hell that lasted nearly an hour. Again, bedtime was okay. Today she fell asleep in the van and yelled for a little bit when I moved her, and bedtime was good. I hope the naptime yelling stops soon... I suppose if I don't put her down for a nap she can't throw a fit, but then it's not as pleasant an afternoon...

Pumpkin cinnamon buns with salted caramel frosting. I will copy the recipe and post it, but I made two double batches a couple weeks ago. The first round I accidentally forgot egg and sugar in the dough so I obviously HAD to make them again paying closer attention to the ingredients. WOW, is all I'll say. I've made them before, but I don't remember them being quite this amazing!! 

Also, I knit now. I decided to learn while we were crossing the country this summer (can't recall if I mentioned this before). But, I completed a scarf by the time we left Winnipeg, and I started a surprise for Hubby almost a month after we got here when I came across cadpat yarn. That is to say, yarn int the colour scheme of the cammo our Canadian troops wear. I worked on it during bedtimes he was away and at odd times of the day, and completed it his morning and gifted it to him when Monkey and I went out to the MFRC at the base this morning. I am so incredibly pleased with it and he has received many comments on it already. I wanted it done before he left for a few weeks and am thrilled that I met that goal :) Woot Woot!