Wednesday, March 30, 2011


It does seem that the less sleep I get, the better I function. Maybe it has something to do with the current sunshine, or the two hour long walk we did yesterday, but I seem to be feeling much better today than I have been in recent days. I haven't been down with a bug or anything, but I have had a lot of trouble motivating myself to do anything besides lay on the couch or sleep.

Doing pretty good today, though. The Girl was up every two hours or so last night, not really wanting to eat but just reaching out and holding my hand, arm, face, I think she just wanted to feel me there beside her. As a result I didn't get much sleep, but that doesn't seem to matter much today. The sun is shining, I can actually see some pavement on the street out front, the icicles are all melted off the roof..... Dare I say it? Could it be that spring may, perhaps, be here... finally?

We've even been able to (mostly) keep the toys downstairs where they belong! I will admit that I have given some serious thought to eating the kids when all they seem to do is fight over toys, books, sippy cups, plates, TV shows, who like ketchup and who doesn't (I think you get the picture) , and that was all before we left for the church for the lectionary bible study this morning!

But they are all currently sleeping. Good thing, too. With the Lenten midweek service tonight at 7:30, I really do prefer them to nap, since bedtime get pushed back.

Tomorrow the Boy goes in for dental surgery first thing in the morning. He has a few cavities and needs (I think) four baby root canals. So we have someone coming to look after Boy2 and we'll be bringing the Girl (since she still needs Mamma's milk) with us to the surgeon's. I think I'm a little nervous about it, but it'll be better for him after.

I do have to say that I'm enjoying our first Spring Break. No speech and no Preschool this week has meant that the Boy is napping a little bit more. Monday, Wednesday had become his nap days over the Christmas break, but with speech those days I think he's gotten more and more tired. I am grateful for this week and the less running around.

And I am really looking forward to the next week and a half. Hubby has a meeting for Campus Ministry in Calgary on April 9th, so he's taking a couple of days off and we're making it a mini-holiday. Calgary Zoo, here we come!!!!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Smiley babies!

Here are my two boys when they were about six months old. When I saw the one of the Boy, it reminded me so much of the Girl when she's laughing! I love their chubby cheeks!

Monday, March 28, 2011

teeth time!

As we were driving (really, whenever we are driving anywhere) the Boy likes to know where we are. He asks what road we're on, and where we are in relation to other places he knows. It's very strange for me to hear, mostly because I can't remember ever really caring about where we were as long as I knew the destination. I knew we'd get there because my parents said we would. It wasn't until I started driving that I learned about the directions (Hubby would likely say that I still don't get directions!).

So whenever the boys ask about this stuff (they both do it, just Boy2 usually does it when his brother isn't around) I answer their questions in awe. They seem to get it from their Dad. He said he could remember doing the same thing, but he'd attributed it to the fact that he'd known quite a few truckers growing up, and had been on many a road trip. I think he's pleased to see that the genes are carrying that through.

Daddy's big job (that is his most important job) in this home is tooth brushing. He is the official tooth brusher and if he's not home to do it, they'll accept me grudgingly. The kids like to sing the ABC's while their ivories are polished, so they are getting really good with their letters.

We went to the big mall (again) and the kids had a grilled cheese from McD's since they were hungry. While eating it, the Boy told me it was the "best meal I've had in my whole life!" So cute! And yesterday we had dinner with Hubby's great Aunt and Uncle, and dessert was cake and ice cream. While eating it, he said again "this is the best dessert I've had in my whole life!" Where did he pick that up?

My little Dinosaur is feeling better. Her fever hasn't been back since Saturday morning, and so she's slept the last two nights in her own bed (thankfully!) but fir some reason I'm more exhausted today than I've been in a long time. Not even my morning coffee seemed to be effective today. I blame the long winter and the dull overcast day it was today.

Happily, though, the daily highs from now on are "supposed" to be seasonal enough to help the snow melt. An average of +5 is nice after the long, cold past six months. I really am itching for the sunshine and warm breezes to start!

Boy2 has been a bit of a handful. He loves his sister so much and he tries so hard to get her to laugh, he sometimes forgets and does something that yes, makes her laugh, but also is potentially harmful to her. And he just doesn't seem to understand that. "But she likes it" is all fine and good, but when it hurts her, she'll stop smiling awful quick! He is quick to apologize, though. And very liberal with hugs and kisses!

Saturday, March 26, 2011


I've been reflecting today on the changes that have happened so quickly in our lives. Children grow up way too fast (I know. They are still little. But so much happens so quickly!)

My beautiful fair-haired boy who turn three last Saturday looked so foreign to me when I was at the hospital. I was probably expecting a little replica of his brother who was so dark, and out comes this little pale bundle of cute.

Both boys were 9 lbs 10 oz when they were born, and so I was more than a little surprised when my little Girl was born 1)before her due date 2)only 8 lbs 3oz and 3) female. And she was the spitting image of her oldest brother except for having a smaller head. Three very different kids and three very different experiences. But wow, does time ever just rocket past!

Friday, March 25, 2011

nums and noses

Yesterday was a sad day for Boy2. I picked up a num of his off of the floor, looked at it, and saw IT. A little tiny break in the silicon, two side by side. The perfect incisions made by a couple of teeth.

Instead of doing what I normally do and simply throw it out, I called Boy2 over. "Can you put this in the garbage?" Of course the inevitable "why?" "Look. Your teeth made holes, so now now it's broken. This one has to go."

So he put it in the trash, and promptly found another one from his little hiding places all over the house (it's like he's a squirrel with nuts stashed around the house!). I looked at the place where I put the nums, and I though "Okay. Once these are gone, that's it. They don't make nums for over the age three, so we just won't buy them."

When I told him that, I don't think he quite understood. There was a num in his mouth.... that's all that mattered. This morning he wanted to have it when he came downstairs. I said no (like I always do) but I noticed his "dragon".

Now a good friend in Saskatoon (whose little girl I watched last year) sent these to the boys for Christmas (well, it was her daughter that got them for them) and they have a little pocket in their tummies. The Boy likes to put coins in his, but Boy2 I think forgets that the pocket is there. I asked for dragon and his num, then I put the num inside of dragon. The idea was for dragon the guard the num on his bed, but he's carrying it around the house. At least the soother isn't in his mouth.....

My Girl has had a rough couple of nights. Well.... so has Daddy, but we don't know why that is. The Girl woke up yesterday around 1 am with serious sinus congestion. Poor girl could hardly breathe through her nose at all! Then came the fever (which seems to not want to go away for long). It comes, stays for an hour or so, then it goes away for a few hours and comes back! The nose seems pretty good if she's upright, but night time has been a trial. Saline spray and snot-suckers (while one of the worst offenses a Girl could experience) are wonderful! She's still a happy baby, though.

I have been so pleased with my boys lately. They fight (of course) but they rush to help if I ask them to bring me something for the Girl, or sometimes for each other. The Boy asks Boy2 if he can read him the book. Or Boy2 will read to the Girl. It's so cute to watch.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

this is the song that never ends....

I have been blessed (cursed?) with a unique kind of memory. The thing that I'm going to compare it to is a sieve. That's right.... a sieve.

Now, not everything goes through the holes of a sieve. Just sand and very fine, dry dirt. The big stuff (like rocks, clumps, bits of wood) stays.

The things that stick to my memory and remain for fast recollection are not necessarily the important things (like the fact that I have to pump the gas pedal a couple of times before starting Hubby's truck on a cold day), but bits of songs, dialogue, or passages from books or movies. In order to be able to readily retrieve the more "important" stuff, it seems it must first be drilled into my ears then stuff them so the information won't leak out.

The oddest things trigger this amazing gift I have and the trigger doesn't have to have anything to do with the response. A word can be said in one context and suddenly a song will start in my mind with that same word in it. Or someone will say something and I'll blurt something else (totally unrelated) from a book or movie. Thse are usually best left unsaid, since not everyone would get the reference...

We went swimming this afternoon, and Boy2's lips were turning blue. The song "I'm Blue" by Eiffel 65 started playing in my head and would not go away! Hubby asked why I was humming it, so I told him. Then itgot stuck in his head (ah! sweet revenge for all of the silly songs he places in my head!)

My brother Peanut Buttern posted a line fron My Fair Lady on Facebook and, sure as shooting, that song was in my head for most of the day.

It's worse when I don't know why the song is stuck and won't leave. It could be one I haven't heard in ages, suddenly ends up playing ad infinitum and will not leave! It's like having a record skip, but playing the whole song instead of four seconds of it over, and over, and over, and over, and over.....

Monday, March 21, 2011

thumbs up!

Over lunch today Boy2 and I were giving thumbs up to each other. For a little while there he was holding up his finger instead of his thumb, so I was working on correcting that. When we stopped for a little bit, I looked over to the Girl (who was sitting in the high chair watching and laughing at us) and I saw her sitting there, just staring at her hand as if saying "how do I get this thumb-thing up?" It was SO funny!

I'm thinking it's a good thing spring break is next week. The Boy is getting more and more antsy during speech sessions and other places we take him. He needs to spend some time just relaxing and not really going anywhere for a while. Just to recharge and get refreshed.

Amma called yesterday at lunch to tell us a couple of funny tibits, and while she was on the phone, the Girl let out one of her dino roars. When she asked if there was a dinosaur in the house, and I told her which child it was I think it surprised her! One doesn't really expect such a noise to come from such a happy, beautiful, and charming girl!

Boy2 is very happy being three. The only down side to having a birthday is that it is over too soon. This morning he was asking if he could have another birthday soon. The Boy was then asking when his was going to be. Five more months, Kiddo!

Sunday, March 20, 2011


Oh Yeah. Here is the project I was working on for Boy2's b-day. I didn't get it done for the big day, but got it this afternoon. I don't think he's ever been THIS excited for bedtime!

Birthday pics

Here are a few pictures from the last little bit, including a couple from Boy2's third birthday yesterday. The Birthday cake was a masterpiece (though I say it myself) having two layers of chocolate cake with cherry pie filling in between and dream whip on top with maraschino cherries. Kinda a simplified version of a Black Forrest cake. All made by yours truly (with input and ideas from Hubby). I am SO proud of that cake!

These kids love each other so much! Best friends and worst enemies all at the same time (like all siblings are). This afternoon the Boy was a little sick and spent some time just laying on the couch. When he started feeling better, he told his brother and Boy2 just clapped his hands and did a little "hooray!" It was so adorable!

When Boy2 woke up this morning, he looked at me and said "I'm three now?" (holding up three fingers). "Yep." he just beams this big smile and claps his hands together. He's one step closer to being four too, just like big brother!

Friday, March 18, 2011


Well, the week is nearly done and we're all working through our assorted troubles...

Hubby has the cold Boy2 affectionately shared with him, so that's three with colds (either nose or throat or both). The Boy is still holding strong, but hasn't been napping or sleeping well, so he's battling fatigue.

The Girl gave me one night this week where she actually slept three hours in her own bed, so that was an improvement... But then she made up for that again last night where she just wanted to sleep on my chest. Again.

So my foe is fatigue as well. (knock on wood the cold won't get me!) Fatigue and time. Not near enough hours in the day. Hindsight being what it is, I probably should have taken up my friend's offer to come over and watch the kids while I sewed yesterday afternoon, but there were other things that seemed more pressing at that moment and I wasn't certain how my finished product was going to look.

Now I have it mostly pinned, but I need to sew and tie it. There is also a cake cooling on the counter that needs to be prepped and iced. And a fridge to organize so there will be room for said cake. All not being done currently because my Girl needs to be held (see paragraph 2). Oh well. It will all get done.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

travel arrangements

This is going to be a quick one, since I have things I want to get done before the kids get up from their naps.....

We adjusted our car seat situation. The Girl is no longer in her infant car seat, but in a mounted rear facing one that stays on the van. (Consequently it's the same one that the Boy was put in when he was about 6 months old, as well as Boy2.)

Boy2 then got upgraded to the Boy's front facing car seat/booster seat. (SO exciting!) And then the Boy is now in just a plain booster. It is SO COOL!

There is (I think) going to be a bit of an adjustment period to get used to having the Girl need to be carried to the van instead of putting her right into the car seat in the house. ON the other hand it's kinda nice to not have the car seat laying around the living room waiting to be used.

When Hubby brought it in and put it downstairs under the stairs, the Boy asked what new baby was going to use it next. He said he had a baby stego in his tummy that would ride in the car seat when it came out.

Boy2 has been telling me again and again that we need a new baby since the Girl is "bigger now." I think it's cute how forward thinking these boys seem to be.

The Girl actually slept three hours in her own bed last night, and seems better today, so I'm hoping she's on the road to better health. We didn't get a phone call this morning from the doctor about the strep test, so I think it was negative. Good news all around.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

clever kids!

Well, it's been a fun and interesting week...

The Boy and the Girl git their immunizations last Thursday. They both did well (well, the Girl did NOT like being restrained and the Boy tensed something fierce, but they got through okay). The nurse was telling the Boy that the shots would help his body fight germs, but he told her he had white blood to fight germs. Was she ever surprised! A four year old who knows about white and red blood cells and what the white ones do! He certainly is a smart kid!

We went to WEM again on Saturday (it's a good way to run off steam until the sidewalks are clear) and of course we went to the pet store. The Boy spent some time watching the worker pet a skink and put the grubs that had escaped back into the dish. He really enjoyed it. He was also telling the worker all about how the little bearded dragons were camoflauged.

He has also graduated to a new sound in speech. He is still really enjoying the time with the therapist and is very eager to do his "homework". The Boy is also VERY possessive if his work. Boy2 cannot touch or look at his workbook. And If Boy2 tries to practice the sounds too, the Boy gets defensive and says that it's HIS sound!

Boy2 really loves watching the seal lions (the really fat one's name is Pablo). We find a bench on the second level right across from the tank and watch them swim. Sometimes we catch the show, but it allows for a time of rest and the kids enjoy their snacks and water (well, the boys eat and drink, the Girl just watches and sometimes nurses). She certainly makes more than a few conquests during our excursions.

They all caught a cold three weeks ago, and I thought it was gone, but it came back yesterday with a vengeance! The Girl spent most of last night sleeping on my tummy because that was the only place her sinuses weren't stuffed. Boy2 has been waking up tired and every little thing sets him off. The Boy's behaviour has left something to be desired as well.

So this morning I took the younger two to the doctor to see if they have strep throat (the little girl who shared her cold with them three weeks ago is now on antibiotics for strep). The doctor took a swab to see, but feels confident that it's only a virus and will work it's way out. We'll get the results back on Thursday.

About a week ago I started a sewing project for Boy2's birthday (which is this Saturday). Saturday evening I threw it out because it wasn't worth saving and started cutting out more fabric to start again. I'm still hoping to have it done for Saturday (or sooner) but it depends on the kids. I was able to get an hour or so in this afternoon, but I know that isn't normal.

I'll try to post pictures of my little Boy2's third birthday right quick, as well as pictures of my completed project.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011


It's been an interesting morning so far (we're an hour into it). Hubby woke up sometime around 3:30 and couldn't go back to sleep, so he went downstairs for a bit then came back to bed around 5:30. The Girl was in bed cuddling with me, so when Daddy came into bed, she fussed a bit but Daddy kisses lulled her back to sleep.

Then the boys started. The Boy was being very quiet but he was trying to wake up his brother. Finally I got up with them, leaving my Girl in bed with Daddy. We managed almost a half hour before Hubby called me up to get the Girl. The thundering herd had to come up too.

Then, back downstairs and trying to be quiet so Daddy could (maybe) sleep, and they start fighting again! They both want the same sippy, the one won't let the other see their sister, they both want on my lap.... Boy2 went upstairs to snuggle Daddy.

This is how Daddy said the conversation went: "Dad, I need my nummy. You find my nummy?" "Why do you need your nummy?" "It helps me be calm." "You aren't calm now?" "No." "Why not?" " I don't have my nummy!" (But you have to imagine that Boy2 was crying during the whole conversation)

These boys are best friends and worst friends, I tell ya!

Have a pretty happy Girl, though. Sometimes she looks the the boys when they're yelling or fighting and it seems as though she'd say something like: why are you upset? you have a clean bum, there's food in your tummy, Mommy is right there she hasn't disappeared.... Everything is good. Why are you crying?

Monday, March 7, 2011


Yesterday was so much fun...

We had a super cool, awesome children's sermon that went over really well, beautiful music, and a baby shower after church (I do love babies!). Everyone napped too (SO rare an occurance) and the kids were still all asleep at seven. (The Girl didn't necessarily stay asleep...)

I made spelt muffins (we caved and got a Costco membership the other day and we picked up some spelt flour to try out. Not bad) and Hubby fried up ALOT of bacon in prep for Fat Tuesday (aka Shrove Tuesday, Mardis Gras). I'm getting quite excited for Lent this year. Maybe because it is the first time Hubby will be doing this not as a student (we are is a much better spot than last year).

I found it very difficult to be frustrated with my Girl when she got up a four this morning. I heard her talking and growling (poor girl thinks she's a dinosaur like her brothers), so I went into her room and found her just laying there with her purple teddy bear in her mouth. Talking to it, tasting it, growling at it, holding it up abover her head the down to her tummy and then back again. All I could do was smile as I picked her up and got a kiss from the sweetest little girl on the planet!

Friday, March 4, 2011


We made a trip into Edmonton today. Had some things I wanted to drop off for Peanut Butter and Jelly (or rather their little Gumdrop) and we wanted to go get a couple of things. As we were leaving to turn onto Whitemud, Hubby said that he never understood why the logo on the signs for WEM was a plague ridden caterpillar.

Yours truly spent a moment trying to think of what he was talking about before saying "No, Sweetie. It's supposed to be a space person. From Galaxyland. You know.... the amusement park?"

"But it looks like a caterpillar with the plague."

"It's a spaceman. Really." So when we got to the mall, we walked by the amusement park and looked. "I guess I just live in the 14th century," he says.

While we were walking around I gave into an impluse and got my nose pierced. Again. I had it done four years ago, but the Boy pulled it out one afternoon when he didn't want to nap and I couldn't get it back in. So I now have a ring instead of a stud (although I may get a stud to replace it eventually). The Boy didn't notice until we were almost back to the truck, and all he could say was that it made him sad and he wanted me to take it out. Poor boy doesn't like change all that much.

In the mornings after Daddy goes to the office, I usually put AThomas the Tank Engine in for the kids to watch in our room while I shower and do all the other morning prep rituals. If the Boy is at preschool already and it's just Boy2 and the Girl, Boy2 always asks me to stay and cuddle with him. We alway snuggle for the first little story and then I can go.

If the Girl isn't napping, I bring the exersaucer up and she sits in it and watches too. Thomas is really interesting for her too! And she sometimes gets to rub her hands on Boy2's head if he's sitting right in front of her.

The other day I was reading "The Little Engine that Could" to the Boy. He pointed at the doll on the page and said "That's a girl?" "Yes, it looks like a girl doll." "She has a vagina?" (where did this come from? I wonder. We haven't talked about bodies in a long time) "Well, I don't think dollies have vaginas. They are just toys." "Oh." (he turns the page and there's a picture of a farmer and his wife) "He has a penis and testicles?" (Oh, my. My fault for teaching proper names for anatomy!)

If I hear a THUNK or a THUD, I automatically think of Boy2. It's probably not very fair, and Hubby no doubt has alot to say about younger brothers being blamed for the sins of the older, but more often than not, it is Boy2. He throws oranges like balls across the table. Flings books around. I think what makes it worse is the whole "monkey see, monkey do" mentality. The Boy will do something and I'll tell/ask him not to. Then before I stop talking, Boy2 will do the exact same thing! Whoa!

They are very helpful, though. We've done a few puzzles this week and I seem to be doing less and less. Until my OCD kicks in and I tell them to take a hike (well, I usually just put the puzzles away, since they are their puzzles...).

Wednesday, March 2, 2011


There is a bad case of the winter crazies going on right now. Kids are off a little (but feeling better than they were) and Hubby and I are both feeling a bit restless and sleep deprived (could have something to do with the fact that the Girl has decided to sleep with Mommy instead of her own bed...).

My Girl has now cut four teeth and I think I see another one hiding just below the gums. It's kinda nice that she is still mostly happy through all the hard work that teething is, but her sleep is off.

Today as we were pulling out of a gas station, there was a big truck coming towards us. Hubby said something along the lines of "Whoa!" and then a voice from the back quipped up and said "Run for your life!" The Boy seems to have his daddy's sense of humour.

Every time Daddy comes home or we follow him to the church, Boy2 says "I missed you, Dad!" even if it's only been 10 minutes.

Lent starts in one week, so I've been thinking of what to do for it. Knowing that you should not only give something up, but replace it with something I think I'm going to give up my snacking in the evenings. I've become REALLY bad for having some ice cream or popcorn after the kids are in bed, so I'm going to try to give it up and instead do some exercise. Maybe get Hubby to bring up the recumbant bicycle from the basement...

Plus I started a sewing project last night. Boy2's birthday is coming up and I want to make him a blanket. Should be fun!