Wednesday, September 29, 2010


This is going to have to be fast if I'm going to get supper in on time (chicken enchiladas. YUMMM!) We went on a short trip this weekend to Grand Prairie for a good friend's ordination. On our way home, I left my purse in the A&W in Whitecourt. Yeah.

So, Hubby got a text from my phone from a worker there letting us know. The downside? We were already five minutes from the Edmonton airport dropping a friend off. So, these very kind people are mailing it here COD. Hopefully I'll get it tomorrow. Friday at the latest. Hopefully.

The Boy was playing with a calculator today. Boy2 took it away. What did the Boy say? "I was writing my sermon! Give back my computer!" Too cute! That little boy certainly loves his Daddy!

I know I've been neglecting the literary parts of my day when I say "Let's have some story time" and I get nonstop hugs and "love yous" from Boy2. I need to stop this whole TV thing again. So hard to do though.

The Girl has started being more alert and awake during the day. GOOD! Downside? Now I get next to nothing done in a day cuz I can't put her down for more than a few minutes. The sling is good only for so long.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

fun and exciting!

Well! The Boy has been in preschool for not even two weeks, and already he is displaying leadership skills and great listening! He has been named the official line leader for fire drills! Wow! What a compliment!

In other news, Daddy has taught Boy2 a name for when he gets really bad diaper rash. It's kinda cute to hear "bire cotch" (fire crotch) come from a two year old's mouth, I can't help but laugh. Not at his pain, but it is rather adorable.

I think I figured out why the Girl likes to sleep so much. If she's awake for more than twenty minutes, never fails, she gets the hiccups! Absolutely adorable, but they seem to frustrate her. And she hates to have a full diaper. The boys could not have cared less (unless they had a rash) but she can't stand it. Likely another difference between boys and girls.

I made myself a pouch sling the other day. I really like it, and the Girl seems to like it, although she doesn't seem to last long until she falls asleep. And I HAVE to keep moving. She seems to like to rocking.

Made enchiladas yesterday for supper ( Auntie Jelly and Uncle Peanut Butter came over) and they turned out remarkably well. As always, it was a variation on the actuall recipe but they were rather tasty. It reminded me that I do enjoy trying out new recipes. Wish sometimes I didn't have so many "helpers" but I wanted kids...

Friday, September 17, 2010


Well, it's been a busy week. Between the boys "washing" their hair with hand soap in the bathroom sink, getting way too much TV, the Boy starting preschool, and getting the van in to the shop (we need a new transmission and the mechanic can't find what's wrong with our defroster), it's been a long one.

The Boy enjoys giving his finger to his sister to suck on, insisting that she's drinking milk from his finger. Boy2 is having a crisis because we keep telling him he's not a baby and his nums are just for naps and bedtime ( "Yes! I baby!"). Two batches of banana muffins gone within 24 hours of making them ("Want another muffin!").

Hubby has had a VERY busy first two weeks on the job, and it likely won't really settle any time soon, but he still has time to snuggle our littlest angel and play with the boys.

THe house has managed to stay relatively clean. Laundry is all caught up, it just needs the fairies to put it all away.

I've been trying to sleep. The Boy hasn't been napping lately, and this morning he was awake at 5 or so. I'm keeping fingers crossed for this afternoon. The benefit of little Miss here is that she sleeps! Not through the night uninterrupted, but she sleeps very well. So, when I sleep, I can sleep hard.

Hubby has his installation this Sunday afternoon. I'm looking forward to seeing the clergy friends we have in the area and watching as the conference Dean installs him to the church here.

The boys have been harassing me to go dinosaur bone hunting, but I can't since Baby is still too young to be outside much. Maybe we'll get out to the park to do some digging next week.

Monday, September 6, 2010

She's here!

Well, I didn't go overdue with this one. I was surprised when my water broke last Friday morning early. I was really anticipating another week or two of pregnancy. When the contractions didn't start four hours later, we decided to go to the hospital.

The IV started but didn't take effect, so they kept bumping up the dose. Finally, the contractions started (12hours after the drip started). There was an intense hour and a half of labour and the little one came out to meet us.

We've spent the last nine months assuming it was going to be another little boy, so imagine our surprise when we found that our third son was, in fact, a girl! Weighing 8lbs 4oz, and measuring about 19 in, she is the smallest thing yet to grace our home, and she's charmed her brothers already.

We are both doing wonderfully well. I really don't feel as though I just had another baby, but the evidence indicates that she is here. I can't really believe how much she sleeps! I feel like I should wake her up so we can get some sleep later tonight, but I may just let it go and see.I promise to post pictures of our weekend soon.