Thursday, March 26, 2015

In a nutshell...

Can't sleep, Which is very very rare for me.  In the last five months since my last update, have had Christmas, New Years, Valentines day, and St Patricks day.  We had a house full of sick people from the last day of school until the middle of January. We discovered than the wiring in our basement isn't what it should be when I threw stuff in the washer while the dehumidifier was plugged in and on in another room.  We came home to a circuit blown and smoke in the room with the fuse box. Our dryer died. We ran out of furnace oil. We had a green Christmas but are now currently under four feet of snow.  And that;s because a foot melted from Sunday until now. There is another system coming.  Rain and snow.  The kids have used up all their snow days! It certainly hasn't been boring!

But I'm up at 5:30 today.  This week Hubby is renewed in his running commitment (he's tired of the treadmill at the gym on Base so he has been running outside in the mornings again) so this is day four of him being up just before 5 and pounding pavement.  Monday I barely noticed him getting out of bed, Tuesday I noticed but rolled over again and didn't wake up until he was home.  Yesterday I kinda woke up but stayed in bed, This morning I did.t bother pretending.  I left the toddler, who keeps finding her way onto my pillow even when I move her back, and put the kettle on.  Then the toddler found me :/

The sleeping arrangements have been redone here at the Macintyre house.  The bunk beds that the boys have been in four four years are now possessed by the girls.  Smarty has his original single bed he had when we were in Calgary and a new bed for Sergeant.  He was very upset when he realized that he'd be out of the top bunk, but both boys are really enjoying having their beds parallel to each other.  Now they can see each other when they stay up later talking!

The idea behind putting the girls in the bunk beds was to see if it would keep Monkey in her own bed. It's been up and down, but overall progress has been made and I'm getting longer stretches without her beside me. Girlie loves her top bunk and has been staying there longer too. Fewer trips into Daddy's arms.

Smarty has glasses!!  We got eyes checked in January and found out that even though his vision was perfect a year and a half ago when we left Alberta is certainly isn't now.  It's worse than mine (which really isn't saying all that much...) and he's wearing them now and rocking them :) Sergeant was very sad that he didn't need them.  But with the genetics these kids have, they likely all will have glasses at some point.

Yesterday I finally got Girlie's registration in for kindergarten (people here call it Primary) so I'm going to have only Monkey home with me all day every day.  It'll feel very different with only one child in the house all the time.  It's been a long time!

With Hubby running more outside and the weather being what it has been (yuck) Monkey and I picked up a family membership to the rec centre yesterday morning and I'm looking forward to using it.  Family swimming!!

I'm also trying to commit to trying out new recipes.  We have been, but it's been almost accidental.  Did a chicken curry in the crock pot that the kids didn't fight as much as I thought they would... That'll be a repeat. It would be nice to try a new one out every week, but I'll settle for twice a month.  I don't like fighting over getting kids to finish their dinner THAT much.

The house is awake now, so I should probably feed the spawn their breakfast. ;)