Monday, August 8, 2016

Last two travel days

We've arrived and settled in! Well... More or less. We still have a shed full of boxes of books and a bookshelf to put together for said boxes of books, but the space is livable and we are certainly living in it :)

We left Minnedosa and made it to Saskatoon on day nine. Listening to country music and enjoying the sunshine and colours of the fields.  I took so any pictures of canola! So much yellow! and so cheery and bright. The drive that day was full of song. Singing "It could buy me a boat" and "There were five in the bed and the little one said 'roll over! Roll over!'"

That evening we went for a walk along the river, and swimming in the wonderful pool with a water slide three stories high! So Much Fun. And we connected with friends we hadn't seen in way too long. I looked after the daughter when I had my dayhome that last year in Saskatoon when the boys were just toddlers. It was really a wonderful visit.

Day ten we left early, had breakfast on the road, stopping at Tim Hortons and heading out right away. Monkey fell asleep pretty early on and woke up just as we were heading into the Battlefords to stop for a pee break. She woke up, saw a granary, and asked in an incredibly sleepy voice if there was whiskey in there? We told her no, there's grain stored in there. Then she asked if grain made babies. Ummmm. No. Grain is used for bread and cookies and muffins. Then she said "But whiskey makes babies." Ummm... Then Hubby looked at me and said "That's it, I'm quitting drinking!" We think she got it from "Rain is a good thing" but we have no real way of knowing that for sure.

The singalong continued with "All Kinds of kinds"and Girlie asked who Thomasina was.and everybody sang along to Paul Brandt with Alberta Bound in full volume. When we were stopped for construction the kids were all about how awesome the truck are and Mighty Machines rule!!

The day after we arrived in Spruce Grove Sergeant was telling Girlie to look something up in the contents of a book. and then tried to describe to her what contents was, which lead to one child saying it was the land (continents), Hubby quipping in saying that it was bladder control (continence). and Girlie saying that it was anything that wasn't a vowel (consonants). I nearly was incontinent from all the laughing!