Friday, September 9, 2016

A week and a half in

A week and a half into the school year. A week and a half into the school year and we have already lost and found a laptop. A week and a half into the school year and we have already lost a tooth.  A week and a half into the school year and we haven't been late for the bus even once. A week and a half into the school year and we haven't been late getting to the school for drop off or pick up.

We have been able to get to sleep early enough that emotions aren't too difficult to handle the next day. We have had snacks, lunches, and water bottles packed each and every day. We have had wardrobe changes and fights over weather appropriate garb. There have been heels dug in over suppers made and (shock horror) absolutely having to finish what is put in front of you.  There have been discussions over the best flavours in the world and why every opinion not agreed upon by the speaker is just plain wrong.

There have been after dinner walks to the park, after school bike rides, and sharing meals that were made abundantly. There have been busy filled weekends with good friends and family members not seen in too long. A road trip to see dinosaurs and climb steppes. Time travelling into the past of Edmonton. Impromptu suppers, snacks, and general play dates.

There have been a couple really rough nights for a couple of children and trying to find ways to adjust to make fewer of those. There have been awesome long talks after bedtime between the parents about all sorts of things. There has been a blossoming of household work that is being completed with slightly less complaint by children. There has been an uptick of physical activity by all members of the family.

A week and a half into the school year and some friends have been made by all children, and talk about missing old friends. There has been a saying goodbye to a five year old as she transitioned to the age of six. There was some soothing of fears over that shift in age as she was in tears the night before because she didn't want to get bigger. Which in turn brought me back to my thirteen year old self crying over the exact same thing. Growing up is hard sometimes...

There have been rainy days and sunny days. There have been days where I have changed clothes three times because it starts off cold, warms up nicely, then cools right off again. There has been laundry done, put off, and done. There has been a culling of clothing in the children's wardrobes and an increasing need to go through the winter gear.

And in the next two weeks of school there will be preschool FINALLY starting, the first of the field trips, back to school BBQs, and picture days. There will be more notices about classroom blogs, hot lunches, and reminders about book orders. There will be the shift to warmer gear needing to be worn to school and an increased need for meal planning.  There will be doctors appointments gone to, eye and dentist appointments made, and (hopefully) routine firmly established.

There will be the start of Halloween costume prep, a narrowing down of what each person wants to be, and shopping for supplies for this year's projects. There will be knitting and sewing, baking and cooking, and planning an evening out for myself for socialization while Hubby goes away for a few weeks in October. There will be a meet and greet for the chaplain team and spouses here, and a date night thrown in too for good measure.

September is only started and it's filling up fast!