Saturday, December 24, 2011

Holiday Greetings!

Who knew sheep belong on top of livestock and the baby Jesus?
Well, this one will be few words and a few more photos.The Boy has taken great delight in rearranging one of our Nativity scenes.

And here was a bit of an early Christmas gift the Great Aunt and Uncle gave the kids yesterday.  So it had it's inauguration this morning.  Tasty Elmo and Cookie Monster waffles for breakfast!

And, yes, it does print the image of Elmo and Cookie Monster on one side of the waffles!

Here's saying Merry Christmas to everyone and a Happy New Year from the Macintyre home.  I'll be going offline for a while, travelling down to see Amma and Grandma and Grandpa.  Hubby has the 26th to the 8th off, so we'll be enjoying some down time :)  Have a safe Holiday!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011


Alright.  I have never been through the "I have got to have dill pickles and ice cream" phase of pregnancy.  This is my fifth one (fourth that's made it to the second trimester) and I have never had odd cravings.

A couple of months ago I couldn't get enough cheese.  But that's good.  It's milk and protein.  Didn't really think too much about it.  But in the last month, we (okay, "I") have gone through a Costco sized jar of pickles and have just put a decent sized dent into another jar (which we only opened 48 hours ago).  I'm not the only pickle monster in the house.  Hubby can usually take them or leave them, the Boy more often than not says "no thank you", but the other two would eat pickles all day if I let them.  I have just been giving them more because I've been eating more.

I don't combine them with ice cream, or cookies, or anything like that.  I eat them by themselves or along with crackers, cheese, and/or garlic coil.  Such a tasty snack.  It's good, though, since they are almost calorie free and have no fat content.  Just cucumber, vinegar, dill, and such.  Mmmmm.  Better get it all in now before the heartburn hits later on in the pregnancy.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Christmas concert pictures

 Here is a glimpse of my Boy on his way into the gym this afternoon for his Kindergarten's Christmas concert.  I am trying to upload the videos I took of the performance, but I hit a brick wall, so I'm going to try again later.

And here he is enjoying a candy cane from the teacher for a job well done.

The Girl really enjoys going into the Boy's classroom.  The chairs are small, and there are so many neat and interesting things just laying around!

But sometimes she needs a little bit of help getting onto the chair properly.

Friday, December 9, 2011

going pink

Well, it had to happen.  Just getting this far into the Mommy career without it is pretty astounding.  The Girl has conjunctivitis.  She woke up yesterday morning with a goopy eye, it seemed to go away a bit, then when she got up from a morning nap, it was back with force.  Got her in to see the doctor, who prescribed some ointment, and it was basically clear this morning.  Then her other eye started.  And is now worse than the first ever got.  So I'm pinning her to the floor three times a day to put cream on both of her eyes.  That's lots of fun. And trying to prevent her from rubbing.

The hardest part isn't, in fact, keeping her fingers away from her eyes.  It's keeping her brothers away from her face.  I really don't want this to spread through the family, although the chances of keeping it contained solely to the Girl are slim.  A mom can hope, right?

The Boy brought home his very first report card this week.  Well, since it's Kindergarten it's more just a progress report.  But it's pretty exciting.  I enjoy hearing how he's developing  and growing, learning to take learning risks and how he's interacting with his classmates.  I know he has a few closer friends (mostly girls) that he plays with after school and looks for on the playground before school starts.  And he seems to get along with most everyone.  There are no behavioural problems and his learning curve is bang on where he should be.

Boy2 is going and going.  He doesn't like to stop, nor does he enjoy slowing down, but that's the way he always has been.  He's very persistent.  Relentless, one might say.  When he has an idea in his head, he will not stop until it's done.  "Mom, let's go play baseball on the Wii."  again and again and again.  Eventually I give in to get him to stop, or I tell him it's no, and if he keeps going, he can go to bed.  If I do the latter one, he'll stop for thirty minutes or so and then start again.  Problem, since I put some gifts under the tree today and all I've been hearing all afternoon is "Can I open a present?  Can I open a present?"  When Daddy came home, he got the same thing :)  Points for persistence!

With the Girl sick and the boys waking up tired (don;t really know why.  They are going to bed at a decent time and stay in bed until a decent hour) it's been an interesting week.  Part of it is the anticipation of the holidays, I know.  The other part is (I think) getting tired of the dark.  The sun gets up later and goes down sooner.  This year they are just paying closer attention to their surroundings, so it's bound to happen.

My morning sickness is mostly gone (thank Heavens!) and I'm into my second trimester now.  I have my routine ultrasound booked for January 9th, and we heard the little heart beat on Monday.  We got all the kids into the little room so they could hear it too.  The first time is so exciting!  The Girl had no idea what the noise was, but the boys were enthralled.  The Boy asked why it was so fast :)  So we told him about heart rates and how larger animals have slower heart rates and smaller ones have faster ones.  Always a teaching moment.

Hubby's been uber busy, but that's normal for this time of year.  Evening meetings, Advent vespers, concerts, new member visits, he's mentioned once or twice that he's considering putting a cot in his office :)  He always managers to get home for a meal or two, though, and when he can't he tries to fit family time in somewhere.  Just over two weeks until Christmas day, and so much to do in the mean time!

Saturday, December 3, 2011

A little bit of baking

So, here's what we did today:  Well, yesterday Hubby fried up lots, and lots, and lots of bacon.  And onion.  Don't forget the onion.

Today I started mixing up dough in my amazing early Christmas gift from Amma.

Then, once the sweet dough has had a chance to double, I took a bunch of dough, and flattened it.  And put a spoonful of fried bacon.

Then I rolled the dough around the bacon, sealed it, and pressed it into a crescent shape.

Then I let them rise again, brush with beaten egg, and put in the oven.  What comes out it SOOOO tasty!  It's called perogs and it is from Latvia which is where my father's parents were born.  Growing up, the smells of bacon and onion frying together would bring me back to my Grandma's house where we'd frequently go for Christmas and Easter (well, when we were living in Ontario), and after we moved to BC, my Mom kept it up.  Now it's my fourth Christmas doing them on my own.  They are a little bigger than the ones Mom does, and they frequently pop open in the oven, but that's likely because I stuff them too full.  I can't help it.  They are so yummy!  And I had some extra dough tonight, so I did cinnamon buns with what was left, so there'll be a treat for breakfast tomorrow!  :)

Sunday, November 27, 2011

picture updates

Here are a couple of pictures.  The Altar Guild from Church raised money for these beautiful Paraments for Advent.  And the congregation did these care packages for CLWR
 so these yellow packages are for that.  The kids had fun getting together and saying "Cheese!"  for the camera.  The Boy got the bath tub letters and started spelling words like box and fox.  And then there's the Chausible I made for Hubby for Advent.  I am so proud of my work!

Saturday, November 26, 2011

it's been a while...

It's been a while since I've updated this, so I'll do a brief bit now and add photos and maybe a video later.

First off, the Boy is doing amazingly well.  His speech is a hundred times better than it was a year ago, and it seems as though he's matured incredibly.  I know he's only five, but it really is amazing to me how quickly the growing happens.  And it's not just the physical growing, but the mind and emotions.  He's been taking the initiative to start activities on his own.  Sometimes it's dragging out the paper and markers and just drawing, or colouring in the colouring books, he'll convince his brother to go downstairs with him and they'll play for hours down there without fighting!  The latest thing is getting the scissors and glue sticks out and just cutting and pasting even if it's white on white.  Boy2 is loving getting this stuff out too.  They actually take turns (more or less).

Boy2 has had a few issues with tiredness and absent mindedness.  There have been more bathroom accidents,so we took him to see the doctor this week.  She thinks it's mostly the absent minded thing, but decided to do some testing to make sure.  So this morning I got him to pee in a cup and Daddy took it to the lab.  He thought it was the coolest thing EVER!!!!!  But in line with the whole forgetfulness, he got into his jammies the other night while I was brushing the Girl's teeth.  Did teeth, prayers, and bed.  5am hit, and all I heard was "MOM!  MOMMY!  I peed!"  So I rolled out out of bed, went to the boys' room and found that yes, indeed, there was pee all over his bed.  When he got his pajamas on, he forgot to put a pull-up on.  Oops!

The Girl had an oral checkup on Monday at the health unit.  The hygienist was impressed with her mouth.  Teeth were in pretty good shape, and she has all 16 teeth!  Apparently  there had been a 19 month old in earlier that morning who had no teeth yet, so when she saw my 15 month old with all of hers, well!  It helps that the Girl LOVES brushing teeth and eating healthy food (well, ALL food really).  And we finally have a child who inherited Daddy's teeth.

Spot seems to be doing alright.  I'm twelve weeks along now, so the risk of miscarriage has gone down.  Now I'm just waiting for the morning sickness to go away.  It's less than it was, so I'm hoping it won't be all that long until it's gone for good.  Putting my maternity clothes on after losing the weight this summer has been an interesting experience.  It's kinda neat putting pants on and then have them work their way down as you walk through the house :)  Fortunately I have a friend who just gave me a box of her old maternity clothes since she's now done having kids.  They fit pretty well, too, so I am very grateful.  I don't have to worry about my pants falling down.  Plus she had a pair of pregger overalls (which I LOVE) that will replace the ones I got when I was expecting the Boy.  Good thing too, since they are looking a little thread bare and super baggy now.

That will be it for now.  I'll try to get more pictures and videos up in the next week.  Oh, and the ultrasound puts our due date at the 7th of June.

Friday, November 4, 2011


A friend had this posted to her Facebook page and it was too cute to resist reposting :)

I have been in many places, but I've never been in Cahoots. Apparently, you can't go alone. You have to be in Cahoots with someone. I've also never been in Cognito. I hear no one recognizes you there. I have, however, been in Sane. They don't have an airport; you have to be driven there. I have made several trips there, thanks to my friends, family, and work. I would like to go to Conclusions, bu...t you have to jump, and I'm not too much on physical activity anymore. I have also been in Doubt. That is a sad place to go, and I try not to visit there too often.
I've been in Flexible, but only when it was very important to stand firm. Sometimes I'm in Capable, and I go there more often as I'm getting older. One of my favorite places to be is in Suspense. It really gets the adrenalin flowing and pumps up the old heart. At my age I need all the stimuli I can get

cute things kids say, and bread

There have been some pretty amazing things happening this week.  First and foremost. the boys have spent nearly every minute of playtime down in the basement, playing with their lego.  The amazing part is that they go down on their own (they usually feel the need to ask a grown up to come with them), and they are playing without fighting.  I will be sitting/laying on the couch with the Girl and all I hear is talking, laughing, and sometimes singing.  I keep anticipating hearing the yelling and fighting, but it hasn't happened yet.  All I can say is : WOW!

Yesterday at lunch, Boy2 told me (out of the blue) that sometimes Jesus tells us not to eat apples.  I guess he was thinking of the Garden story with Adam and Eve.  I asked him if it was okay to eat the apples we had in the house.  He said yes.  Oh, good.  Thanks for the permission, little guy!

Today we drove the Boy to school.  It was -10 with a high today of -4 (although I don't think we'll get that high even).  Every school day, I stay in the class for a few minutes and put newsletters into backpacks, retrieve signed permission slips, etc.  This morning as I was getting the two littles into their coats to leave, the class was doing numbers and recognition.  They have flash cards with a rectangle divided into ten with some coloured and others left blank.  The teacher shows one with three coloured, and points out that three has a friend- seven!  See, this one has three coloured, and this one has three white.  That means seven are coloured!  She has done this with all of the numbers 1-10, and they practice three children (one at a time) in the morning, again after recess, and again in the afternoon.  Today, though, just before I left, the Boy had his turn.  I was so PROUD!  I really hope he continues to thrive and soak up all this knowledge.  I always knew he was bright and smart, but it really helps to see him in the academic setting (I know, it's only Kindergarten, but still).

After we dropped the Boy off, we got into the truck and headed for the store (we did our big monthly shopping yesterday, but forgot some stuff.... as usual).  Boy2 heard on the news on the radio about the fellow who died on the job in a railway yard.  All I heard from the back was "Did you hear that, Mommy?  Somebody died!"  Is three too young to hear the news?  I told him because there were not safe things where he was working and that seemed to work, but I think he's becoming a bit fatalistic.  Both boys.  Yesterday, Boy2 asked Daddy about the poppy he was wearing, and Hubby warned him about the pin and that he could prick himself.  His response to that?  "Then I will die?"  No, Sweetie, just have a little ouchy where it pricked you.

All of the Halloween decorations are put away for another year.  This afternoon, I brought up some of the lighter Christmas boxes and will hopefully convince Hubby to bring up the others.  I'm getting a little excited to decorate :)  The music has been playing for a few weeks already, and I'm starting to make a list for the baking I want to do.  Need bacon.  Lots of bacon.  Wondering how many perogs I'll get to make this year...

While at the store, I idly looked for a bread maker.  I've been casually been looking for one for a month or two, and today I saw one.  And it was on "Holy Cow, Sale!".  Jumped at it, and now there is bread in there, kneading right now.  It'll be done for supper.  But tonight is the Fall Supper at St John's in Golden Spike, so we'll be bringing bread and buns to that.  I'm really enjoying this new toy!

But I should go.  I didn't get to shower this morning and the littles are napping, so I should probably take advantage of this quiet time.  Yesterday I fell asleep with them, today I think I'm too excited about the bread maker.  So many neat recipes to try....

Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween pics

Our house was infested by a couple of dinosaurs and a very cute Ladybug tonight :)  Unfortunately, the Ladybug (who stayed home to help Momma hand out candy) fell asleep and didn't make it to see the brothers get home with their haul.

They sure had fun, though.  And when they got home, Boy2 was sitting at the table, eating candy, and asking if since Halloween was over was it Christmas time now.  A boy who certainly takes after Mommy!

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Monday, October 24, 2011

a few updates... again

Tonight the boys were playing quite cute with their stuffed animals.  As I was getting the Girl's jammies on and brushing her teeth, they got their jammies on and put their stuffed animals to sleep.  I was told to "shhh" and be quiet.  When the Girl was sitting in her crib crying, the Boy had to pick up his triceratops and shush it back to sleep.  Baby sister woke it up.  It was pretty cute!  Then, after lullabies, he told me he was the daddy and he was sleeping with his babies.  I have a few sweethearts in my home!

The Girl has an incredible understanding.  It seems like she understands and comprehends everything.  And she can communicate it so well.  Maybe it's because the Boy didn't really talk until he was three and a half, or maybe because she's the third child, or it could be one of the many differences between boys and girls.  Whatever the reason, she follows instructions.  She talks and is (more or less) understood.  It's amazing.  Can't compare between the children, but she's starting earlier than her brothers did.

The Boy's memory never ceases to amaze me.  He can see, hear, or read something once and remember it days, weeks, ever months later.  We drive into Edmonton on 16A and we pass a number of hotels.  Every single time we pass Best Western, the Boy sits up and says "Look Mom!  It's the largest hotel family!"  It took me a few times driving in and watching some commercials with him to realize that it was from a commercial that he'd seen.  Just like walking along and all of a sudden he'll tell me that we need to get Arm and Hammer Oxy-gel cleaner.  Wow.  Proof that advertising works!  Especially on children.

Boy2 has become a regular grump.  Very demanding.  More than once I've had to pull him up short.  Sometimes he thinks he's being funny, sometimes he's just trying to bully me into giving in to whatever it is he wants.  The other night he woke up crying and screaming for me.  It took a minute to decipher what he was saying.  He said he was sad.  There had been an accident and someone was at the hospital.  I didn't get the name of who it was, but it really upset him.  By morning he didn't remember it, but his night was really broken.  That could have something to do with the attitude.  We'll see as he gets a bit more sleep each night.

Tomorrow he sees a dermatologist.  He has a bump on one of his fingers that he's had since he was one, but no one seems to know what it is.  So we got a referral to a dermatologist and he sees him tomorrow night.  That's right.  Night.  The made the appointment for quarter to eight in the evening for a three year old to see a doctor.  Oh, well.  The spouse of a classmate of Hubby's died last week and his funeral is tomorrow night in Saskatoon, so I have a friend coming to watch the littlest and the biggest and I'm taking the middle into Edmonton.  Unless Hubby doesn't go.  Then He'll watch the kids and I'll still go.  He has a sinus headache and a clogged tear duct and he can't rub his eyes because of the laser eye surgery.  I guess we'll be playing that one by ear.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

tired kids and exciting news

Well, after last night, I hope things get better tonight.  Last night the Boy had a bloody nose (means we're going to have to buy him new clothes in a month or so), Boy2 wanted snuggles every time I went upstairs,which was alot since the Girl fell asleep pretty good but kept waking up every few minutes.  And not just waking up, but screaming.  I think she was even mostly asleep for it.  I cuddled her in the rocking chair, gave her tylenol (she's cutting some more teeth), rubbed mentholatum on her chest (she was quite congested), and snuggled on our bed for a bit.  Nothing worked at keeping her asleep.  Then Daddy came home.  He cuddled her for a bit on our bed then put her in her crib.  She was out until 3:30.  I guess she just needed Daddy lovin'.

But the boys have been so tired lately.  Maybe they're catching up from the weekend.  Sunday night we let stay up later to watch AFV.  Oh, well.  The Boy has been very sad to miss nap time (even though he doesn't sleep), and they get at each others' throats when they spend more than five minutes with each other (grumble, grumble, grumble).  So today I had the Boy making Boy2 cry and Boy2 making the Boy cry.  And in the middle of all of this is the Girl, sitting beside whomever is on the current time-out, trying to make them feel better :)

I've started planning our meals.  Hubby and I noticed our food spending getting a little higher than we'd like, so I sat down, took stock of the freezer and pantry, and made a meal calendar.  So far it's working out (it's been less than a week, but I'm finding less stress over thinking of what to do for supper).  The boys aren't really liking it because it means they sometimes (okay, most times) have to eat things they either "don't like" or have never had to try before.  They are slowly learning that they don't have to like it to eat it.  Plus I've inserted meals like tonight (chicken nuggets) for their enjoyment too.

In other news (for those few who read this who haven't already been told) we are expecting Macintyre baby number four.  We don't have a due date yet, since not even the Doctor knows when we'd be due, so we have an ultrasound scheduled for the 18th to figure that out.  But I won't see the doc again until beginning of November, so I might not find out until then.  In the meantime, I'm feeling pretty good.  Occasional nausea (which seems a bit worse this week) but I've started keeping soda crackers beside the bed (after Hubby told me to a few times) and if I keep food in me, it's pretty good.

The kids are super excited about it.  Well, the boys are.  The Girl doesn't really know, but she's pretty jealous of her brothers at times, so I think if there are going to be any problems, they'll come from her.  The boys run up to me, lift my shirt and try to give the baby hugs and kisses.  The other morning the Boy even was "playing" with the baby.  Trying to tickle and pat.  "Baby likes this!"

We got a new game for the Wii.  "Rabbids Go Home" (or "Bunnies Go Home" as the boys call it).  It's kinda cute and fun.  The kids (and we) bust a gut laughing at times in it.  The idea is that there is a "rabbid" in the wii remote, and it shows you it.  You can colour and decorate your bunny, but when you shake the remote, it gets thrown around.  Really funny!

But I'm going to sign off soon.  I made up a pumpkin cheesecake for Thanksgiving, and pumpkin cookies yesterday.  SO tasty.  I even brought some to share at Bible Study this morning and they went over quite well.  The kids really like them (especially since they have a glaze:)

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Some Pics

This was just too adorable!  I think Boy2 took this picture and she just looks so happy and smiley!
Since the Boy has started going to school, the Girl has started carrying back packs around, demanding to wear them.  Then she just walks around importantly.
We got some "new-to-us" furniture.  The sofa and love seat really are the most comfortable in the world!  I never thought anything would replace "Mrs. Potiphar" (the couch at Amma's house) but I think we've found it :)
The Boy took the photos of the furniture.  He's definitely getting better at taking them.  But then his brother tries to steal the camera and I'm stuck erasing photo after photo.  Thankfully it's all digital now and we're not wasting film.

And today I got myself a pedicure.  Decided it was time and, since the wonderful fiance of Rev Cowboy came out, we went together and left the men with the kids.  They had a blast at the Royal Alberta Museum, and we were able to catch up and chat over getting our toes done :)

helping girl!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

meandering thoughts

I do have some pictures to post, but they are on my netbook which Hubby took with him to S'toon, so I'm on his laptop right now.  Pics will be posted when he returns.

Well, I finally made it to the Dollarstore to pick up some fall/Hallowe'en decor.  Boy2 was super excited and wanted to buy out the whole store, but we managed to keep it to a minimum :)  A couple skeletons, some scare crows, window stickers, spiderwebs, and garlands and the house is ready for the end of the month.  Now I just need to dig under the stairs for the Christmas CD's and I'll be ready to start my Christmas projects!

Last night the boys traded stuffed animals.  Boy2 had been sleeping with a tazmanian devil, and the boys was sleeping with his grey tabby cat.  SO they switched and told each other that they needed to help the animals sleep good.  So when I was up at 2 am with the Girl and I heard the Boy talking faintly, I went to see what was wrong.  He was saying that he needed to protect Taz.  That it was his job, and my job, and Daddy's job, and the Girl's job, and Boy2's job.  Then he gave me a kiss and rolled back over to sleep.  I wonder how much actual sleep that child got last night.

It seems like each time Daddy goes away, the kids deal with it a little bit better.  Or maybe it's just their understanding is increasing, so when we say Daddy will be home in __ sleeps, they know how long that will be.  But they have adjusted pretty well.  Usually it takes two days to adjust, then two days to readjust when he gets home.  Maybe it won't this time.

Just before Boy2 turned one, I noticed a small bump on his left ring finger.  We had one doctor tell us it was a wart and to put duct tape on it to irritate it out.  Right.  A baby is going to allow some tape to stay on his finger for an indefinite period of time.  I mentioned it when he had his check up right before his birthday, but the doctor didn't look at it.  So when I had him in with me when the Girl had her year check up, we showed her.  She didn't know what it was, so she put in a referral to a dermatologist in Edmonton.  So today we got a phone call saying that he has an appointment on October 25th.  I'll be glad to get it looked after.  It doesn't seem to bug him, but that's probably because he's had it for nearly three years.

Thanksgiving is coming up and we're excited to be spending it here with just us.  Hubby hasn't had a full day off for about three weeks, so it'll be nice to have some intimate family time.  Plus he has a wedding and three baptisms this weekend, so it's not like it'll be that quiet :)  Definitely looking forward to Sunday afternoon and Monday.  I'm also going to try my hand at cheesecake, I've decided.  We had dinner Saturday at the church administrator's house and they served cherry cheesecake for dessert (which happens to be an absolute favourite of both Hubby's and mine) and I realized that I've never made one!  So I'm going to try a pumpkin cheesecake.  Hopefully it'll be edible...

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Heavy Dinner Conversation!

I was thrown for a loop today....  Walking the Boy home from Kindergarten this afternoon, he started telling me about a superhero they learned about today.  He had a metal leg, and was alive when his teacher was a baby, but then he died.  But he was a real live superhero.  But he couldn't remember the name so he just kept on talking like it would jog his memory.  Then when he was having his snack he suddenly perked up and said "I remember his name!  Terry Fox!"

At supper, I asked him to tell Daddy who they talked about in school today, so he said "We saw the story about Terry Fox on the smart board!  He had a metal leg, and then they took it off him and so he died.  But he was alive when my teacher was a baby in Spruce Grove."  Stopped him to straighten facts that he didn't die because the leg was taken off, but that the original leg was sick and was replaced with the metal prosthetic so he could still walk/run.  Which, of course, led to a discussion on how the leg got sick, how the prosthetic may or may not have been attached, what cancer is, how white blood cells do (or don't) work in these cases.  The child just would not let it go!  "But I have good white blood.  I don't have cancer."  "No, sweetie, you don't have cancer.  Your white blood cells are very, VERY healthy!"  His mind is such a sponge!  Everything just goes is and is processed so rapidly.  We didn't get into family members who've had cancer and either won or lost the battle.  We won't until a much later time, but it really never ceases to amaze me the way his mind works!

Tuesday evening the Girl fell down the stairs.  Boy2 was going up to go potty and get jammies, and I'd already removed her from the stairs once.  I turned into the kitchen to talk to Hubby, and we heard a THUD!  There she was at the bottom of the stairs crying.  So I ran her into the hospital in Stony Plain even though she didn't display signs of concussion (just wanted to be SURE), and she spent most of the three hours we were there charming everyone.  Playing, giggling, talking, walking, being coy....  But now she has quite the shiner.  Took a couple of pictures, but you can't really see it.  The colour will likely come out more in a day or so, so I'll try again and post some.

The boys both spent most of yesterday either fighting, colouring, or fighting over the colouring.  They got out the markers after Daddy left for work and before we went to the church for Bible Study.  I went up to put the Girl down for a nap and I came down to a silent living room and they were laying on their tummies on the floor, each with his own colouring book and a marker.  They HAD to bring them to the church, and after nap time they got them out again.  The Boy mostly.  Boy2 wanted to cause a fight or two, but I got him to watch me make cookies instead.  It's all about redirecting their attention :)

But it's been a full week so far.  Monday Hubby went in for a LASIK consultation and he booked the procedure (SO excited for that!), Tuesday was Kindergarten and then the two little ones and I went to pick up a winter jacket for the Boy.  Got to the till and realized that my wallet was not in my purse, but on the kitchen table.  Left the stuff at the front, ran home, got the wallet, went back to the store, made the purchases, and returned home in time for lunch.  Instead of racing (MarioKart) like I'd promised Boy2, we did nap time instead.  The only thing that calmed the poor boy down was telling him he could sleep on my bed with the Girl and I.  So he did and we did.  Well, I didn't sleep.  My morning had been shot, so I had to play catch up.

Then yesterday we had to return and exchange the coat for another one.  They didn't have his size, only a size smaller or a much bigger one, so I went with the bigger one.  WAY too big!  So we went back with him to try them one and we found one.  And Daddy had promised the boys that they would go for a walk after supper Wednesday just the three of them with no Mommy and no Girl, so they did.  And while they did that, I bathed the Girl and put her to bed.  It was good.  And I got out the humidifier for the boys' room and set it up.  It was empty this morning which tells me it's more than a little bit dry up there.  Oh, well.  It's fall.

We woke up to frost and 2C, so I'm very grateful we got the Boy's coat when we did.  And I dug the gloves out for his little fingers for the walk to school and recess.  It only got up to 16C or so today as well, so I'm thinking summer is well and truly over.

Tomorrow is Conference Convention for Hubby, but that's only in Edmonton so I don't have to worry too much about that.  But Monday he leaves me for Saskatoon for a few days for the First Call program.  Then he gets back to do a wedding on the 8th and two baptisms on the 9th.  And a funeral this Saturday.  Busy, busy Hubby!

Friday, September 23, 2011

fall cleaning and sewing

Has anyone ever tried to re-hem suit pants that have a cuff?  Me neither, but Hubby's suit pants are too long, so I'm making the attempt.  At first I thought I'd just be able to roll it up, but the seams would show.  Then I thought I could roll it under.  Then there'd be no cuff.  So I did the smart thing.  I stitch ripped the hem apart to see how it's done.  Easy peasy.  Then I straightened the creases and made some new ones.  The result?  They are currently pressed and pinned and awaiting Hubby to try them on to see if the length is right before I sew them.  Awesome or what?  :)

The Boy went to put on his Diego jammies for bed tonight (we got  them nearly a year and a half ago and he's done ALOT of growing since then). I looked at him and asked if he could wear different ones to bed tonight and I'd see what I could do for them (since when I pointed out they were too small he said "But I really love them!").  When he asked if I was going to see if I could  add fabric to them, I said maybe I'd cut them into shorts.  He was super excited for that!  So now they are cut and hemmed and sitting on the stairs, waiting for me to bring them up to his drawer.

Today is the 103rd birthday of a woman in the congregation and her daughter out on an open house birthday party for her.  We attended this afternoon.  When I told the Boy how old she was, his eyes got really wide and he asked "Is she going to die soon?"  To which I replied "Hopefully not!  Some people die younger and some people older, and some people really older.  It depends on how healthy you are (we've been discussing health and blood cells alot lately) and your body."  "Oh."  Food for thought, I guess.

The Girl has been making a habit of grabbing her sweater and bringing it to either myself or Daddy to be put on her.  She just likes waling around with her jacket.  She also brings me miscellaneous socks and shoes to put on her feet.  I keep trying to tell her that her brothers' feet are bigger than hers, but she is adamant and very vocal. She is also very particular about snacks.  Yesterday Hubby picked up some cake donuts and gave her a piece.  She saw them on the counter this morning and promptly let us know that THAT was what she wanted for breakfast.  She did it again at snack time.  And when Hubby came home for a brief lunch, again.  He gave her a small piece and when she lost interest in it wanted more from Daddy.  He gave her an even smaller piece.  She picked up the first piece (which was still bigger) and finished it.

Boy2 is in love with MarioKart.  As soon as he wakes up in the morning, before lunch, after naps, after supper, before bed, he's always asking if we can play.  This evening I said no and as soon as the word was out of my mouth, he said "But NO is mean!"  Unfortunately you can't really expect reflex-ivity in a three year old.  I'm trying to teach and encourage it, but he's a little slow at this concept.  Let's face it: many adults still haven't mastered it!

Another project I have but haven't started yet is a blue chausible for Hubby for Advent.  Plus I want to get started on a couple of Christmas projects, since that season has a tendency to sneak up on me :)  I haven't gotten  my holiday music out yet, but Hubby has the music and services planned up through Advent, so I'm thinking it won't really be that long before I dig my CD's out :)

But the kids had another pretty good day. Since cleaning the toy room downstairs, getting new furniture down there, getting rid of one of our futons (happily Uncle Peanut Butter and Auntie Jelly were able to use it), and cleaning the living room, they have been much better at bringing their toys back downstairs when I ask them too.  In going through their toy boxes I culled a few broken toys, ones with more pieces missing than found, and toys that they simply just don't play with anymore.  Some went to that big toy box in the sky and other are going to make other children very happy.  I kept alot still, and (as is the case with digging through toy boxes) they re-discovered alot and have found their "new favourites".  Pretty awesome!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

cold season is here!

I do have to say....  I'n diggin' the "new" furniture for the basement!  We posted an ad on kijiji for the old brown set that has been with us since internship and someone answered the add within minutes.  It was gone by supper time :)

The boys have started doing something a little puzzling and kinda cute in an odd way.  I've been told to "make my darned sucking bed," "turn on the darn sucking fan," and to "close the darned sucking bus door."  You can probably fill in what they were trying to say....

The puzzling part is where they got the language.  Neither one of us uses foul language around the kids, we censor their TV, so I really don't know.

Been really busy.  Lots of apples made into pies and crisps.  All put in the freezer to enjoy later.  Plus we've enjoyed a pie or two since we got the apples.  Very tasty, very yummy.  I've come across some very yummy recipes.  Tomorrow I'm hoping to get some muffins done tomorrow.

The kids have all had the sniffles and coughs.  The Boy's cough is really interrupting his sleep, and he wakes up sounding so hoarse.  I kept him from school today because I really don't think the other parents would like these germs shared with their angels...

Boy2 has a nose that's running like crazy, so does the Girl....  She had one really good night's sleep, and then last night she was up alot again.... Ended up in bed with me and she wasn't very restful even then.  She's cut a few molars and a couple of eye teeth.  All in all doing alot of growing up.

Made up some potato pancakes for supper.  Much like the chicken bake yesterday, there was alot of "I don't like that.  I want macaroni."  But they did eat, so they got their apple pie.  We also did some family Wii and lots of story time.  It's been a good day.

So now the kids are asleep, Hubby and I are sitting on our new couch, and we're very full from some very yummy food :)

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Saturday, September 17, 2011

the Girl helping with dishes

exciting night

Last night we had a bit of a scare.  Boy2 woke up with a nightmare around 9-ish (not too out of the ordinary, the last few nights he's been having them).  Then, a little bit later, we heard an odd sound.  The poor boy had a terrible cough!  I had never heard it before, but Hubby said that Boy2 had woke up from a nightmare with the same cough when I was in the hospital back in May.

Hubby asked if I thought he should go to the hospital, and after weighing both sides I said yes.  When dealing with the kids I'd rather err on the side of caution and get him checked out anyways.  So they left just before 10 last night and were home just before 2 this morning.  Apparently just after they walked in to the ER, an Edmonton City Police officer came in.  My boys both just LOVE the police (as most little boys do) so I guess the "cool" factor was very high.

The doctor said that it was likely croup brought on by stress in the nightmare.  So we'll keep an eye on him.  The first thing Boy2 told me when I was tucking him back in was that the doctor put the white on his finger.  I asked Hubby, and he said that it was the little white clip that is put on your finger to read the oxygen levels.

When the Girl and Boy woke up this morning, Boy2 woke up as well.  I got him to get into bed with Daddy for a little bit, but that was short lived since he doesn't like missing any action.  But when he was still upstairs, I sat the Boy down and explained why we were letting Daddy and Boy2 sleep.  Less than five minutes later, Boy2 came down the stairs.  The Boy went straight to his brother and was asking questions, trying to find out if he was better, did he get a needle, where did he get that cool fire truck sticker.

He also wanted me to take off the little bracelet the admitting nurse put around that tiny wrist.

I do have a couple of videos I'm trying to post here, but every time I try to upload to youtube it takes so long, or the connection isn't quite complete.  They will be coming, though.  I'll keep trying :)

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Busy Minds

We were sitting at the table, just before supper tonight, and the Boy and I had this conversation:

"Mom, tonight Boy2 and I are having a special meeting."

"Where is it?  What's it for?"

"Our meeting is here, and we're going to talk about how Jesus came back alive after he died."


"Yep.  And then we're going to sing a song."

"What are you going to sing?"

"The one that goes 'Holy, holy, holy.  Lord God Almighty.  (mumble mumble) sing to Thee!"

"Oh, Sweetie, that's beautiful!  Can Daddy and I come to your meeting?"

"Yep.  Me and Boy2 and Girl, and Mommy and Daddy."

Then Boy2 chimes in and says "I have a song about Spiderman!"

It was such a wonderful conversation to have with my little big Boy!

This morning we dropped the Boy off at school, then dropped Daddy off at clergy breakfast, then went to the doctor's for the Girl's 12 month checkup.  She weighs a whopping 26lbs, 4 oz, and is 29.5 inches tall.  As soon as the doctor looked at her she said "Wow!  She's thriving!"  Since I had Boy2 with me, I asked him if he wanted to sit in the chair while I stood with the Girl.  Nope.  He wanted to stand and watch too.

Then, since we had a few minutes to kill, we went to the little bakery downstairs in the mall where the clinic is.  I got a coffee and the two little ones shared a juice and a big cookie.  Boy2 sat across from me and started making small talk.  "Mommy?  I love you."  Over and over.

Then we were off to the health unit for the Girl's immunizations.  While there, Boy2 was watching and talking to the health nurse, asking what she was doing, what each vaccine was, how it would help his sister.  He was being such a grown up!

When we were waiting the 10-15 minutes after the shots, Daddy texted and asked if we wanted to pick him up.  Over this next month he has next to no days off, so he wanted to be home for a bit today.  Went to the church to pick him up, headed out to the second hand store to find a couple off clothing items for him (he's finding it difficult to wear the clothes he has.  He's lost 30 or so pounds, so alot of it doesn't fit him anymore), then to the "big mall" for a bit of lunch and pick up some shoes and some more clothing for both of us (I got a new purse too!).  Got home in time to clean up breakfast (since we were a little short on time this morning and got home much later than I anticipated.  Not complaining though.  I like having my morning shifted to include Hubby:)) change clothes and pick up the Boy from school.

Then we got out the little pool (there aren't going to be that many hot days left) and splashed around for a little bit.  Then came the pre-dinner conversation.  Now the kids are all asleep.  Hubby has finished the work he wanted to get done tonight, and we're going to go downstairs.  I'm going to do some pilates, he'll be doing his floor exercises (push ups, sit ups, and jumping jacks) then we'll probably watch a bit of TV or play Wii.  Wonderful end to a pretty neat day:)

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

catching up

It's been a little while since I've written something in here, so I thought I'd sit and do that now with the kids in bed and Hubby out for a walk.  It's been a wonderful week or so.  The Boy had his first day of Kindergarten, the Girl had her first Birthday, tomorrow she gets weighed and measured and poked for her twelve month check up.

Yesterday we were made aware that there;s a pretty mean case of baby measles going around town (can you say fun?).  All I can say is I'm glad her immunizations are tomorrow.

There are so many little things I see and hear in the course of the day and think "I gotta remember to post that" and by the time I sit at the computer, I can't remember even half of it :(  But I'll try....

We were given some apples from a member of the church, so yesterday the boys and I made apple pies to put in the freezer.  Well, I suppose I could say all the kids helped.  The Boy ate the apple peels, Boy2 put most of the apples into the water, and the Girl ate a few pieces of apple.  With peanut butter.  She absolutely LOVES peanut butter.  She will rarely eat crackers without it now.

The Boy had a speech assessment done yesterday just to keep his file up to date.  His case file will now be handed over to the school and the team there will work with him a little bit. The therapist noted that he was very communicative and she was very impressed with his "L" sound. She also said that it was very obvious that we work on corrective speech at home.  He's moved from severe to mild/moderate, and there may be very little need for much work with him past this point, so I'm excited.  Really, considering he's only been talking for (nearly) two years, he's made leaps and bounds progress.  I am so proud of him!

Boy2 is potty trained (FINALLY!!!!).  There are still occasional messes (to be expected) but he's mostly dry (even overnight sometimes!).  He's such a big boy!  And such a helper.  If he and the Boy are fighting over a toy or a book and I'm not really in a spot where I can sit down and redirect with another toy or book, I'll ask him to help me in the kitchen.  He loves it.  He "washes" dishes, puts cut veggies into containers, wipes counters, and talks with me about what we're prepping and what it'll taste like.  We talk about things he's read/seen in a book, how things grow.... I hope it's a foretaste of conversations to come as he gets older.

The Girl is right spoiled, but so adorable.  She's going up and down stairs, on and off the futons, "talking" to us, the whole works.  She just loves to sit and look at a book, and today something caught her attention and I swear she said "what's that?" because of her expression and inflection.  So cute!!  She got a birthday package in the mail from Gramma and Grampa that had a big stuffed cat in it.  I mean, it's not HUGE, but it's almost the same size as she is.  She has taken quite a shine to it and drags it around, gives it big hugs, sleeps with it.  We've tried to get her to attach herself to a stuffed animal (especially so she won't be quite so attached to her num like Boy2) but none have stuck yet, so maybe this one will work out.

This evening we got ( new to us) chest of drawers.  So this afternoon I moved the dresser out of the boys' room into the Girl's room, the one from the Girl's room into the boys' room.  Daddy's dresser was moved into the boys' room, and the new one is now being used by Daddy.  Plus by the end of the month we'll have some new (to us) living room furniture.  I 'm actually getting excited for these changes.  The stuff that we have now is third or fourth hand and very well used (after the kids have gotten through with them....) our poor furniture....

First try with Nutella

Monday, August 29, 2011

September changes

Just got back from a parent info session for the kindergarten program. There is a smart board in the room, 19 other students will be in class, and they will be working on sounds, letters, numbers, and everything else in a regular K class.

It is a nut free school, grade K-4, and there are more than 500 students in the school. 500!!!! Realizing that the largest age demographic in the city is 0-4, I guess it shouldn't be that surprising, but still... That's alot of young children.

Had a really good day overall, too. Between over tired moody children, we got in a long walk in the "woods", and spent two hours at WEM as well (window shopping, picking up new school clothes for the Boy, and looking for the perfect toy to spend B-day money on).

We picked up a new suit for the Boy. He's outgrown the one we got last year, and he's been "making" his own. He'll put on his dress shirt and then a black t-shirt for a "vest". Then he'll come up to me and ask if it's the best suit I've ever seen. So, it was time for a new suit. Now we just need to get new dress shoes for the boys (and Girl) and we'll be all set.

Now I'm sitting downstairs when I'd rather be vegging in bed, waiting for the new clothes to be done in the dryer, since I promised him his clothes would be washed, dried, and folded on his dresser when he woke up in the morning. And when Mommy promises, she delivers.

Hard to believe the Boy is 5, Saturday is our 6th wedding anniversary, and Sunday is the Girl's 1st birthday. She's walking and toddling around just in time for it too. I had my doubts... I was convinced she'd have picked up walking long before this, but she had her own schedule. A week ago she just started walking and now will rarely revert to crawling.

We finally got ourselves a Wii. That's right, now we aren't quite up to date, but we aren't as technologically behind as we once were. Hubby has been racing with the kids, we've been bowling, playing golf, and the Rev Cowboy even tried boxing with Hubby the other day. It was hilarious until they got the hang of it. It really is pretty fun, though.

Next, we pick up a wii fit so I can exercise easier when the snow flies. I really need to learn to go to bed earlier, though. I'm finding myself so tired when I wake up in the morning, and all I want to do when it's nap time is sleep. Can't tough. Too much to do. Maybe in a few weeks when we get a schedule under us :) Hopefully....

We'll see how the next couple of weeks go.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Couple of pictures

Boy2 took this picture. He just loves grabbing the camera and pointing it at his sister. And she loves reaching out for it.

The Boy peeled a piece off of a cheese string and went "fishing" with it in his water glass..... Oh the imagination!

A whole new meaning to the phrase "Caught Red Handed" :)

Boy2 decided that straw painting was not for him, so he started using his hands....

The Boy put on his old harness (a horse backpack that had a tether for an adult to hold) and then put socks and shoes on his hands. He was being a horse.

hope this works...

Tuesday, August 23, 2011


I am fantastic with deadlines. Nothing better to motivate me. The Boy reminded me that I had told him I'd make him a quilt for his birthday after I'd made Boy2 his for his b-day. He reminded me yesterday. His big day is Friday. So, this morning we made an expedition into Edmonton to the Fabricland here on the west end. I also promised him we'd go to the dollar store to pick up balloons when we were done.

So, what started out as the Boy wanting to pick out green fabric to use, turned into him nearly having a fit unless I got him the Batman stuff. So we got Batman and a solid yellow to off set it. Brought it home and cut it all out this afternoon. Started sewing after the kids went to bed, and it's all sewn into strips. Thought I'd take a break and I'll sew the strips together tomorrow. Gonna be fun!

It's good, though. The Boy, after I was done cutting the squares out, took my rotary blade and tried to cut a square out of the table cloth. Yes, he did cut the cloth, but he also cut the side of his finger. Not a big cut, but enough to draw a bit of blood. Threw a fit when he saw it.

Then he broke down completely when I refused him a bandaid. (I know, I'm a horrible mother, but if the bandaid is on, there seems to be no connection between cause and effect) So I told him how serious it could have been. He knows he's not supposed to touch those blades. He not only picked up the blade, but had to pull down the guard in order to make the cuts. He knew exactly what he was doing, but didn't want the reminder of his actions.

The Girl has virtually started walking. Every day she goes a little farther and wants to go. Sometimes she'll just get down and crawl, and other times she gets up and walks, falls, then tries again. It's really exciting. The boys are really excited for her too!

Hubby and I have been together for nine years today. It's also his brother's birthday, so that's kinda fun too. Nine years ago, we went on our first date. Can hardly believe it's been both that long and that short. Friday marks our first baby's fifth birthday, next Saturday (the third) will be our sixth wedding anniversary, and the day after that will be our girl's first birthday. Time flies all too quickly!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

waffles and movies:)

I have waffles on the waffle iron, Hubby is in Edmonton having breakfast with a friend, the boys are downstairs watching Hoodwinked (we go it and the sequel on Video on Demand last night. They LOVED it!), and my Girl is in her chair eating cheerios and pretzels. And I am sitting here, enjoying my coffee in the relative quiet of the house. (odd sounds coming from the waffle iron, though...)

I promised the Boy we'd do waffles this morning since we did pancakes last time. Boy2 wants raspberry jam on his (he loves the stuff), and I

think it's gonna be a good day. Do some shopping for Kindergarten today, maybe pick up a bookshelf or two, and all around take it easy.

Everyone seems to be a little funky. We all are tired (Hubby and myself too) and just a little bit off. I'm trying to chalk it up to the limbo we're in between the end of vacation and the beginning of school, but we'll see if things improve. I am getting tired of being yelled at, though. The kids have piercing voices (Hubby would say they get that from their mother :)

The other morning, I was welcomed downstairs to Hubby and Boy2 singing "Spiderman! Spiderman! Spiderman! Spiderman!" The
n Hubby started an improvised song that Boy2 started drumming to with his pencils on a container. They were having a blast!

I put on a Sharon, Lois, and Bram cd yesterday afternoon, and they went CRAZY!!!!! Did they do this for every child in the last 20+ years? All I know is Boy2 got a bloody nose when he and his brother crashed into each other after spinning in circles and rolling around on the floor.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

illness through the home...

It's been a busy few days... Made cupcakes (vanilla and chocolate) and froze two dozen. Decorated a few we left out with chocolate frosting and sprinkles.

Yesterday Hubby brought home some raspberries and beans brought by the office by a member of the congregation. So today I made some raspberry jam and washed and froze the beans. Then we had pancakes with new jam for supper.

The Boy was sick today. I knew something was wrong when he didn't finish his breakfast and all he wanted to do was lay on the couch. We went out and came back for lunch. He made it home before being sick, but he couldn't make it in the door. Felt much better after, though. Slept at nap time and wasn't sick again. Not quite his normal self, but a bit better.

Boy2 has started "reading" to his sister. He'll sit down with a book and actually recap the story, or make up what he feels is going on in the illustrations. It's pretty adorable. He's also started calling his brother by the first syllable of his name. Don't really know why, but it started right before we left and it doesn't seem like it'll go away anytime soon.

The Girl is still working on walking. She takes a couple of steps then she gets down and crawls. She did manage seven steps to Boy2 this afternoon, so she is getting more steady. I was convinced that she would be just motoring along on two legs by now since she was raring to get crawling, but she's proved me wrong so far. It won't be much longer, though.

Hubby hasn't been feeling well either. Monday night was pretty rough, and when he got home Tuesday he laid down on the futon and basically slept from 4:30 until morning. He got up to get into jammies and have a hot shower (the fever and chills were pretty bad), then he went right back to bed. It's been a bit better in the last couple of days, but again not quite back to normal yet.

Have a birthday next Friday. My baby turns five in 8 sleeps. Scary. Really scary. He's convinced that he's big enough to leave by himself or to watch the younger ones. Not happening, but it's neat to see how responsible he feels.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

afternoon thoughts

I'm planning on making some cup cakes for the kids to decorate at various intervals. Also, for them to decorate at the Boy's birthday. They had a blast decorating little bits of cake at Gr'mpa's during our stay there, so I thought "Why Not?"

Now it's debating chocolate or vanilla, what kinds of candy to put on them, and how many. And do we do flavoured icing? It'll be fun.

The Girl seems to be in a bit better spirits right now, though. Seems to be a bit more her normal self. The boys are playing nicely, too. (Which makes me wonder when the poo is going to hit the fan...) But life appears to be more or less back to normal. There is a mess in the living room (where I finished vacuuming ten minutes ago), the floor is washed (even if there are currently more goldfish on it than in most ponds), and laundry is done (done yesterday thanks largely to Hubby).

Hubby is back to work today, haven't seen him since about nine this morning, although we've texted a bit. The two weeks without his crackberry were good, but it's nice to feel connected to him when he isn't here.

I think we may eat supper on the deck this evening. It's been pretty cool here these last two days, but it's warmed up a bit. The boys were asking for the splash pool, but that breeze is a bit chilly still. I don't need sick kids right now.

Monday, August 15, 2011

New beginnings...

Well, we're home sweet home, and it's been a fun two weeks. Hubby officially gets back into the swing of things tomorrow, and knowing that makes me so grateful that my health has returned. Yay for independence back!!!

It's been a long two days since coming home from our trip, though. The Girl seems to have picked up a bug (or it could be that she's been off her regular diet for a while) but she's been very icky. So much laundry! Her attitude doesn't really seem effected, though she's a bit more cuddly.

The Boy has been moody and stubborn. He goes off and sulks every time I tell him no, then comes back and tells me I'm mean and am frustrating him. We talk it out, though (since I'm trying to teach him good communication) and work through it. Doesn't change the outcome, but at least he's being heard.

Boy2 is down to one num. We brought two with us, and he bit through one on our way to Moose Jaw, and we've decided we aren't buying any more for him. He knows this and is taking better care of this last one. He threw a fit, though, when he was told we weren't buying him another one.

Slowly getting back into a routine will be fun. With Kindergarten starting soon, it may be a while before we're actually in the swing of things. But the Boy has his B-day coming up, and we're planning for that and the first day of school. I don't know which one he's more excited for:)

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

a duel to the.... home time?

The Boy had his first fist fight this afternoon (well, as much of a fist fight as an almost five year old can get into with a three or four year old). They were playing nicely, and I was watching from a distance (since sometimes mommies can cramp your style). Then I saw this little boy take the sandal from a little girl. Next thing I know, the Boy was waving his arms ("punching") and the other boy was hitting back.

At first I thought they were playing around, but I saw the look on the Boy's face, so I ran to see what had happened to start this around the same time the other boy's dad came (they were getting ready to leave anyway). When I heard that the Boy was hitting because the other kid took the shoes from another girl and my little Boy was being a knight trying to rescue the damsel, the other child's dad said that it was okay and they were leaving now anyways (some parents just don't seem to discipline and have consequences for their children, although they may have done when they got home).

But it brought back to mind something said to me about Hubby. There is such a keen sense of responsibility in this child of mine. Remembering when he had to go with Daddy to Spruce Grove to make sure there would be a house for us to move into... he's convinced that he's big boy enough to take care of his brother and sister so Mommy can go and leave them to get that much desired toy left at home... and now has had his first duel.

Ahhhh, how quickly they grow :)

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Fishing pics

Spent the day out on Ditch Lake fishing with Gr'mpa. They were out for a half hour and caught 5 fish. Plus another 15 or so after lunch. I think that the boys are hooked :) Everyone caught fish and had fun.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Vacation Pictures

Just a quick few pictures of the trip so far. Since I can only load a handful at a time, most of them can be seen on facebook, or I can print some off and mail them if you'd like to see them. Playing at the park, at the RCMP Heritage Museum in Regina, Boy2 and the Girl holding hands while sleeping (so precious!), and reading with Uncle. It's been a fun holiday so far!

Sunday, August 7, 2011

on the road again!

I tried posting pictures of the trip so far, but the wi-fi connection is too slow for it, so I'll post some when we get to Minnedosa. We're currently in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, and the kids are watching Treehouse. It's the biggest highlight of staying in a hotel a few times on the road.

Hubby's made sure the hotels have had pools too, so as soon as we got in, they wanting to strip down and go for a swim. Hubby took them while I got the Girl down, then he did bedtime with the boys while I sat in the hot tub for a while. For some reason, my hip was really hurting so the hot water was absolutely superb! Plus, my incisions are healed enough to immerse now. Yay!

But I'm going to log off for right now. We need to find some breakfast and hit the road. The RCMP Museum in Regina is on our schedule this morning. It's really odd having a Sunday that isn't going to be spent in church. But the boys (and Dad) will enjoy the museum!

Saturday, July 30, 2011

As we are getting ready for our little vacation, I thought I'd sit and write a bit. Nap time is good for that.

In the last couple of days, the Boy has really started doing/saying some really funny things. Like, when he asks something and my answer is no. He comes up to me with a sign he's made and says, "You know what this says, Mommy? It says 'No Mommies are allowed to say no.' That's what it says."

And last night, he had my computer beside him and told me that if I wanted it, I would have to pay him money to buy it from him. So funny. It's already mine, Kiddo!

He's been kinda moody too, but I think that has more to do with the excitement of travel plans and life trying to get back to somewhat normal.

Boy2 has been doing/saying cute things too. Whenever I say no to him, what he says is "How 'bout you think about it, Mom?" So, for an example :"Mom, I want to sleep in the tent at a beach." "Ummm..... No" "How 'bout you think about it, Mom?"

He spent 45 minutes this morning washing dishes. They were all done, the sink was empty, and he pulled the chair up and told me he wanted to do dishes. So I put lukewarm water in the sink and got out some of our plastic dishes for him to "wash". Five minutes later, "I need more!"

The Girl is becoming more and more stubborn when it comes to sleeping. Every nap and bedtime has turned into a struggle with her trying to squirm and keep herself awake. Maybe she's been spending too much time talking to her oldest brother...

But she's a real pro at getting up the stairs. She's started trying (or at least attempting) to climb over the baby gates. She really does hate missing out on the action.

We've been busy getting things together and organized for this trip. I really don't know who is the most excited. It's quite probably a toss up for everyone here at chez Macintyre. Except maybe the Girl. I don't think she really knows what's coming, or cares as long as Mommy and Daddy are there.

I spent the morning making coats for some stuffed animals. Teddy and Dragon were cold and they needed something to keep them warm on our trip. So here is what I did for them. Then Triceratops and Froggy needed one too.