Friday, July 25, 2014

busy in the sun

It's been a fun week here! Sunshine, neighbour kids over, pool filled, sprinklers, freezies, and a trip to the beach (a lake this time).  Packing, cleaning, trying to stay on top of regular mess and moving mess, each day trying to pack at least one box.  I went through the kids' closets and drawers.  I have decided that the girls have WAY TOO MANY shirts especially.  I haven't been brave enough to cull them, but that'll happen.  When I can't really close their drawer, I think it's a problem.

There have been an awful lot of cute around.  Monkey is talking more and more, and being understood (which is HUGE!).  She loves her "suit" and "pooh" which is her bathing suit and swimming diapers (some of which have Winnie the Pooh on them).  It was so adorable when I put her in the bath after one particularly sunny day outside and I saw the little tan line from her bathing suit.  Girlie has one too, and it is great to see that they are enjoying the sun when we have it.  

Something Hubby does occasionally at supper time is give the kids the "game plan" for how the rest of the evening will be going down.  So a couple of times this week, Smartie has asked what the morning game plan was.  The first time was Wednesday morning right before I poured my first cup of coffee.  So I sat told everyone to sit in the living room, walked past my coffee, then turned back around saying that coffee was the game plan.  That was followed by a lot of "EWW, I don't like coffee!"  I just smiled and said that was good, because I wasn't sharing any with them ;)

So I sat down and went through what had to be done, I wanted to get done, what I expected from them.  And I told them that they had some input in the order of things.  I was going to go grocery shopping first then get the kids to put laundry away.  Smartie wanted to put laundry away first.  By all means, kiddo!  

They all have been really good this week.  When they saw me boxing up extra blankets they got a bit anxious, but that disappeared quickly when I explained that the box was going to the new house and not the second hand store.  There are some things to be dropped off, but not those blankets.  

Well, I've likely lounged enough this morning.  I woke up so tired and with a headache.  After everyone had their breakfast I turned on the TV and came back upstairs to lie down.  Wasn't planning on sleeping, but I drifted off for a half hour or so.  Woke with a start, then decided to answer emails and blog.  Glad I did.  First cup of coffee is almost done, the tylenol I took seems to be working, so I think I might be ready to get moving.  Good thing the only deadlines I have are the self imposed ones.  It'll all get done.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

and again

I have been so slack on updating here!  Good news is that we've been busy, enjoying sunshine when we have it, baking and crafting when we don't.  Hubby's dad  and step mom came out for a visit the first part of this month so we took a break from regular life for a little while and did some more sight seeing.  back to Peggy's Cove, this time watching a fog bank roll in, various parks and beaches, and three days in Prince Edward Island.  That was such a fun trip!  We loved, loved, loved it. It'll likely be a regular trip for as long as we find ourselves in Nova Scotia.

The boys finished off their school year strong.  For the last few weeks of school they did an alphabet countdown.  Each day was a different letter, so they had "wish day" for w and wrote down a wish, g was wearing green, i was for ice cream.  They had fun with it :)

Girlie is excited to have only one more year until she's in kindergarten, and she's practicing her letters.  She's getting really really good too.  She writes her name pretty well, and her fine motor skills are incredible!  Yesterday she was practicing being a civil engineer.  Grabbed a box and made herself a kitty house out of it, figuring our what to do to prevent it from falling down.

Monkey is really good at being a monkey.  In the last month or so though her speaking has really picked up!  I can sort of understand her and she is liking being understood more.  She's also becomming more affectionate with Daddy.  There are times it gets weird, simply because no one is used to her being this way.  This morning she gave Dad a hug before he left the living room to go to the door, again at the door, as soon as he was out the door she ran to give him another, he had to come back after putting his bag in the car to give her another one.  And another one.  Very cute.  Good thing he's learned to give himself plenty of time so these extra hugs don't make him late for work!

We have been busy with other things as well.  We received word a while ago that our landlords are posting back and we'd need to find other lodging, so we are moving at the end of this month.  Slowly packing and cleaning, culling and sorting.  Last night Hubby dropped off our extra crib (we have no one in a crib now!!  Eek!) to a friend who had twins a couple months ago.  Sad to see it go, glad it's still getting used.  Came across our two snugglies, two baby gates, a couple prenatal books.  Those are going to have to either find new homes or be recycled somewhere.

The three older children are at VBS this week.  To take advantage of it and to use it as motivation, I have been doing more, telling myself that the time frame is just what I need to get stuff done.  Monday I moved the oven and the fridge and washed under/behind them, washed the floor, did some laundry, made bread.  Yesterday I got groceries, packed a box from the kitchen, made a cookie bar (so, SO yummy!).  Today I am packing up what I hope will be the last of the books, the winter stuff, more laundry, and maybe some board games.  I want to pack the craft things but I'm pretty sure we'll be using them quite a bit in the next two weeks.

So if anyone would like our new mailing address, I can email it to you.  It's in a different school zone, but I have filled out the cross boundaries to keep the boys in the same school.  It just means that I'll be driving the boys to school everyday instead of walking.  And with Girlie in preschool three mornings a week this fall I will be doing more driving.  But that's alright.  There's a putting green in our new back yard, a clothes line, and fewer toilets to clean.  And the way that the interior is set up it's going to be great for entertaining.  As much as we don't want to have to move, it'll be good to get set up again, see how furniture will work best in the new space.  More changes, but enough that will stay the same so it won't be a huge adjustment.

Enough for now.  Thanks to those patient people who put up with my extremely infrequent posting.  Again, I will try to keep up better but know that I will get it eventually ;)