Monday, May 28, 2012

nearing the end...

Seriously considering bathing the kids before supper tonight :)  They had a bath Friday, not Saturday, not yesterday, but they's had an awful lot of play time outside...  And tonight we won't likely be home until after bedtime tonight, so yeah.  We'll maybe do a bath before supper.

Last night Hubby asked me a question as I lay on the couch downstairs experiencing some pretty intense pre-labour as he was doing his floor exercises and we were watching a bit of TV.  "What did we have on our first date?"  My thought "Were did that come from?  How could I forget?"  So I responded "We split a taco salad at Moxie's, and had the Banana Xiango for dessert."  He said he'd never forget that either.  It was August 23rd (Hubby's brother's birthday, coincidentally) 2002.  Ten years this summer.  Three years later we got married, a year after that our eldest was born.  Alot has happened in the last decade, alot of moves, alot of babies...

As I'm nearing the end of this pregnancy, I'm noticing alot of people getting anxious.  This is my first one where the whole time has been spent in a single congregation.  Every week, I have people (mostly women, some who've never had children of their own, some who've had nearly a dozen) ask if I was still here with baby inside.  For the last few weeks I've had questions of what gender I think it will be, theories about what gender it will be, guesses as to when I'll finally go into labour (bearing in mind that if I add all the days overdue I was with the boys, subtract the four days early the Girl was, and divide by three to get the average, I could still expect to go at least a week overdue with this one), asking how I'm managing at the end here, do we have people lined up to call for the big day, back up plans....  All I can really say is that it's interesting to hear these anxieties.  For as much as I was obsessing about getting things ready and fearing I'd go into labour early, I can really say that I'm not that concerned.  I'm a bit concerned to see how the Girl is going to adapt to a new baby....  That'll be interesting.

The crib is up, the car seat is dug out (not set up), and the bassinet is accessible.  Baby clothes are washed and folded, my hospital bag is (more or less) ready to go, and every night Boy2 asks if I know when Baby will be coming out.  Every slight gasp and twinge I express is met with concern from both Hubby and the Boy.  It's kinda cute, the attention I get from the Boy.

Hubby went away and is safely back again.  I think he's planning on blogging the happenings from Synod Convention in the next week, so if you are interested in what went on in Camrose last week, you can check him out.  This is (hopefully) his last really busy week before winding down for the summer.  He has meetings every night this week (except maybe Friday) and a wedding on Saturday.  Then nothing (again hopefully) until after the Baby is born.  He's missed having the evenings to spend with the kids and I and we've been missing him too.  It's been a very nice day today with nothing but puttering about and going to the park to worry about.  He was even able to doze in the sun this afternoon while the kids played out there :)

I will get some more pictures up, I promise.  As well as a video or two...  Just have to motivate myself to sit down with the camera at the computer.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

brief thoughts

Yesterday we did a little bit of shopping.  Hubby really wanted pop (we pick some up every few months and it lasts a few months) and I wanted to pick up some black sandals.  So I got my sandals, the kids got some as well, and as we headed toward the pop aisle, Hubby branched off with Boy2 looking for something else we had decided we needed.  He caught up with me, looked at the box I'd put in, glanced down the aisle to the kind of pop he wanted was, then said "Oh, well."  I said to go ahead and switch them since it didn't matter to me.  He didn't go back, but he wrapped his arms around me in an exasperated hug.  Keep in mind that the Girl is in the shopping cart, the boys are wandering around nearby, and I am currently a very large pregnant person.  A woman passes us and just had to tell us how wonderful and cute we were.  Hubby looked at me as she was leaving and said "It's just problem solving.  It's better than bickering back and forth through the store."  The thing is: that's how we deal with problems at home too.  It's often better to hug and say "I love you" even though it doesn't change an opinion or the outcome of a discussion.

Hubby brought up the pieces of the crib late last week and they were just sitting in our room against the wall.  The kids thought it was great.  They could pretend to climb a ladder, hide behind the mattress, and just play around.  Hubby leaves tomorrow for Camrose for Synod Convention for a few days, and all I could envision was disaster involving that crib, so I asked him yesterday if he was hoping to set it up before he left.  It got set up this morning :)  So now we really are truly set up and ready for the blessed day we bring the little bundle home (whenever it decides to come).

I have a few videos and pictures I want to post, but they are still on the camera.  They'll likely come up before the weekend as well.

The kids are crazy as ever, not sleeping as much as they probably should (even though I covered their bedroom windows with tin foil to keep the sun out), very excited for the baby (well the boys are, the Girl really has no clue yet), and looking forward to various trips and holidays planned for the summer.  I'll post more later, but now I need to go get the Boy from school.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

plans and reading

Ever have the feeling that you are running out of time?  There's lots and lots of time to do something, then all of a sudden you have relatively little time?  Tuesday I had my prenatal visit with the Dr.  We did the Group B Strep test, then she hands me my prenatal papers to carry with me and tells me to come back in a week.  Yikes!  Now, of course, this isn't the first go around we've had of this.  By the time #4 is expected we know the drill.  I knew I'd be switching to weekly visits.  I knew I'd be bringing home my prenatal papers.  But for some reason having them in my hand and walking out the doors to the truck suddenly brought me a sense of "Oh, no.  I need to pack my hospital bag."

There is absolutely no reason for me to rush this.  The Boy decided to arrive after his due date, Boy2 had to be induced 2 1/2 weeks after his due date, and my Girl surprised me by arriving 4 days before hers.  I'm currently sitting at 4 weeks to go, so at best there are 3 1/2 weeks to get everything done.  Realistically I can plan on 4 1/2 weeks.  But yesterday I finally washed and put into drawers the little sleepers for the baby.  Today I was going to pack my bag (I may still, but why rush?).  Hubby has said that the crib will likely go up on Monday.

My boys are quite anxious for the big day.  The Boy wants to give the new baby his favourite Teddy.  Boy2 is planning on bringing his nums (soothers) to the hospital for the wee little one.  The Girl really has no clue, but this morning she brought me the book "Franklin and the Baby" to read to her.  I read it to all three of them and then the boys started talking about how excited they were.  The other day I was cutting an onion and gave a bit of a yelp when my eyes started stinging (it was a very, VERY strong onion!).  The Boy looked at me very concerned and asked what the baby did to make me yelp.  Was it coming?  He is such a thoughtful child!

My poor tired feet got a treat this week.  Hubby insisted that I get a pedicure :)  It was very nice.  But I was told that since my skin is so dry and I callous so easily I should come back in 6 weeks for another one.  I think I'll be ready for another one after this child decides to come :)  I could probably start to have them fairly regularly without being bullied into it.

The Boy has a Zoo field trip coming up at the end of the month here.  I can't believe how few weeks are left!  There has been so much learning packed into this year for him, it's a wonder his head doesn't explode!  That sponge just soaks everything up!  And his brother isn't that far behind.  Unfortunately, Boy2 has his father's memory and the Boy has mine.  You can read something to Boy2 and he'll remember it almost verbatim.  The Boy has to look at the words and actually read them.  So when getting the Boy to read, it's almost better to not have his brother there, otherwise Boy2 will end up telling the story instead of the Boy reading it himself.  Oh, well.