Tuesday, July 31, 2012

new stuff!

I feel really bad for not updating the blog here for a few weeks.  Yesterday Hubby was sitting at the table with his coffee and my netbook when he spilled the cup onto my computer.  So we let it dry out and see if it would still work ( thankfully it was black coffee, otherwise it would have been much stickier).  The mouse pad didn't work, nor did the key board.  He attached a mouse, and that was successful, but the keys still didn't work.  So I now have a new netbook :)

During all of this, he figured out why my connection seemed so slow.  My hard drive is nearly full of pictures and videos uploaded from our little camera.  And I've only had that little thing for 15 months! I guess I take a few pictures....

So I'm on the new computer, the old one is sitting here (smelling deliciously of coffee) with all of my pictures on it, waiting for a flashdrive big enough to hold and transfer these photos of the worlds most photographed children :)  So there are no holiday pictures to post right now.  And I can't upload the little videos right now either.  But that's alright.  It hadn't gotten done in the week and a half we've been home, so it likely will wait a little while longer.

These kids are ridiculous.  But in a good way.  Hubby was playing with the Boy the other day and pinned him down and wouldn't let go until he said the password.  He gave him a hint and said "It's near the earth."  So the Boy started listing all of the planets in the solar system.  Didn't miss a single one!  How many 5-year olds can do that?  And as we were driving along the highway the other day, he said "That sign says Jasper!"  "That sign says Edmonton."  And he is amazingly literate!  He can read so well, and more complex stories than "Hop on Pop".

Boy2 has been rocking out lately.  His guitar is never far out of reach.  He just starts singing and dancing, which is great, since the Girl can't sit still when there is music playing.  She got a Leapfrog Pal (a puppy named Violet) that talks to her and plays music.  She'll set it in the baby swing, push a button, and start dancing.  She'll also skip a song if it's not one she want's to hear.  I'm going to video it and put it up here.  I was going to the other day, but she got a mosquito bite right near her eye and it was so swollen, it looked like she'd been at the wrong side of a fight!

Girl2 was weighed and measured last Wednesday and she`s at 11.5 lbs and 22 in.  She`s more or less holding her own head up, she`s smiling and cooing.  The new-baby phase certainly doesn`t last long!

I'll write anecdotes from our holiday later, and I'll try to put pictures up once I get them off the old computer.  Until then...