Saturday, July 18, 2015

way too long...

Too long.  Way, way too long.

Another school year complete, another summer holiday in full swing and it has been a gorgeous one so far! Very few rainy days, lots of warm weather. So our motto has become "If it isn't raining, we're going places!" We did a visit to Shubenacadie Wildelife park a couple weekends ago, a trip to Rainbow Haven Beach, and quite a few trips to Lawrencetown and Morris Lake.  After supper it's great to go somewhere and get toes wet. We keep our beach toys in the van, and a bag of clean towels stays by the front door!

The last couple days have been used for building. The kids have gotten out the lego, mega blocks, and the duplo and have just gone to town with the building and the play! It is absolutely wonderful to see and hear. Until the bin was dumped on the hard floor... that was just loud! The groove we've had this week has been to have a bit of lazy time in the morning, do some cleaning/work go to the gym (booking all the kids in isn't all that easy!) home for lunch and naps, then outside until supper time.  The table is usually covered with paper and various writing implements, we had one morning that they demanded play dough. That meant a trip to the store to replace our salt later that day. But they are having tons of fun :) So am I

There was a church doing a soccer VBS the week before last and the three older ones had so much fun doing that! All that running around, chasing balls, mixed with scripture reading making new friends was great. Really tuckered them out though! I'm enjoying having some cuddles with my boys that are seriously lacking during the school year. And trying to get fewer Monkey cuddles...working on it! Last night she stayed in her own bed until 5 this morning!! That was fantastic :D

Yesterday morning I sat back in bed with my coffee after the kids were fed. Listening to the kids play while basically wasting time before getting dressed. I heard the girls running around, doing laps in the house. I heard the boys talk to each other about the games they were playing on their devices. Then I heard Girlie as she was running around.  In a monotonous voice she was saying "I am unstoppable! I am unstoppable!" She was being a robot and was making me chuckle so much!

There was one really warm night last week. Fans were working on moving the air around, but it was just muggy! So Hubby slept in his underwear. Nothing wrong with that. Getting up the next day, though... Both girls and Sergeant were in our room when Hubby got out of bed and they were all chuckles! "Dad! You're in your underwear! Why are you in your underwear?? Did you see Daddy in his underwear?! Teehee! Underwear!" The number of times that word "underwear" was used in that first two minute period was hilarious! So Hubby decided to pick up some shorts to sleep in... didn't want a repeat on that morning ;)

Smarty discovered body surfing! When we went to Rainbow haven beach with a school friend of his, the wind was cold, the water was cold, the sand was glorious, and the sun was bright. We settled the blanket down, dumped the sand toys, and the kids walked right onto the surf. When we'd been there a while and realized that Sergeant had come up to warm up, the girls had come up to warm up, but Smarty was still in the water, bracing for the waves, riding them in. He didn't walk out far (he's a smart kid, afterall) but he stayed in the water until we called him in to leave.  It was fantastic to see!

That should be about it for this morning. Hope everyone is having a great summer so far!