Tuesday, February 28, 2012

lots to talk about

It's been a good, long time since I've posted anything.  The Girl is still not really sleeping much, and now she's decided not to eat much either.  Her poor mouth!  She's drooling, putting her fingers in her mouth, stopped using her num (which is an alright kind-of-thing), and been all around cranky.  Fever coming and going and coming again.  Thinking it's those second year molars, we've been doing what we can, but just in case I took her to the Dr's office today.  Looks like teething, could be a virus (in which case it'll be gone in a few days).  Either way we should keep doing what we're doing.  It's nice to have our parenting affirmed.

Boy2 goes in for dental work tomorrow.  It was scheduled for next Wednesday, but there was a cancellation for tomorrow morning and we could fill it.  So that means he will not be allowed to have breakfast in the morning, nor anything to drink.  But we'll be bringing along the Leap Pad, so that should ease any grumpiness from hunger.  I think he may be a bit nervous or scared because he's been emotional and temperamental all day.

The Boy is doing well.  Looking very pale, since he isn't getting much sleep (let's face it: no one is getting much sleep with the Girl howling and yelling the nights away) but he's enjoying school.  Tonight for prayers he asked if we could give thanks for his school and his teacher.  I thought that was cute.  Especially since he was pretty upset this morning when he had to leave to go.  He had had a bit of an upset tummy this morning, so I called the school to let them know he wouldn't be going.  Ten minutes later he was running and jumping around everywhere!  So I emailed his teacher, explained the morning and the reason I was still sending him to school.  He was glad he went once he got there, but not so much en route :)

Life has been going on as usual.  The Girl is quickly catching up to her brothers in what they can do and what she can do.  She is making herself heard and understood.  The nurse was amazed at her vocabulary and surprised that she's 18 months already.  I know it amazes me no end when I look at the kids and realize just how much time has passed since holding the Boy for the first time in the hospital.  So much time, so much growth, so many changes.

And they never cease to amaze me.  A few weeks ago, good friends were up from Calgary for their daughter's basketball tournament and we went too (the boys had an absolute BLAST!).  But the Saturday, the last game was right at supper, so we left to find a McD's and hurry back.  Drove around and around, kinda knowing where we were going, but when we pulled into the parking lot, this little voice from the back seat exclaimed "McDonald's!  I'm saved!".  It was just so cute,Hubby and I just started laughing!

There are times when I half wonder if there may be a hearing problem with the boys.  Then I say something to Hubby in a different room than they are in and their ears perk right up if it's about something they want to hear :)  Selective hearing at it's best.

The Girl has started a couple of new phases.  She makes a quite adorable (and persistent) cat.  She "meows" around, crawling on the floor or on a lap.  She's very insistent that she is a cat when she's doing this and will protest loudly until you acknowledge her "kittiness".  She has also started "helping".  Whenever I do anything in the kitchen, she goes to the table, tries to drag those heavy chairs over, saying alternately "I help" or "need help" depending on if she needs help dragging the chair over.  When I change laundry too, she's right there, needing to help put wet clothes in the dryer, or warm clothes back in the hamper.  Not so good at the folding yet ;)

Yesterday I did my gestational diabetes screen, so when I see the doctor next week I'll get those results back.  Not worried, though.  Nothing came up with the others and I'm not really feeling any different this time.  My fatigue can easily be explained my my teething toddler who doesn't sleep through the night anymore.  That's Hubby's reason too.  Last night he slept on the floor in the Girl's room for a few hours.  That's what worked for the Boy around this age.  Worth a try...

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

While Daddy's away...

Well, Hubby is currently away at the Alberta and the Territories Synod Pastor's Study Conference in Canmore.  Yep.  It's a hard life :)  So while he is enjoying the mountain air and the occasional beer with colleagues, we are home.

This afternoon set up the 2 person tent in the living room again (it's been out a few times for the kids to play in this winter) and I decided to let the boys try to sleep in it.  The last time we tried it, they didn't really want to sleep so they ended up with being stuck back in their own beds.  They are currently still awake but quiet, which is better than the last effort.

With it set up, the Boy said he was tired just before 6 this evening, so he got the sleeping bags, pillows, and stuffed animals out and into the tent.  Then he got his jammies on.  Since he had his on, Boy2 wanted to get his.  Then the Girl didn't want to be left out....  I really didn't want them asleep at 6, so we did some story time.  I read as slowly as I could, but the Boy still was trying to get into the tent early.  Got him to wait for the good night phone call from Dad, and shortly after that it was late enough I could let them in.  Boy!  Was the Girl ever upset that she wasn't able to sleep with her brothers!

In recent weeks, she's taken to climbing into Boy2's bed at nap time or bed time before I or Hubby brings her to her own bed.  She may be ready for the toddler bed...  I'm not sure I'm ready for that, but it may help her sleeping, so we'll maybe try it by the end of the month.

The Boy has started a new unit in school.  They just completed a unit on China, and now they are starting one on Space and the Solar System.  He came home talking about the red planet and Pluto.  And how all the planets go around the sun!  Can you believe it!

They both are really into Star Wars... They got new books from the Clone Wars, they ask about Ahsoka and Anakin, why Anakin's mommy had to die, why did he have to become Darth Vader, and these are very serious questions for these boys.  We have to stop them and remind them occasionally that all Star Wars is pretend and never really happened.  Just the result of someone's imagination.  Not sure if they believe us, but we're working on it. They will sometimes run around, pretending to shoot the evil droids from the Wii game we have.  They sat down to the Lite Brite and put the pegs in, pretending they were R2 units and Clone Troopers.  Very vivid imaginations :)

Yesterday afternoon, after Hubby left, time just dragged on.  So I got crayons out and started to colour with the Girl.  The Boy soon joined in.  Boy2, however, stayed in his own world for quite some time.  He was being Yoda on the couch, then he was being Pikachu...  When we went to the Big Mall Saturday, he was being Yoda the whole time, running ahead holding a pretend light-saber.  This evening, the Boy pointed to a picture of a Jedi on his book and asked what his name was.  I couldn't remember despite Hubby telling us a few times.  Boy2 remembered.  It may seem like he doesn't pay attention or remember things, but he really does.  It astounds me sometimes.

There is probably lots more that I could write.  The new Baby seems to be missing Daddy, oddly enough.  It hasn't been anywhere near as active as usual today.  So I had a bit more extra sugar to see if it would move around after the boost.  Nope.  Didn't really start moving around until I did lullabies, and even then, still not alot.  Tomorrow I'm planning on baking cookies and muffins (may blueberry and banana if I have time for two batches).  And maybe we'll order pizza in as a treat :)