Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Report cards and learning!

It has been the end of a term and the beginning of a new one! Everyone is doing well, learning and growing, challenging themselves academically and socially. It's good to see and hear about.

Plus, Sergeant has turned 9 successfully! We have decided that everyone needs to stop growing up. Right now! He is going to be having a birthday party with friends on Friday, and it sounds like everyone is excited for that. They have no school that day so they can all assist to help with the preparations! I'm sure they'll love that! He's also decided that he wants "that cake we made from Germany" so I get to do another Black Forest cake this week. I'm definitely not complaining, though! It was so so yummy!

Hubby is officially on leave right now! It was a really nice day spent running some errands, hanging out with Monkey and I, picking up things for projects and to prepare for him going away for a few weeks. He dropped her off at preschool and did a few extra errands while I tackled some more of my online studies, and we team worked pickup.

Swimming lessons are finished for a couple of weeks, and I have everyone signed up for a new session starting in April in Edmonton, but it was a place that they could all do it at the same time, so I'm happy with that! Makes it easier when I'm flying as solo parent. Plus it frees up our after school play time and piano practice time.

Yesterday we ended up with a very full house. Smarty texted from the bus to see if a friend down the street could come over and Sergeant asked if another friend down the road in the other direction could come over, so they did. Then Sergeant went to the friend's house for a bit and Smarty's friend called his parents to see if he could stay for supper. So there was another chair at the table and another voice for conversation. It was a good time.

Then we walked to the mall down the way for a prescription pick up and some fresh air. And some complaining, but that's normal! Today after supper I was super mean and made the kids clean up the toys in the basement and then we went out. It was cold and grey all day but the sun decided to shine right before dinner time, so we enjoyed some fresh air. Walked through a few trails, played at a muddy park, and came home. Lots of water in those boots!

Spring break is next week! And before we know it, it'll be Easter. I'm making a trip down to see family with the littles for that weekend since we live so much closer now. I feel really good about that decision and the kids are super excited too.

How was the time change for all of you? That first week was absolutely brutal here! I think we are still adjusting to it. Slowly getting readjusted, but there is a lot of tired going around! 

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