Sunday, April 2, 2017

Baby Bear!

We've been contaminated! The flu hit a few houses in the neighbourhood last weekend (after Sergeant's busy birthday party), and we were hoping that it would have missed us completely, but alas. It did not.

Friday evening, after 10 extra 8-9 years old children left the house and detritus was picked up, we had our visitors we were expecting arrive. Poppa and Grandma made the trip out for a few days before Hubby was scheduled to leave, it helped that it was Spring break for the kids too. We kept busy; going to the waterpark at the "big mall", checking out Cabela's (always a favourite for this crew), going to the library, and showing where the kids' schools are. It is really heartwarming to see the grandparent relationships grow, and I love the unique bond that they have with all grandparents in the family tree.

Poppa and Gandma left mid week for more visiting down in the south part of the province, and we spent some family time going for walks and filling bicycle tires, and just enjoying our little unit until it was time to go to the airport.

The crew did a good job with the goodbyes. Some tears and hugs before and after, and transition to Daddy being away is what it is, but that's normal.

We were able to invade some friends' afternoon to get some general funk out, and then everyone had a bath or shower before bed. The next day, I wanted to start on the right foot, so I plugged in to school first thing in the morning while the Littles had their "morning Netflix". We went to work, did lots of house cleaning, made root beer floats as a reward, then they got to watch Mary Poppins so I could do some more school.

Then the flu hit. Girlie started first thing in morning, then Smarty got hit hard. Monkey decided she couldn't be left out, but Sergeant was grateful to not join that group! So yesterday we stripped beds, did more wash, and stayed pretty low key. Appetites were more or less back to normal for supper, too. Hooray for a quick bug!

It's been fun getting pictures of Baby Bear from Hubby. Monkey insisted that he go with Daddy too, so I made him a hat to match Hubby's so he could be camouflaged with the rest of the troops.

 He was making himself comfortable in Hubby's new, temporary digs, listening to the birds and wildlife outside. Making friends too  below is Bentley the Beaver who lives with the group.

Baby Bear went to church this morning and this evening, and I'm told behaved very well through the services. I'm glad he wasn't disruptive!

Since today has been so incredibly sunny, we walked. We walked to and from church this morning, we walked to a park this afternoon. I have loved the sun, even with the cooler wind. Just about all of our snow is gone, and the puddles are nearly dried up too. I am looking forward to the grass turning green again and being able to wear flip flops again!

That sums up our week. School, laundry, movies. Gearing up for routine to be back tomorrow with school and preschool, and noses back to the grindstone.

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