Sunday, April 23, 2017

Easter travels!

We got out of town just in time! 

I had decided to head down to the balmy, sunny, southern part of the province for Easter weekend and was originally planning to head down on Good Friday morning. Instead the littles and I loaded up and left right after school on Thursday. Boy, am I ever glad I did! It had been snowing/raining off and on during the day, and was really starting to come down as we pulled out of the driveway, but it cleared up before we got to our first (and amazingly enough only) stop in Red Deer! Smooth traffic, dry roads, really good passengers, and we made really good time; despite Monkey alternately telling me to drive faster because she wanted to get there sooner and telling me to "stop breaking the driving rules" by going too fast. And in my defense... I wasn't going all at fast! 

Colouring Easter Eggs

But we arrived in Vulcan and Amma's house before dark. We saw some deer crossing the highway, lots of singing along to the music that was playing, and no one slept at all!! We attended the Walk of the Cross on Friday morning, helped move some of Amma's furniture around with Uncle K and Aunt C, and had a pretty good visit. Saturday brought a community egg hunt. It was so sunny! Cool wind, but none of the rain that had been forecast for the weekend. After discovering Easter baskets and going to the service, we pulled out of Vulcan and made our way farther south to see my parents. 

My oldest sister was hosting supper and there was an egg scavenger hunt for all the grandchildren. It was a loud supper and lots of running around for the hunt, and there were of course a few blowups, but the cousins had so much fun together.
Easter goodies on the trampoline
The next day most of the cousins came over to make bunny buns. They are a sweet dough rolled to look like a bunny with a glaze. And they were so tasty! I've made them before, but not in years. So yummy! Especially still warm from the oven!

Roads were pretty clear driving back home Tuesday. It had been snowing overnight in Edmonton, but the roads were dry the whole way up. And when we arrived there we found that someone had wonderfully shoveled our driveway and sidewalk! 

Laundry and back to school the next day. The weekend so far has been busy too. Swimming lessons and a visit with a couple of hubby's cousins, home for cleaning. I am such a mean mommy. I put everyone to work to with tasks and chores and it went pretty well! Once the livingroom was clean there was an impromptu dance party (because, let's face it: is there a better kind??)
We woke up to a white world once again with a snowfall warning in effect. So, guess who is getting everyone to put snow boots and and remove the cold fluffy stuff from the driveway? Yup! This mean mom! 

Side note: try saying "fat fluffy flakes" three times fast. It's not easy!!

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